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Jews - Pro Jewish - But Openly Anti Zionist - Organizations & People
The Red White & Blue - The RWB Annual "DO"
Just ordinary people that have finally had enough, of being lied to, bullied, and accused.
Women of Britain - Nationalism From The Womens Perspective  
British National Party Chairman Mr Nick Griffin, was arrested in December (2004) for suspicion of incitement to racial hatred,
after an undercover BBC reporter filmed him calling Islam a "vicious, wicked faith"
Acid Attacks On Women By Muslim Men
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Patrick Buchanan on Barack Obama "Sorry, Barack, some of us have heard it all before, about 40 years and 40 trillion tax dollars ago"
Alistair McConnachie UK British Immigration Population Policy
Ina Friedman Victoria's, and Israel's, Ugly Secret ( White Sex Slavery )
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Professor Richard Lynn Race, Intelligence, Immigration, Crime in UK London Calling Free Speech Forums Notting Hill London W11 UK
About This Site by Sean Bryson
An evening with Michael Portillo At the Notting Hill Gate Library
(Mr Portillo failed to answer me fully, but managed to make the usual (Yawn) allegations about the BNP) Sean Bryson
A Letter to the Sunday Times  by Sean Bryson
The Anti Social Behaviour Investigation Sean Bryson
Magna Carta ? or Political Correctness
Marxism & Anti White Genocide Magna Carta Re Empowering The British People Sean Bryson
Anti White Racists Smash My Windows Sean Bryson
Ant White Racism / Corruption at the British DTI Sean Bryson
Article about the 1991 Gulf War that I posted on a forum Sean Bryson
Asian Gangs - Political Correctness & The Murder of Kriss Donald - 15
THE TIMES Online Dec 3 2003 - Anthony Walker & Christoper Yates
Simon Heffer On Multiculturalism. We are NOT a Multicultural society
CIVITAS:Fighting Crime: Are Public Policies Working?
Richard Littlejohn on Multiculturalism
Racist Rapes Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali. Uncovered meat is the problem
Some BBC reports on the race murder of Anthony Walker
Norman Dennis Non-medical Use - Legal & Illicit Drugs in Everyday Life
Kenan Malik's essay on the unthinking pursuit of diversity
Wendy McElroy America's Re-education Camps Diversity Training
David Brown: Scots are now also affected by insane asylum ‘policies’
DEMOGRAPHY IS DESTINY A Speech by Jared Taylor
Lee Pygott A victim of ethnic "enrichment" Nick Cass reports
Anthony Browne On Tony Blair and Labour Immigration Policy
Tony Wentworth,Young BNP: Two NUJ fairy-tale press releases
In defence of nationalism Derek Turner meets David Conway of Civitas
Robert Henderson examines the grim reality of ‘diversity’
London Patriot Race And Immigration In The West
Enoch was right, Ray was right Frank Ellis pays homage to two sages
Back To The Future NICK GRIFFIN - Chairman of the British National Party, examines the parallels between Blair's Iraq adventure and August 1914
Special Bulletins Ground breaking news on SeanBryson.Com
Derek Turner interviews Nick Griffin, Chairman, British National Party
Further Down The Road (Paved With Good Intentions)
UKIP And The BNP Mass immigration and the attack on the nation-state
Japan & Multiculturalism New York Times - Japan Needs Immigrants
VDARE Like the Roman,I see the River Tiber foaming with much blood
Jared Taylor - Color Of Crime USA - Silence By The US Media
Institutional Racism In the Metropolitan Police, Does It Exist?
BNP Newspapers Seized ,12 September 2005, Blair's Opening Shot?
TONY BLAIR: When is he going to get the full picture ?
Lee Jasper Political Activist & Race Advisor To Ken Livingstone
Wrong to be British, Britishness is Racism Britain under 'Tony's Cronies'
Black Slaveowners Reprinted from Issues & Views Summer 1998
The Indian EXPRESS T.V.R.SHENOY Silence, race hatred and spiel
The coming trial of BNP - British National Party leader, Nick Griffin
The Islam Threat and the Enemy within Islamic Attacks in the UK
Shahzad Tanweer, nickname "Khaka" Jihadist Aldgate Train Bomber
Michael Portillo / Multiculturalism has failed but tolerance can save us
Home Grown Terrorists 13th July 2005 Nick Griffin comments on the London suicide bombings, his coming court appearance, multiculturalism, political correctness, PC policing etc
What is multiculturalism ? BHIKHU PAREKH
Black Britain & Other Ethnic Minority Multicultural Diversity Websites
Towns BNP Boss Sent To Prison TWO episodes of election Malpractice
India To Deport 20 Million Illegal Immigrants
Threat of Litigation from Kensington & Chelsea Council
Hosting Pornography
Is OK, But Hosting Free Speech Is NOT ?
Eisenhower's Holocaust His Slaughter Of 1.7 Million Germans
Shahid Malik  ( The Burnley Race Riots of 2001 ) Shahid Malik is on the staff of the Race Commission & is also the SON of the Deputy Mayor of Burnley ! Shahid Malik, who sits on Labour's national executive and is a member of the Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) Was hurt during an outbreak of violence on Monday night
Free Speech Forums Notting Hill London W11 UK
Britain Europe Euro ERM EMU Sovereignty Habeas Corpus - Corpus Juris. Say NO To More Europe. Vote BNP British National Party
Black African Slave Traders  Reparations for the African slave trade ?
White Britain Various
Patrick Sookhdeo The myth of moderate Islam
"The Times" Supporting the BNP ? ! The truth is spoken aloud & it's goodbye to Political Correctness
Patrick J. Buchanan, the American Cause Patrick J. Buchanan, the American Cause
Why We Fight America Al-Qa'ida Spokesman
An Open Letter to the FBI by David Duke
An Open Letter to the President of the United States by David Duke
They can't see why they are hated Guardian Unlimited
Global Genetic Warfare by Aryan Species June 7, 2002
Stranger Than Fiction Investigation of 911 and the War on Terrorism
SBTV Sean Bryson's Internet Television
"PC" Sex Education For School Children = Fisting Lessons ! ! ! ????
What "IS" Racism ??? by Jared Taylor / Thomas Jackson
A call to White Americans / Britons Jennifer Passmore
Cultural Warfare !! Charlton Heston
Race watchdog out of touch says Minister It is now RACIST !! to condemn "economic" migrants !
Britain's race body to help disaffected whites
Another BNP victory.
Race & Robbery Black gangs prowl for mobile phones and watches
Race & Criminal Cowardice John Woods dissects an unsatisfactory Home Office study of race and crime
The Macpherson Report Exposed MARXIST - 'Anti-Racist' Hysteria, and the Sovietization of the United Kingdom
ANTI WHITE RACE HATE UK Just SOME of the dead white victims that YOU never heard of !
Harvard Hates The White Race? By Paul Craig Roberts / VDARE.COM
Liberal Democrats Expel Neo Nazi / BNP Member Marie Woolf, Chief Political Correspondent / Independent
Battle Of Burnley ( Riots ) & David Blunkett Various
THE DEADLY SILENCE Max Hastings - Daily Mail - December 6th 2003
Enoch Powell - His Famous Rivers of Blood Speech
The Left And The Corruption Of Language And Thought Patrick Spooner
Broadcaster Can't Call Hamas or Hizballah 'Terrorist Groups' Patrick Goodenough
New Zealand Herald covers up reasons for sacking anti-Zionist cartoonist John Braddock
The Murder of Dr. David Kelly Alex Jones Interviews Michael Shrimpton
The Great Muslim Gang Rape Cover Up The Sun-Herald ( Australia )
The Clash of Civilizations / Civilisations? by Samuel P. Huntington
Auschwitz Gas Chamber Fraud Eric Conan - L'Express
BNP Blackburn Victory Extra! Extra! 4th BNP Councillor Elected
Difficult Truths The "Travesty" of justice surrounding BNP supporter Dave / David Wilson
Simon Wiesenthal Center Loses Key Case In Argentina Héctor D. Buela
American / USA - PATRIOT ACT: Law's use causing concerns J.M. KALIL and STEVE TETREAULT
Zimbabweans in the Diaspora Illegal immigrants in the UK
Harlesden: London's Yardies' Backyard The Caribbean Voice
The Historical Roots Of Political Correctness by Raymond V. Raehn
The Federal Persecution Of David Duke Don Black - StormFront
The Coming Confrontations With Islam by Sir Alfred Sherman
Writing On The Wall The Writing On The Wall Writing On The Wall
Yahoo UK Politics Free Speech
Notting Hill Message Board
Political Correctness   How To Fight Political Correctness And WIN !!!   Political Correctness
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Musical Interlude Anti White Hip Hop Music Wins Grammy Awards
A Black & White Issue - Kriss Donald Murder In Scotland - 2004
The British Worker - Solidarity Trade Union Bulletins
John Casey One Nation The Politics Of Race
Richard Barnbrook Runs The Gauntlet To Put His Stamp On London
Enoch Powell David Hamilton MP & Sir Ronald Bell MP On Immigration
It's A Wonderful Race by James Bronson
The Truth In Britain - Open Your Eyes - Dead White Victims
William Wilberforce & The Abolition of Slavery by Britain in 1807
UK British Elections & Election Results 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
Slave Trade - Notting Hill Canival And The Abolition Of Slavery
British Government and Politics on the Internet - by Keele University
What is Fair Trade? Fair Trade For UK Farmers, Support Prince Charles
Kriss Donald 15 - Burned Alive For Being White
Public Interest News Bulletins - British National Party News Team
European Imperialism Ended Slavery & The Example Of Haiti ?
Lee Barnes, British National Party On The New European Intifada
MORE dead white victims that YOU never heard off
Ali Hussain in Beeston, where three of the 7/7 bombers came from
David G Green UK Crime: The real reasons why the police are failing
David Cameron Immigration: Party Formally Known As Conservatives
August 2005 Three Bricks Thrown Through My Windows
Sean Bryson's Polls - Public Opinion Polls - Make your views KNOWN
Ross Parker - Race Murder Of 17 Year Old White Youth
BNP NEWS - Columnists & The BNP News Team - The Hidden Truth
Lee Barnes British National Party On Education In The UK
Diversity Training - Family Services Gets Diversity Training
David G. Green: Crime & Prison UK USA - Prison Works
Assorted Bits - An Assortment Of Quick Links On This Site
Munira Mirza How 'diversity' breeds division
Diversity Training UK Inflaming tensions that never used to exist
Muslim paedophile gang Hundreds of white girls, many as young as 12
The Murder of Kriss Donald by Lee Barnes British National Party
London Calling Free Speech Forums Notting Hill London W11 UK
RACE AND CULTURE: Multiculturalism - Whites Need Not Apply
Dixie's censored Subject Black Slaveowners
Turkey In Europe Christians (and post-Christians) voting for Turkey
Mel Gibson Award for Anti-Britishness goes to Tony Blair
Jared Taylor on Race, Author and editor of American Renaissance
Alfred Sherman Jihad will be with us for a long time to come
Hounding Of The BNP by The Media Establishment by London Patriot
Derek Turner says that no other policy is as important as immigration
Andrew Rowe of Maida Vale, Bomber, Ladbroke Grove Mosque
Jesse Jackson, Slavery & Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans 2005
UK Home Office Work Permits How "New Labour" is selling YOUR job on the cheap to the THIRD WORLD !
UK asylum system has lost all integrity, by Alistair McConnachie
Richard Oastler Anti Slavery Campaigner
Muriel Gray We’ve got it all wrong: Dungavel is not Barlinnie
Notting Hill Housing Trust - Anti Social Behaviour Injunction 2005
Tyrany of Multiculturalism multiculturalism and a democratic society
Multiculturalism & Citizenism Uplift programs realities of race and IQ
BNP & The UK Riots British Race Riots were Predictable and Predicted
Putting the fear of God into Holland The Dutch have rejected liberalism in response to Islamic immigration
SCANDAL ! Portobello Gold - Zionism & Marxism in Portobello Road Notting Hill London W11
Multiculturalism Culture and Equality - Brian Barry
That Race Card Again John Tyndall - John Townend MP / 2001 Election
Racism The New Witchcraft By Eddy Morrison
Al-Maktabi A letter to Trevor Phillips, Chair of the CRE
London Bombers Muktar Said-Ibrahim and Yasin Hassan Omar
Geert Wilders Three years after Pim Fortuyn, the anti-immigration campaigner, was gunned down and six months after the murder of Theo Van Gogh, another outspoken critic of Islam, Mr Geert Wilders wants race to dominate the campaign
London Bombers Linked To Finsbury Park Mosque
Islamic Terror - Labour Failure - Lancashire Magistrate and BNP leaflet
The Real Suicide Bomb Is "Multiculturalism"
Notting Hill Message Board
The murder of Theo Van Gogh
Christian Bastard: Muslim apostates cast out / at risk from faith / family
Faith Freedom Foundation Open letter to Muslims and non-Muslims
The Islamic strategy an insider's report
Anthony Browne The Spectator July 2005 The Left’s war on Britishness
Nationalist links around the world
Internet Radio
Internet Television
Iraq War Launched to Protect Israel, Philip Zelikow ...... Bush Adviser !
UK Asylum Lies The UK Asylum Seekers tenancy agreement that "New Labour" is on record as saying "Did not exist" "New Labour" has been GAGGING landlords and housing associations, with the official secrets act. This is to stop YOU! finding out how you are losing your country, and how you are being made to PAY to lose it. ( And remember to work until you drop, as there is no money for your pension )
Israel V Iraq The supreme double standard Take note of Items - 1 & 19
Medical evidence does not support suicide by Dr David Kelly
Yahoo - My Yahoo Group - UK Politics
David Duke My Awakening To Jewish Supremacism
Page - 1 The Jewish Question Page - 2 Jewish Supremacism
Page - 3 Judaism & Christianity Page - 4 Communism & Civil Rights
Page - 5 Who Runs The (US) Media ? Page - 6 Who Runs (US) Politics ?
Page - 7 Origins Of Anti Semitism 1 Page - 8 Origins Of Anti Semitism 2
Page - 9 A Supremacist State Page - 10 Supremacism Through Terror
Page - 11 Israeli Terrorism & Treachery Against The United States
Page - 12 A Holocaust Inquiry Page - 13 The Jewish Led Alien Invasion
Page - 14 Jewish Evolutionary Strategy Claims Of Jewish Superiority
Page - 15 End Notes
FUCK The White Bitch 8 Strong Racist Gang Rape - London
What Enoch Powell Was Really Saying Simon Heffer says that angry demonstrations by British Muslims against the war on terror suggest that the Rivers of Blood speech should have been heeded
Black African slave Traders resisted abolition in 1807. When Britain abolished the slave trade in 1807 it not only had to contend with opposition from white slavers but also from African rulers who had become accustomed to wealth from selling slaves
Local Councillors Kensington & Chelsea Council Town Hall London W8
Islamic Rappers Message of Terror Sheikh Terra and Soul Salah Crew
Two Hundred Years Together   Alexander Solzhenitsyn
Portobello Gold - Notting Hill - London W11 Marxism In Portobello Rd
Muslim Group Wins 'Holocaust Denial Lawsuit' OVERTHROW.COM
The Week That Everything Changed In Britain Anthony Browne of "The Times" & VDARE.COM
What a Night !  By "Andy" Report on the BNP Demo at Finsbury Park Mosque, on 11th Sept 2002
Stephen Lawrence / Media Circus How many of these DEAD WHITE victims have YOU heard of ??
The Last Days Of A White World By Anthony Browne
Victims of the "multi-racial utopia" National Front
Multiculturalism has fanned the flames of Islamic extremism
The "NERVE" of Nelson Mandela Emanuel McLittle
What are Leftists ? By John J. Ray
Death of the West / Turner- Buchanan Right Now !
Kenneth Clarke MP- Abdicates Duty by Derrick Felstead
Jewish control of the UK / British Media by THOMAS SPARKS
The Truth About Slavery  White slaves / Black African slave traders
Jews & The White Slave Trade Since Roman times and before
Contraband Women White sexual slavery in Israel TODAY
Some interesting Jewish organisations This is a very interesting page. It has links to a vast number of websites dealing with all things Jewish
The Prop Masters "The only two non - Jews in the communist conspiracy were Chambers and Hiss...Every other one was a Jew and it raised hell with us."
Statement of President Richard Nixon in 1971, as recorded at the White House on tape and released by the National Archives in 1999.The reference is to Whittaker Chambers and Alger Hiss. (Sources: N.Y. Times, Oct. 7, 1999 and Newsweek, Oct. 18, 1999, p. 30
Winston Churchill On Feb. 8, 1920 a young British writer made a similar observation in the Illustrated Sunday Herald:
"There is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of Bolshevism and in the actual bringing about of the Russian Revolution by these international and for the most part atheistical Jews." The writer was Winston Churchill.
Multiculturalism  Multiculturalism  As A Tool To Divide And Conquer. "The Layman's Primer!" by Louis Beam
The Liberal Lexicon  A Conservative's Dictionary of Libberish ( Political Correctness ) Leftists have spent years distilling their endless self-pity and hollow complaints into a deliberately aggressive secret lingo which they understand among themselves, but exists only as a sinister, accusative mystery to those on the Right. Here at Trilobyte, this enigmatic, encrypted, malignant claptrap is called "Libberish."
Jim Rarey / Rense - The Murder Of Dr David Kelly Jim Rarey / Rense - The Murder Of Dr David Kelly

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