Anti Social Behaviour Injunction - Power of Arrest
  In The Central London County Court

Claim Number 5CL53223

Central London Civil Trial Centre, 26 Park Crescent, London W1N 4HT

The previous injunction 2003 - 2005 - See the Posters that I have been forbidden to display - Harassment Warning - Anti White Race Attacks

Is This Incitement To Racial Violence And Hatred ?

People will oppose your arguments if they know them to be false.

But they will only ever use violence if they know them to be true.

The BBC want to silence the BNP because they spread lies. The real reason is the BNP spread the truth.

Gagged For Telling The Truth !
My windows were finally repaired early in November 2005

Bricks Windows Patch Up

The History Behind These Anti White Race Attacks In Notting Hill UK, Can't Be Told !

Don't get mad, get EVEN ! Join The British National Party - Putting The British FIRST !
The British National Party is now Britains 4th biggest political party

This was the condition of my windows all the way through the Carnival.
( But minus the website address due to the injunction )


( The posters were NOT Racist they were just ordinary BNP issue )

It is my belief that Mr Alex West deliberately used the word "INFLAME" in order to put ideas into the heads of any drunken or doped brainwashed screwballs, that may have been around at the Carnival.
Union Jack
The Hounding
of the BNP
by the Media Establishment

Mr West has also referred to my "insensitivity" ?!?!?!

Mr West !
How insensitive do you think that we the majority population,
feel about the way that you ( Media People ) give years long, wall to wall NATIONAL media coverage to any sin committed by white people, but ignore the HUGE number of white victims listed below.
Follow this link.
The Truth In Britain - OPEN YOUR EYES !

Admit it Mr West, it's all part of your LONG TERM, Marxist agenda.

And, Mr West.
I am a Holocaust "Don't know !"
WHO do I believe, and WHY ?!?!

The article below appeared in the Kensington & Chelsea 'informer' just two days before the start of the August 2005 Carnival !!

The road that I live in is one of the"packed" roads at carnival time !!

My windows were eventually repaired in early November 2005

You can read my response to this article on the
"London Calling" forum.
It's in the section marked
"Kensington & Chelsea"
( Anyone can join ! )

The Kensington & Chelsea "informer"
Incitement to Racial Hatred & Violence ?!?!

Truth In Britain
Notting Hill Carnival
Internet Exchange
British National Party
The Truth Is Out There !

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UK Work Permits Max Hastings
Aids & Immigration Stephen Lawrence

Africa Starves Because Of Marxist
Anti White Genocide Fight Political Correctness UK ElectionsPHOTOGRAPHS
These photographs are horrific !!!
NOT for the squemish !!!
Give nothing to African famine relief, ......NOTHING !!!