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More Marxist Political Dirty Tricks at the Learndirect / Internet Exchange Offices at Ladbroke Grove Library, Notting Hill, North Kensington.
Marxism & Racism In Notting Hill W11. Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea
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Internet Exchange - Ladbroke Grove Library. Complaint About Ms Ann Cecile

Ms Karen Tyerman
Director For Community Learning and Arts
Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea
Mr Chris Moore
Ladbroke Grove Library
London W11
Mr James Farquharson
Managing Director
Internet Exchange Training Centres
Power Road Studios
Studio G.09 114 Power Road
London W4
Mr Sean Bryson
48 Tavistock Road
W11 1AW

Monday 6th September

Dear Ms Tyerman, Mr Moore, Mr Farquharson,

On Saturday 4th September 2004 at about 10.30 am. I had just finished using the library computer for internet access, and decided to make enquiries at the Internet Exchange office about their Microsoft Front Page course.

I am well known to Ms Ann Cecile at Internet Exchange as I have already undertaken two of Internet Exchange's courses, the first being Microsoft Access, and the second being the Computer Networking course.

I am also an almost daily early morning user, of the Library's internet computers.

I explained to Ms Ann Cecile that I wished to take a look at the Front Page course as I already use Dreamweaver extensively and wanted to make a comparison with a view to perhaps changing over to Front Page. Ms Ann Cecile explained that the course was not very comprehensive being just 8 hours long, and that Dreamweaver was a far better product anyway.

Ms Ann Cecile's lack of "Salesmanship" almost left me speechless.

I persevered with my enquiry and eventually Ms Ann Cecile placed me in font of a computer with details of the Front Page course. This proved to be very informative and interesting, and I would be very surprised indeed if the course was only 8 hours in duration. I decided that I wished to take the course.

Just as I was going to speak with Ms Ann Cecile, another customer with an appointment came along. Ms Ann Cecile said that this interview would take at least an hour, and due to pressure of work, lack of staff, and the large amount of paperwork involved she would not be able to interview me for the course until the following week.

I asked what was wrong with interviewing me later that afternoon? Ms Ann Cecile replied that she had huge amounts of paperwork to deal with in the afternoon. I said OK, then let me come back at 12.00 noon, which I did.

Upon my arrival at 12.00 noon, Ms Ann Cecile stated that the earliest that she could interview me for the course was September 23rd !
I pointed out that the Internet Exchange computers were almost unused, with no customers in sight. I asked, how can it be possible that you are so swamped with paperwork when there are no customers in sight?

Ms Ann Cecile made the excuse again of lots of paperwork and lack of "Trained" staff? While we were having this conversation, with me becoming more incredulous by the second, Ms Ann Cecile opened her electronic diary on the computer to prove to me how busy she was.

I asked her to open/view some alternative earlier dates for my interview. It was just one blank day after another.

She must have known this before she opened the diary in front of me.

I was becoming increasingly frustrated with her very obvious, deliberately obstructive attitude towards me.
Ms Ann Cecile said that she was going to put my name in her little book of naughty people.

We eventually settled on September 13th 2004 as my interview date for the Front Page course. I believe that an earlier date could have been found, but I wanted to get out of the building before I exploded.

Ms Ann Cecile's attitude towards me is almost certainly politically motivated.
Ms Ann Cecile wanted me to explode.

To give weight to that opinion I have provided two links to my website.
Please view these links as they have great relevance to the contents of this letter.



When you have more time, take a look at my CV.
Click on the button at the bottom of my opening page www.seanbryson.com
My CV gives even greater credence to my conclusions stated above.

You do not need to be an Einstein, or some sort of paranoid conspiracy freak to see a recurring pattern here. Quite the opposite, you have to view this information with a bag over your head NOT to see it.

With just one exception (Years ago, and a similar situation) The staff at the Ladbroke Grove Library, have always been courteous efficient and professional in their dealings with me.

The attitude of Internet Exchange employee, Ms Ann Cecile, sticks out like ten sore thumbs in comparison.

I do not consider the contents of this letter to be confidential.

Yours Sincerely

Sean Bryson

The article below designed to give me problems during the Carnival,
is a good example of why I link to Black Britain
 ( I had NO Problems )
Our media people blatantly inflaming existing problems for their own agenda

I have brought this newspaper article to the attention of the Library manager.
Kensington & Chelsea Town Hall may have something to say to the "informer" about the way it has USED and implicated the library and it's staff in this matter

The Article By Alex West Of The Kensington & Chelsea informer
Is This Incitement To Racial Violence And Hatred ?


Auschwitz Gas Chamber Fraud

Muslim Group Wins Holocaust Denial Case

The State Of Israel Was Founded On The Holocaust Myth
The Hounding of the BNP
by the Media Establishment
Jewish UK Media Churchill & Zionism Truth No Defence
Gagged For Telling The Truth

Broken Windows This was the condition of my windows all the way through the Carnival.
( But minus the website address due to the injunction )


It is my belief that Mr Alex West deliberately used the word "INFLAME" in order to put ideas into the heads of any drunken / doped brainwashed screwballs, that may have been around at the Carnival.

My windows were eventually repaired in early November 2005

Mr West has also referred to my "insensitivity" ?!?!?!
Mr West! How insensitive do you think that we the majority population, feel about the way that you ( Media People ) give years long, wall to wall NATIONAL media coverage to any sin committed by white people, but ignore the HUGE number of white victims listed below. Follow the link.
The Truth In Britain - OPEN YOUR EYES !

Admit it Mr West, it's all part of your LONG TERM, Marxist agenda.

I Came, I Saw, I Joined The BNP


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