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Nick Griffin Challenges Establishment Politicians to Condemn the Hammer Attack Carried out in Their Name

Carried out in Their Name !!
( This article about the Hammer attack on Tony Ward by the UAF - Unite Against Fascism - is from the BNP e-mailing list on 16th March 2009

Tony Ward Hammer Attack

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The most disturbing thing about the systematic campaign of intimidation and violence against lawful and peaceful BNP election campaigners, which led to the brutal attack on Tony Ward in Leigh yesterday, is that it is openly supported and encouraged by senior Labour and Tory MPs.

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The violence is being organised by the Labour Party front group UAF (Unite Against Fascism).
At least 57 MPs are named on the UAF’s website as sponsors, and supporters of its thuggery.
Anti White Racism

BNP Leader Nick Griffin has today challenged these MPs to condemn unequivocally last night’s attack and all other instances of violence and intimidation carried out by UAF thugs. “Many Establishment politicians have recently been demanding that Sinn Fein MPs should condemn the murderous violence perpetrated by dissident republicans”, said Mr Griffin.

"But the truth is that Sinn Fein have less control and influence over groups such as the Real IRA than the Labour party in particular has over its close allies and ideological bedfellows in the UAF."

The liberal media often express concern about attacks by government-sponsored thugs in places like Zimbabwe, but there’s really no difference between that and what is happening here.

Any establishment politicians who can look at the photograph of Tony Ward’s bloodied face and continue to sponsor the criminal gang responsible for the attack is quite simply inciting further violence.

"" is a website that allows you to communicate with any democratically elected representative in the UK.

We suggest you make your way through the list below and find these people on and express your outrage at their support for Unite Against Fascism and demand that they withdraw their support in light of the attack on Tony Ward.

The attack on Tony Ward was carried out in their name !!

UAF Attack Ken Livingstone Diane Abbott MP Peter Hain MP
Adam Price MP Tony Benn Peter Bottomley MP David Hanson MP
John Trickett MP Barbara Follett MP Sir Teddy Taylor MP John Cryer MP
Alice Mahon MP Keith Vaz MP Alistair Carmichael MP Alice Mahon MP
Betty Williams MP Ian Gibson MP Bill Etherington MP Harry Cohen MP
Peter Bradley MP Ken Purchase MP Brian Iddon MP Laura Moffatt MP
Roger Berry MP Vera Baird MP Clive Betts MP Edward Garnier MP
Mike Hancock MP Angela Smith MP Brian Donohue MP Anthony Steen MP
Neil Gerrard MP Colin Pickthall MP Adrian Bailey MP Janet Anderson MP
Terry Davis MP Jane Griffiths MP Kelvin Hopkins MP Helen Clark MP
Louise Ellman MP Janet Dean MP Jim Sheridan MP David Cameron MP
Rob Marris MP Eric Illsley MP David Wright MP Ernie Ross MP
Paul Tyler MP Martin Caton MP Julie Morgan MP Martin Jones MP
Tony Worthington MP Colin Challen MP Barry Gardiner MP Rudi Vis MP
Diana Organ MP Derek Watts MP Doug Henderson MP Rev W Martin Smyth MP

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Very Important Please Read

  "Ideas are more dangerous than guns, we don't let our people have guns, why would we let them have ideas?"
Josef Stalin
"It's not who votes that counts, it's who counts the votes"
Josef Stalin

In the 2008 London Mayoral elections, there were "allegedly" 460,000 spoilt ballot papers, and thus NOT counted.
Plus, it was barely mentioned by Political Correspondent 'Pippa Crerar' in the London Evening Standard, Friday 2nd May, page 4, that prior to the official count, 350 or 50 % of the ballot boxes were already open !
BNP Whistleblowers Contact ... BNP Whistleblowers

Peter Mandelson, Labour's European Trade Commissioner once said: We are now entering the Post-Democratic Age

If what you have read above does not frighten you, and motivate you to openly question, then you deserve what is being done to you, with worse to come in the very near future !
New Labour - New Britain - New REICH ! ( Start joining the dots before it's too late ! )

They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.
Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759

June 2008 - Jack Straws recently expressed desire to have certain legal cases heard with evidence given by anonymous witnesses, is nothing less than a mechanism to open the door to "False Allegation backed up by False Witness".
This is the same Jack Straw who just a few years ago wanted to have it become a crime to make a so called "Racist" comment in your own home, whatever "Racism" means these days. ( A Racist is anyone who is winning an argument with a Labour supporter )

As we all know, anyone can speak ill of the mainstream White population of the UK, and if you just try to defend your corner, you run the risk of being pulled up on some sort of weird and wonderful "Hate Crime" or "Hate Speech" charge.
And who did Jack Straw expect to report these domestic "Hate Crimes ?" The children of the household ?
And who did he expect these children to report these crimes to ?
But of course ! They would report to the ever-growing army of "Positively Chosen" ethnic minority, Community Support Police Officers. ( Stazi ? )

So, in the future if you dare to discuss topics like these "The Truth In Britain" Make sure that your own children, or anybody else's, are not around.
New Labour - New Britain - New REICH !!

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