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Internet TV & Radio are great news for everyone.
If you are in any doubt about the need for, or the desirability of, alternative uncensored media in the UK today, read this Guardian article from July 2002.
You will hear how both the chairman of the British National Party, Nick Griffin, and Sheikh Abu Hamza al-Masri, a fundamentalist Muslim cleric from Finsbury Park Mosque, claim that they have the right to be heard.
And they do !

Download a copy ( Real player audio file ) of this interview at the Radio Academy in a ZIP file here

Welcome to SBTV - Internet Television & Radio.
For the time being this section is going to be a links page or pages to other peoples works.

As this section grows I will subdivide it into specific areas of interest.

If you wish to have your work indexed on SBTV, or if you wish to promote something that you think would be of interest, just contact me with the link and a good description.

The rules governing the content of these pages are the same as the rules on my Yahoo Group
Which are ...
There is no Political Correctness, but normal levels of manners and respect must be observed at all times.
( Most people know what that means )

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Radio Red White and Blue - BNP Internet Radio
Radio RWB - British National Party

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Britain 2043 - you have been warned

London non-White by 2010


Join the British resistance, join the BNP

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Wonderful Race

Fuck The White Bitch

Race And Crime
Join the British resistance, join the BNP

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A very young and "insipidly patronizing"
Michael Parkinson, gets told what's what by the great Cassius Clay

Join the British resistance, join the BNP

Download in a ZIP file, just 10.5MB

British Jobs For British Workers - Immigration = Cheap Labour !!
Join the British resistance, join the BNP Even Gordon Brown tried to steal the phrase "British jobs for British workers" from the BNP
London Non-White By 2010

Abolish The White Race
A thought provoking read !
The Notting Hill Message Board


ritish National Party - Video Highlights On The Internet
Arrogant London Mayor and his bullies versus the lone Richard Barnbrook - BNP SBTV SBTV Internet Television
Richard Barnbrook raises serious issues about the violence and disruption that took place during the Notting Hell Carnival ( 2008 ) of Mayhem. Watch in disbelief as you see the response from the odious Turkish Boris and his disgusting display of flushing a toilet when asked by Richard to answer questions about the cost of this burden on London ratepayers. Now the reason you will only hear Richards voice, is made clear at the start of his question, when the overpaid and clearly overfed enricher of Our Country, chairing the meeting informs him that the cameras will be turned off unless he removes his Mothers Against Knifes T-Shirt. Listen to her pathetic reasons why he should not wear it. You will rage at the response of the Mayor of London revealing his complete lack of ability and respect for the position he occupies and you will, I guarantee you, have your resolve stiffened to overthrow the rodents of City Hall as you hear their laughter, which is their response to the serious questions raised by a real hero. Richard Barnbrook, BNP. The last few times I tried the BBC version which is clear in sound and image, is not working. If it does drag the button to 2:14:13 and prepare.
If not -
You will see Boris arrogantly putting Richard Barnbrook down and the others ganging up on him whlie he gives actual facts not prejudices like them. The councillors are typical - combative, go along with anything fashionable but not very bright. Boris is intelligent and sharpe but biased in favour of the carnival and against Richard Barnbrook.

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BNP Haters Beware

Great Britain. If you love her watch this !!
Excellent sound track !!

Join the British resistance, join the BNP

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Abolish The White Race
A thought provoking read !

Truth Tube - TV ( The Youtube for the Nationalist cause ) SBTV SBTV Internet Television
Truth Tube

This is a large site that has forums, sound files, videos and lots of articles from a variety of patriotic movements. You could spend a long time here and never get bored.
Lots of information that you should know about but never get told. Why not ??

Nick Griffin and George Hargreaves on Genesis TV SBTV SBTV Internet Television
George Hargreaves Nick Griffin of the British National Party, and George Hargreaves of the Christian Party in open debate before a studio audience on Genesis TV. The presentation of the programme was a massive antidote to the infamous politically engineered "Witch Hunt" against Nick Griffin and the BNP on the BBC flagship programme "Newsnight"

I'm An Englishman...

A very moving piece of oratory.
This link was sent to me recently but the person who provided this video clip was unabe to tell which film it came from.

Do you know ?


UK Today & The Future !
The plan of Multiculturalism

John Pilger - The War On Democracy

24 Apr 2008
In an article for the New Statesman, John Pilger argues that an unreported war is being waged by the United States, and Britain, to restore power to the privileged classes at the expense of the majority.Beyond the sound and fury of its conquest of Iraq and campaign against Iran, the world’s dominant power is waging a largely unreported war on another continent – Latin America. Using proxies, Washington aims to restore and reinforce the political control of a privileged group calling itself middle-class, to shift the responsibility for massacres and drug trafficking away from the psychotic regime in Colombia and its mafiosi, and to extinguish hopes raised among Latin America’s impoverished majority by the reform governments of Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia.


Miscellaneous Items
Truth Tube TV SBTV SBTV Internet Television
Videos of great interest to anyone who is concerned about the "Under Reporting" of serious events and trends.
Why is it "Under Reported" ? What on earth is going on and why are Westerners constantly "Guilt Tripped" into silence ?
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Leader of BNP pleads for open debate

Matt Wells, media correspondent
Thursday July 4, 2002
The Guardian,11374,748794,00.html

Two of the most extreme figures in the race relations debate claimed yesterday that they were denied a platform in the media because of a misplaced "liberal consensus". Nick Griffin, leader of the British National party, and Sheikh Abu Hamza al-Masri, a fundamentalist Muslim cleric, said they expressed views held by many people, and shutting them out of the debate would not make them disappear.
"The more you demonise us the more you create tensions," Mr Griffin told the Radio Academy's annual festival in Cambridge.
The event was organised and chaired by Rod Liddle, editor of the BBC's Today programme. He said both men had a right to be heard on the media: "We suspect they will say on air something that will be grossly offensive to sections of our audience. They probably will. But we put on Israelis and Palestinians who grossly offend sections of our audience."
Abu Hamza, who preaches at the Finsbury Park mosque in north London and has been accused of promoting terrorism, said the views of Muslims were rarely heard because they challenged the prevailing view.
He said: "We Muslims have a lot of proposals to put to you. We are not racists. We need to be questioned, cross-examined."
Mr Griffin said: "Between any ruling class and the people there is a gulf. There is a big gulf between the British ruling class and British Muslims, and I've no doubt there is a big gulf between the British ruling classes, the BBC and young, white males in places like Bradford and Oldham.
"You should be confident enough. Let us on air and demolish us. Not by demonising us and talking over us, but letting us put our point and then tearing our arguments apart."
Mr Liddle said the BNP was ostracised because of fears about the effects of publicity.

The Labour party had plans to have elected mayors - this was quickly shelved after the BNP won council seats - they thought the BNP would win.
He said broadcasting executives found it hard to admit that the "liberal consensus" on race issues was often wrong. He pointed to a survey showing that 80% of British Muslims opposed the war on terrorism. "If we banish from the airwaves people from the outside, we blind ourselves to a few hard truths and cheat our audience in the process."