Black African Slave Traders.
Reparations For The Slave Trade ?


Historically, West Africa is associated with the slave, gold and ivory trades, perhaps most often the former. West Africa is also the place of origin of vodou, the only indigenous African religion to survive the trans-Atlantic slave trade and remain in practice in the Americas today. The historical roots of racial discrimination in the United States today can be traced back to North American slavery and the kidnapping of more than 20 million Africans. It is easily assumed, therefore, that the African slave trade pit brutal, gun-wielding European slaver traders against unsuspecting, passive African victims. While the Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, English and French slave traders were often brutal, they were not always working alone -- many Africans were also complicit in this victimization. Precolonial empires such as Dahomey and Ashanti (located in what is now Benin and Ghana), where slave ports at Ouidah and Elmina flourished, accumulated enormous wealth and power as a result of the trade of their fellow Africans.

In fact, Europeans often acted as junior partners to African rulers, merchants, and middlemen in the slave trade along the West African coast from the mid-15th century on. Two factors contributed to this dependency: the coastal geography and the diseases of West Africa. Seasonal wind patterns along the Atlantic coast of Africa generated heavy surf and dangerous crosscurrents, which in turn buffeted a land almost entirely lacking in natural harbors. Hazardous offshore reefs and sandbars complicated the matter even further for seafarers along the West African coast.

Joseph Cinque, the Amistad Hero, was himself a slave trader, selling his fellow blacks into this horror after he himself was set free by a US court
Alex Haley & the Roots Fraud.
Haley himself was forced to acknowledge, a large section of his book - including the plot, main character and scores of whole passages – was lifted from "The African," a 1967 novel by white author Harold (Hal) Courlander.
Haley was forced to pay the author $650,000 in damages in an out-of-court settlement after a plagiarism trial in 1978, that’s about $2million in today’s money. Continued

European commerce in West Africa took place, therefore, most often on ships anchored well away from shore and dependent on skilled African canoe-men whose ability to negotiate across the hazardous stretch of water between the mainland and the waiting ships made the Atlantic trade possible.

Even in places where Europeans were able to conduct trade on the mainland, their presence was limited by an epidemiological situation that impeded their livelihood and threatened their lives. Malaria, dysentery, yellow fever, and other diseases reduced the few Europeans living and trading along the West African coast to a chronic state of ill health and earned Africa the name "white man's grave." In this environment, European merchants were rarely in a position to call the shots.

Furthermore, when Europeans first initiated a trading relationship with West Africans in the mid-15th century they encountered well-established and highly-developed political organizations and competitive regional commercial networks. Europeans relied heavily on the African rulers and mercantile classes at whose mercy, more often than not, they gained access to the commodities they desired. European military technology was not effective enough to allow them this access by means of force on a consistent basis until the 19th century. Therefore it was most often Africans, especially those elite coastal rulers and merchants who controlled the means of coastal and river navigation, under whose authority and to whose advantage the Atlantic trade was conducted.

Domestic slave ownership as well as domestic and international slave trades in western Africa preceded the late 15th-century origins of the Atlantic slave trade. Since most West African societies did not recognize private property in land, slaves functioned as one of the only profitable means of production individuals could own. West Africans, therefore, acquired and expressed wealth in terms of dependent people, whether as kin, clients, or slaves. Moreover, caravan routes had long linked sub-Saharan African peoples with North Africa and the wider Mediterranean and Middle Eastern worlds. Not only was slavery an established institution in West Africa before European traders arrived, but Africans were also involved in a trans-Saharan trade in slaves along these routes. African rulers and merchants were thus able to tap into preexisting methods and networks of enslavement to supply European demand for slaves. Enslavement was most often a byproduct of local warfare, kidnapping, or the manipulation of religious and judicial institutions. Military, political, and religious authority within West Africa determined who controlled access to the Atlantic slave trade. And some African elites, such as those in the Dahomey and Ashanti empires, took advantage of this control and used it to their profit by enslaving and selling other Africans to European traders.

It is important to distinguish between European slavery and African slavery. In most cases, slavery systems in Africa were more like indentured servitude in that the slaves retained some rights and children born to slaves were generally born free. The slaves could be released from servitude and join a family clan. In contrast, European slaves were chattel, or property, who were stripped of their rights. The cycle of slavery was perpetual; children of slaves would, by default, also be slaves.

Although the historical reality is sometimes difficult to accept by African Americans who still face racial discrimination over a century after the abolition of slavery, African complicity in the slave trade neither justifies today's social problems nor minimizes their seriousness. Fifteenth-century Africa, was not a homogenous group of people. Some African elites benefited from the enslavement of their rivals, their enemies, their poor, and other *culturally foreign groups from the 15th century through the 18th and even into the 19th centuries. Class, language, religion, gender, and ETHNICITY divided Africans,
and it was along these lines that certain Africans participated in the slave trade. Understanding the dynamics of African complicity in the slave trade is important in understanding Africans as historically active and diverse human beings. This understanding should not detract from the horrors of the slave trade or from its American legacy of inequality and racism.

By Zayde Antrim


* This is without a doubt the greatest episode of racist ethnic cleansing in human history, far greater than anything perpetrated by White people.

But only white people ever get called racist .. WHY ? ... Find out here Click

There is increasing talk among Black people these days about getting paid reparations from White people, because of the Slave Trade.
Black people need to be reminded that it was the Black African who created the Slave Trade, and it was the White European who ultimately used his power to outlaw slavery, and set Black people free.

Sean Bryson See ... Wonderful Race  


Black AngerBy Sean Bryson
Joseph Cinque, the Amistad Hero, was himself a slave trader, selling his fellow blacks into this horror after he himself was set free by a US court
Most Slaves Sold By Africans

Copied below is a posting called "Black Anger" that I made some time ago on a Yahoo group.

On many occasions I have heard angry and resentful Black people make reference to the slave trade. Much of Black anger and resentment in this country towards white people, stems from the taught indoctrination regarding the slave trade.

Much of the PC indoctrination to make white people feel guilty, and under some sort of obligation towards black people, ( and minority groups generally ) stems from the same sort of indoctrination.

Perhaps black people could benefit from the knowledge that during the slave trade days it was always the Black African who held all of the ACE cards, not us whites ! We did not have the manpower on our sailing ships to undertake the wholesale capture of thousands of warriors. Whites did not enslave most of the slaves that were taken from Africa, they had already been enslaved and made ready for sale by Black African slave traders.

They would be sold to any buyer, not just White Europeans.

In those days the more wealthy of the Black African slave traders used to send their children ( Sons only ! ) to be educated in European schools, who would then return home to run the family business, the slave trade.

This practice went on for the entire duration of the European involvement with Black African slave traders.

These pupils would introduce themselves as the sons of African Chiefs, or Kings.
The truth is that they were the sons of Black African slave traders.
It was the White European who ultimately used his power to outlaw this trade, which was overwhelmingly enforced,
by the British Flag British Navy UK Flag of the day.
Black Slave Traders

Despite this, Black African slave traders continued their RACIST ethnic cleansing, for many many years afterwards. The savagery of the Black African slave trader to his fellow African surpassed anything meted out by the White slavers. The wholesale castration of all captured males with a stone knife against a rock, before being marched to the coast to be sold, caused massive loss of life. This is just one of the many barbarities of the time.

Africa still suffers with appalling Black on Black, inter tribal racism today !!

I suppose that all things are relative to the times that we live in. But in the days of the slave trade because of the Black on Black brutality in Africa, many people thought that being a slave to a White man was the lesser of two evils. This was one of the main arguments against the abolition of slavery many years ago. That the abolition of Slavery in the White world, would condemn many Black African slaves to a far worse fate.

Even today, it is Far - Far - better, to be a member of a minority group in a White country, than anywhere else on this planet !!

It would not be wrong to suggest that a lot of the negative attitudes that White people have / had towards Black people, stems from the days of the slave trade.

And without a doubt a lot of the Black anger and resentment towards White people stems from the falsehoods being taught about the slave trade. Stephen Lawrence

To perpetuate this inaccuracy regarding the slave trade, is nothing less than the deliberate attempt to demonize the White race, and cultivate Black anger against White people.
What's going on ?

And only White people ever get called Racist !!
WHY ? Find out here
... Click!

Sean Bryson

Reparations !!
For The African Slave Trade ??
Bo++ocks !
Wonderful Race
Wonderful Race
European Imperialism / Slavery
Wonderful Race
Wonderful Race
King / Jackson / Reparations For Slavery
  Image Above From ...

Should Europeans demand 'Reparations' from the Italian & Israeli governments because of the many hundreds of years of past colonialism, racism, religious persecution, and slavery by the Romans & Jews ?

If they would just "Apologise" for the Trans World European slave trade, it would go some way towards alleviating the burden of the psychological "Yoke" that we people of White European ancestry are labouring under which is the legacy of our many hundreds of years as slaves.

Anyone who who disputes this Holocaust against "White Europeans" should be prosecuted for HOLOCAUST DENIAL !!

In light of the facts now available about the falsification of 'Holocaust' victim figures, should the Jewish community repay some of the 'Reparations' that it has swindled from the German people, and apologise for LYING ? ( Swindlers List ?? )

And what about Eisenhowers Holocaust against the German people AFTER the war was over ?

What sort of staggering 'Reparations' should Israel offer to the Palestinians ?
And if not, WHY not ?

Should Africans show more gratitude for what has been given to them by the west, and take responsibility for THEIR slave trade ?

If anyone should pay 'Reparations' it is THESE African states.

Should African nations now offer the 'Right of Return' to ANYONE of African descent wishing to return to Africa, now that African rulers are no longer exporting their unwanted races & tribes to the west ? (RACIST Ethnic Cleansing)

Israel operates a 'Right of Return' policy to any Jew born anywhere in the world !!

I am sure that this "Right of Return" for people of African ancestry would be welcomed by all concerned, because Africa needs people with western "Know How".

It would also be a great relief to the HUGE number of people of African ancestry, who feel "Exploited" and "Badly Treated" by Western / European people.
I am always hearing about it, aren't you ?

Ethnic Recruitment

If African nations want to play a greater part on the world stage, they should first face up to their own MASSIVE guilt concerning the slave trade.

A trade based on RACE HATRED and unbelievable greed and disregard for their fellow man, woman, and child.

Without a doubt,
ALL African nations should adopt a "Right of Return" policy,
for ANY people of African descent wishing to return to their roots.
Harlesden Yardies

Western politicians and statesmen should make this an essential pre requisite, before any more "Aid" is given to African nations.

Western / European nations would of course provide grants to cover the cost of anyone wishing to return to their roots and settle in Africa under this "Right of Return" policy.

This would be counted as "Aid"
European Imperialism / Slavery

And only white people ever get called racist .. WHY ? ! ? !
Find out here Click

Sean Bryson


The Campaign for Radical Truth in History

PO Box 849, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83816 .Visit our Bookstore

Cinque, the Amistad Hero, Was Himself a Slave-Trader

For 20 interminable minutes in "Amistad," Steven Spielberg lingers over scenes of whites torturing black slaves with the lurid attention of a pornographer. The rest of the film--the fine courtroom oratory, the black & white solidarity, abolitionist "idealism"--is all window-dressing to persuade the liberal intellectuals in the theatre audience to feel good about Spielberg's anti-white horrorshow.

But the core message of "Amistad" can be
summed up in two words from the ghetto: Hate Whitey.
Jewish Control of USA Media

With Amistad, Steven Spielberg, hailed as a latter-day secular Jewish saint, has set the cause of harmonious race relations back decades.

He perpetrated a similar ruse in "Schindler's List." His stratagem in that flick was to demonize the German people but to do so within the framework of a humanist gloss. So the putative hero, Schindler, is a German and nominally, a Christian.

From there, Spielberg was able to mount a demonic stereotype that no one but a Jew could get away with in these hyper-sensitive, "human rights" times. Spielberg stereotyped the entire German army--every one, to a man--as black-jacketed minions of Satan.

Amistad is equally pathological. If we shed the window-dressing, it's a sado-masochist ritual. Sadistic whites torture noble blacks. Noble blacks retaliate, and we watch them dismember trembling and quivering white villains who are shown on their knees begging for mercy.

An honest film about slavery is needed, but Spielberg will never be the one to furnish it. Such a film would entail three components, all of them forming the critical element missing from Amistad--context.

1. Cameras would detail the horrors of the black-on-black slave trade on the Dark Continent itself, where black chiefs captured, shackled, tormented and sometimes massacred their fellow Africans. The survivors of this terrible ordeal were sold to the Europeans.

2. Cameras wouild detail the horrors of the white on white slave trade emanating from Britain. Court historians like to pretend that the phenomenon of the "press gang" (armed men who kidnapped whites by force) was chiefly an activity of the British navy. In fact, the naval press gang was made possible by the precedent established by gangs of 17th century kidnappers (originally called "kid nabbers") who stole ("nabbed") children (kids) by guile or with a blow on the head, for shipment to the colonies for sale as slave labor. The very word kidnapping has its origin in this white enslavement.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, whites were whipped to death in the Continental Army and the US Navy ( where the lethal practice was known as "flogging through the fleet" ). This was an age of cruelty and to suggest that only blacks experienced cruel treatment or that they were singled out for it, is the sort of subversive mendacity that can only heighten black racial paranoia.

3. Where in 19th century Africa could a slave receive the kind of hearing that white Christians gave Joseph Cinque and his little band? Ours was an extraordinary civilization, deeply flawed, but incomparably just and humane compared with what prevailed in Asia and Africa at the time.

Moreover, Spielberg's Amistad hoax is defeated by a solitary historical fact:
Joseph Cinque was himself a slave trader, selling his fellow blacks into this horror after he himself was set free by a US court.

Amistad producer Debbie Allen calls this destabilizing fact a "rumor." She'd better. If the thinking public, black and white, discover that "noble" Cinque later sold his own people in the very manner he condemned, then there will be a second mutiny, this time against Spielberg and his shameless hoaxing.

Here is Samuel Eliot Morrison, one of the most distinguished of American historians, writing in his "Oxford History of the American People," (New York: Oxford Univeristy Press, 1965), p. 520:

"The most famous case involving slavery, until eclipsed by Dred Scott's, was that of the Amistad in 1839. She was a Spanish slave ship carrying 53 newly imported Negroes who were being moved from Havana to another Cuban port. Under the leadership of an upstanding Negro named Cinqué, they mutinied and killed captain and crew. Then, ignorant of navigation, they had to rely on a white man whom they had spared to sail the ship.

"He stealthily steered north, the Amistad was picked up off Long Island by a United States warship, taken into New Haven, and with her cargo placed in charge of the federal marshal. Then what a legal hassle! Spain demanded that the slaves be given up to be tried for piracy, and President Van Buren attempted to do so but did not quite dare.

"Lewis Tappan and Roger Sherman Baldwin, a Connecticut abolitionist, undertook to free them by legal process, and the case was appealed to the Supreme Court. John Quincy Adams, persuaded to act as their attorney, argued that the Negroes be freed, on the ground that the slave trade was illegal both by American and Spanish law, and that mankind had a natural right to freedom.

"The court with a majority of Southerners, was so impressed by the old statesman's eloquence that it ordered Cinqué and the other Negroes set free, and they were returned to Africa. The ironic epilogue is that Cinqué, once home, set himself up as a slave trader."

(End quotation from historian Samuel Eliot Morrison)

Any time German-Americans or white Southerners try to advance a truthful historical thesis that happens to be revisionist we are wrongly smeared as being "just like Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels."

Now that we know Hollywood director Steven Spielberg is advancing fraud in Amistad and calling it history, he ought to be rightly compared with another highly skilled Jewish illusionist, next to whom "Jupp" was a paragon of veracity.

Spielberg's Amistad movie is reminiscent of nothing less than the poisonous Communist lies of Stalin's propagandist, Ilya Ehrenburg. Jewish Control of USA Media

--Michael A. Hoffman II Copyright©1997

Hoffman's illustrated, 137 pp. paperback history book, "They Were White and They Were Slaves: The Untold History of the Enslavement of Whites in Early America," is an ideal antidote to "Amistad mania."

$9.95 single copy. Two for $18. Three for $25. Plus shipping.

Book rate shipping: $2.00 first book. 75¢ each additional book. Priority (first class) shipping: Add $5.00 Overseas add 30% in US funds/bank. Orders accompanied by cash and money orders shipped immediately. Personal checks must clear the bank before books will ship.

Order from: Independent History & Research, Box 849, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83816

Hoffman is available to debate, on talk radio or online, the subject of white vs. black enslavement in early America. Producers may mailto:hoffman@hoffman-info.comfor scheduling.

To view "Black" novelist Barbara Chase-Riboud's lawsuit against Spielberg concerning his theft of her thunder (and her made-up story), locate Chase-Riboud v. Dreamworks, Inc. at:

archives/ bookstore/ news bureau/ home

Alex Haley - Roots, Fraudster, Liar, Plagiariser
From The BNP Website On 24th March 2007

Slave trade is real history but Haley's book a piece of imaginative fiction

The BBC has been indulging in a bit of "whitey" bashing again today, focusing on the marking of the slave trade which was abolished throughout the British Empire and reminding listeners to Radio 4 that the evil white Europeans and white Americans are collectively guilty of enslaving the poor down-trodden Africans. The indisputable facts that various African tribes were enslaving one another centuries before a single western European set foot in West Africa and that slavery continues today without the involvement of a single white European were not aired in the programme “Roots” broadcast earlier today. Another fact that wasn’t mentioned was that the book “Roots”, on which the 1977 tv series was based, was penned by one of the biggest fraudsters in American literary history and the work itself less of a milestone in raising awareness of Black American history than a plagiarised piece of fiction. Alex Haley claimed his work was based on twelve years of research spanning two continents and over two hundred years of history. The reality was less of a heroic piece of study and more of an act of deceit which duped millions in the UK and America.

Financial settlement

Haley himself was forced to acknowledge, a large section of his book - including the plot, main character and scores of whole passages – was lifted from "The African," a 1967 novel by white author Harold (Hal) Courlander. Haley was forced to pay the author $650,000 in damages in an out-of-court settlement after a plagiarism trial in 1978, that’s about $2million in today’s money. Plagiarism isn’t the only issue which blights the success of the television series. Thanks to investigative American journalist Philip Nobile Haley’s alleged history of the book was a near-total invention. Nobile conducted a study of Haley's private papers shortly before they were auctioned off. "Virtually every genealogical claim in Haley's story was false," Nobile has written. None of Haley's early writing contains any reference to his mythic ancestor, "the African" named Kunta Kinte. Indeed, Haley's later notes give his family name as "Kante," not "Kinte."

The CD Box Cover
25th Anniversary Edition
The Event That Made Television History

"Who controls the past
controls the future;
who controls the present
controls the past."

George Orwell


And a long-suppressed tape of the famous session in which Haley " found" Kunta Kinte through the recitation of an African "griot" proves that, as a BBC producer James Kent noted, "the villagers [were] threatened by members of Haley's party. These turn out to be senior (Gambian) government officials desperate to ensure that things go smoothly." Haley, added Kent, "specifically asks for a story that will fit his predetermined American narrative." Historical experts who checked Haley's genealogical research discovered that, as one put it, "Haley got everything wrong in his pre-Civil War lineage and none of his plantation ancestors existed; 182 pages have no basis in fact." The tv series, like the book was presented as factual history, albeit with fictional embellishments. Haley himself claimed that the details came from his family's oral history and had been corroborated by outside documents. Viewers were duped- big style but a strange twist in all this – the BBC itself produced a documentary expose of Haley's work in 1996 (The Roots of Alex Haley, Documentary. Directed by James Kent. BBC Bookmark, 1996) which has been banned by U.S. television networks – yet the very same broadcaster chose to ignore that important fact in today’s programme in a prime example of how the State channel continues to rewrite history in a classical Orwellian 1984 manner.

"Who controls the past controls the future;
who controls the present controls the past."

"In a time of universal deceit,
telling the truth is a revolutionary act"
- George Orwell ,"1984"
Dr.Noel Ignatiev / Race Traitor Ethnic Recruitment No Whites

Roots, Amistad, African Slavery, Racism & Racial violence in the UK, etc, etc, etc.
NOTHING but a load of generations long, MARXIST Anti White - Bucking Follocks !!
White Victims

Black Parasites And Slavery
Notting Hill Message Board UK Politics Yahoo Notting Hill Message Board UK Politics Yahoo Notting Hill Message Board
The article below, the Roots Fraud etc above, all clearly show Black parasites 'Guilt Tripping' and then poncing off White people over Slavery.
Don't miss ... Black African Slavery Blacks selling Blacks into slavery in Africa TODAY

And of course the world famous Notting Hill Carnival has it's origins in the abolition of Slavery by Britain in 1807. Unfortunately, Black African slave traders 'Resisted Abolition'
Carnival & Slavery

On Blaming White Folk For Slavery
Written by
Ozodi Thomas Osuji
Most Slaves Sold By Africans

Monday, 08 December 2008


It takes two parties for there to be a business transaction, a seller and a buyer. Africans sold their people and Arabs and Europeans bought them and used them as slaves. Most people agree that the trafficking in human beings was wrong; if so, all parties to it were wrong. White folk were guilty for buying and abusing African slaves; Arabs were guilty for buying and abusing African slaves. By the same token, the Africans that sold their people into slavery were guilty for doing so.

In a manner of speaking, it is a greater sin to sell ones people than to buy those one considers not ones people. Arabs and whites did not see Africans as their people and one can understand them buying and using them as slaves without feeling guilty. On the other hand, the Africans that sold their people knew that they were selling their people and, as such, were guiltier for doing so!

It takes two to engage in business transactions but Africans somehow come to believe that only white folk are guilty for slavery. Indeed, they do not even blame Arabs for slavery; they only blame Europeans. Actually, Arabs began buying African slaves before whites did, from around 900 AD, and are still doing so today in Sudan and Mauritania. Europeans got into the act of buying African slaves from around 1500 AD, six hundred years after the Arabs did!

Africans do not blame Arabs, the greater evil participants in the sordid business of enslaving human beings, instead, they blame Europeans. Europeans bought Africans from 1500 to1900AD. And they learned to do so by seeing Arabs using African slaves in their Indian Ocean plantations. When the Portuguese got to Brazil in 1500 they tried to use native Indians to do their plantation work for them and the later either died or fled into the forest. The Portuguese remembered that on their way to India they had seen Arabs using African slaves in their plantations and came back to West Africa to buy African slaves. That is to say that Europeans imitated Arabs in enslaving Africans, yet Africans blame Europeans not the original enslavers, Arabs!

Europeans enslaved Africans for about four hundred years.
Arabs enslaved Africans for over one thousand years (900-1900 AD).

Given the length of Arab enslavement of Africans it is astonishing for Africans to blame whites, not Arabs, and for Africans not to blame Africans for their role in selling their people? I think that what we have here is the original 419 Scamming.
Apparently, Africans discovered that European Christians are prone to feeling guilty for their wrongs so they decided to manipulate that guilt feeling by blaming them for their role in slavery.
Given the length of Arab enslavement of Africans it is astonishing for Africans to blame whites, not Arabs, and for Africans not to blame Africans for their role in selling their people?

Barack Obama in Ghana.

Barack Obama & Reparations For Slavery.
What About All The Black African Slave Traders. ???
( And Barack Obama's Own Slave Owning American family !! )
European Imperialism / Slavery

I saw an Internet article a little while ago about Barack Obama's slave owning family and he excused it by saying that his family were 'Representative of America' at that time. Well, at that time, America and Europe were 'Representative' of the whole world since the days of the creation. And it was the White European who made it a better place for everyone, very largely enforced by the British Navy of the day, as it was the all powerful global policeman at the time. Barack Obama is planning a visit to some old Slave Ports in Ghana.

Along with Benin, Ghana was formerly part of precolonial Black African Slave Trading empires such as Dahomey and Ashanti.

Barack Obama
Barack Obama
"Black people have reason to hate," says Obama
Hate who Mr Obama ? Hate who ?
Slavery ... Is this what he has in mind ? ... Slavery

It will be interesting to hear the resultant Anti White Guilt Tripping ( REPARATIONS ? ) propaganda. But the truth will out, there is too much information around these days. Will Barack Obama admit to the ( Non Marxist ) truth about Black African American Slave Owners ?
Instead of this emotive little cathartic trip to Ghana, Barack Obama would do well to highlight the number of Black Slave Owners in America in days gone by. See Dixies Censored Subject, this is about Ex African American Slaves, going into the Slavery business !!
In those days, even American Indians owned Black & White Slaves !! And Black African American slavers also owned White slaves !
... Sean Bryson

Start joining the dots, before it's too late.

I think that what we have here is the original 419 Scamming. Apparently, Africans discovered that European Christians are prone to feeling guilty for their wrongs so they decided to manipulate that guilt feeling by blaming them for their role in slavery.

Apparently, Muslims do not feel guilty for slavery? Certainly, the Arabs that I know do not feel guilty for their role in buying Africans slaves. Therefore, Africans did not see any need to blame Arabs. For manipulation of guilt to work the person you want to make to feel guilty must be willing to accept the guilt that you are assigning to him.

Apparently, Africans could not assign guilt to Arabs so they did not blame Arabs; they know that Christians are prone to guilt feeling so they blame European Christians and White Americans for buying African slaves hoping that in their accepting guilt they would be manipulated into exonerating Africans role in slavery and paying reparations to Africans! This is disingenuous behavior!

What is going on here is that African scam artists calling themselves scholars are setting white folk up to manipulate them, to relieve them of their money, as Nigerian 419 advance fee scam artists set white folk up to relieve them of their money! Thus, African criminal leaders who exist to relieve their people of their money ask Europe and North America to pay reparation to Africa for slavery! The criminals who sold their people into slavery do not feel guilty for their criminal action and further more attempt to make other persons to feel guilty for their behaviors and pay them for it. This is typical sociopathic thinking and behavior, behavior that shows lack of guilt and remorse feeling and heartless exploitation of other persons.

African leaders, apparently, do not feel guilty for selling their people in the past and in the present for robbing their people down.

What is the African leader but a criminal in politics? These criminals that ought to be in jail want other people to pay them reparation! This is the original scamming behavior. Apparently, many Africans have been scam artists for far longer than one thought. One thought that 419 advance fee scamming began in contemporary Nigeria; apparently, it has been a pattern of these people’s behaviors for a long time!

In my view, Europeans and white Americans should pay reparation to black Americans, to ex slaves. But so must Arabs and Africans.

African countries sold their people and should therefore pay reparations to black Americans. At least, five percent of African countries annual budgets ought to be given to blacks in the Diaspora, to make amends for the sin of selling them. This ought to be done for, at least, thirty four years, a generation. Africans from Africa calling for white folk to pay them reparation for slavery are scam artists and ought not to be listened to or paid. They are criminals who do not feel guilty for selling their people and therefore ought to be punished rather than rewarded for their criminal activities. To pay them for their crime against their own people is treating them like children and make excuses for their criminal acts and in so doing perpetuate their tendency to criminal behavior.

White folk should not let these scam artists to make them feel guilty and allow themselves to be swindled out of their money. These thieves would say that they would use that money to help their people but would instead redirect it to their pockets and squander it in riotous living; not a penny they received from reparation would go to help their people. Who has ever heard of African leaders devoting their lives to helping their people, serving their people? No, they seem to exist to steal from their people.

For the purpose of driving my point that Africans participated in slavery home here is how the slavery business worked in my part of Africa, how some African criminals captured and sold their people and pretend to be innocent persons!

I am from Umuohiagu (where Owerri airport is). Until 1902 when Frederick Lugard stormed the market of Owere (which he mispronounced as Owerri hence the word Owerri) where slaves were sold, our people were routinely selling themselves into slavery.

Abam and Abriba (Igbo clans) and other such folk roamed our villages capturing children and women and marching them to the Coast and selling them to white men.

Our people organized themselves into age mate groups, from about age fourteen up. These age mates acted as militia and paraded the village looking for slave kidnappers. They walked with children to the village stream and walked women to their farms to protect them from been kidnapped by slavers who lurked in the bushes kidnapping their fellow Igbos and selling them to white men!

Slaves were sold at Owere market and from there marched to Igwe Ocha ( Port Harcourt) and then to Bonny where they were sold to the Portuguese, and later to other Europeans.

In our town an Aro priest was stationed; he urged the town folk to bring their conflicts to him to settle for them. Those who lost their cases were told to appeal them to Arochukwu itself. There, they were put through a tunnel and if they did not come out it was said that the Long Juju of Arochukwu had found them guilty and taken them. In actual fact, they were marched to the other end of the tunnel and sold to Efik slavers who marched them to Calaba and sold them to white men.

Lugard, a young captain in the British army, hired by the Royal Niger Company, heard about these nefarious activities and in 1902 used his mostly Hausa soldiers, called West African Frontier Army, to storm and destroy the so-called Arochukwu Oracle and thereafter marched through Igbo villages including destroying the slave market at Owere and thereafter decided to make Owerri the headquarters of his Owerri province and marched through my village (in his words, “pacifying the savages of the lower Niger”…see his Memoir, The Dual Mandate).

The point here is that Africans were selling their people to whites. Whites did not go into interior Africa to go buy Africans. They stayed at the coast and arranged with coastal Africans, in the case of Igbos, Efiks, Ijaws, to go inside the interior and capture and or buy and bring Africans to be sold to them.

The Aro arranged with the Efik (around 1600 AD) to bring Igbo slaves to them to be sold to whites, and used their phony religion to enact their evil; they employed the Abam and Abriba as mercenaries to carry out their nefarious business of capturing and selling their people.

Would any rational person say that what Africans did was right? Of course it was evil. By the same token, whites and Arabs committed evil in buying and enslaving Africans. If we must blame whites for their enslavement of our people in the Americas, and we must, we must also blame our people for selling their people to whites. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. I am not exonerating any one. It seems to me that Africans, Arabs and Europeans were all culprit in selling and enslaving our people.

Africans did not only sell their people to Arabs and whites but to themselves. In Alaigbo we had what was called Ohu. Here, poor folk sold themselves to rich folk for a period of time until they could pay off the money the buyers paid for them, which was almost always never, making them perpetual ohus (indentured servants).

We also had osus (slaves). Osus were folk sold to high priests and used for the high priests farm work. Later, the osu phenomenon was perverted into the belief that osus were god’s slaves. Many osus are still in Alaigbo; they are no longer osu though they are not allowed to interact with Dialas (freeborn).

Africans, Arabs and Europeans were equally guilty in enslaving Africans. All of them ought to make amends for their crime against humanity. It is not the case that only white folk were guilty for this criminal behavior. If folk are going to pay reparations it must be Africans in Africa, Arabs and whites, all of them making payments to the blacks in the Diaspora, not to African scam artists calling themselves politicians, trying to make white folk feel guilty and give them money, money that they would squander in foolish living and not use it to help their people.


I must admit that one of my goals is to get Africans to feel guilty for their heinous crime of selling their people and make amends for it. I am sick and tired of Africans not feeling guilty for their part in selling their people and, instead, pointing accusatory fingers at white folks. One is not excusing white folk’s role in buying and abusing Africans; one is just not willing to accuse one party in a criminal transaction and not the other.

If the world allows Africans to continue not feeling guilty and remorse for their criminal behavior in selling their people, Africans would keep on not feeling guilty and remorse for their present antisocial behaviors when they steal from their peoples national treasuries. The world would be reinforcing criminality in Africans hence they remain criminals who steal from their people rather than serve them.

To produce good governance in Africa we must make Africans start feeling guilty, depressed, for their antisocial and criminal behaviors.


I tend to be misunderstood. Thus some Africans see me as hating Africans. I do not hate Africans; I am interested in the truth. The truth requires us to accept that Europeans, Arabs and Africans did wrong in selling and buying slaves. All three parties ought to be made to pay a price for their evil, so as to prevent them from engaging in further evil.

I know that Africans self esteems are fragile. They were recently colonized by Europeans and, therefore, feel inferior to whites. Therefore men of goodwill are motivated to protect Africans fragile egos by telling them that they were innocent persons that white folk exploited.

This seeming understanding of Africans and making excuses for them is condescending behavior. It is treating Africans as if they are children. It perpetuates their tendency to be childish.

We must start treating Africans as if they are adults, for they are adults! This entails telling Africans that they were guilty in selling their people.

Guilt feeling makes folk depressed. To avoid depression folk deny guilt and in doing so become paranoid.

As any mental health professional knows, Africans tend to be more paranoid than depressed.

William Meissner pointed out that paranoid persons tend to be less emotionally developed than depressed persons.

If what it takes to make Africans to become adults is to make them depressed, so be it.

What concerns me is stating the truth, as I see it. As I see it, Africans participated in selling their people and, therefore, were as culpable as those who bought them. The seller and buyer of slaves must make amends for their criminal behaviors.

Further reading

William Meissner. The Paranoid Process; Psychotherapy for the Paranoid Process.
David Swanson et al. The Paranoid.
David Shapiro. Autonomy and the Rigid Character; Neurotic Styles.
Ozodi Thomas Osuji, Dibia



Just ONE reason why Black people should give thanks and show gratitude to White people & the West
( And here are a great many more reasons ! )

William Wilberforce
He fought to abolish the slave trade which, after many years of defeats, he finally achieved in 1807. However, this did not abolish slavery. He would frequently introduce a private member’s Bill abolishing slavery. Year after year his Bills were defeated until, finally, late on Friday July 26, 1833, as he lay on his deathbed, his friend, Thomas Babington Macaulay, the famous historian and member of the Society for the Mitigation and Gradual Abolition of Slavery throughout the British Dominions, brought him word that the Slavery Abolition Bill 1833 abolishing slavery throughout the British Empire had been read a third time (which means that it had been passed) by the House of Commons.
Passage of the Bill through the House of Lords was assured.

Wilberforce exclaimed:
"Thank God that I have lived to witness the day in which England is willing to give £20 million for the abolishment of slavery."
( £20,000,000 two hundred years ago. What would that be worth today ?? )
He died three days later.

It was agreed that he should be in Westminster Abbey in London. The Slavery Abolition Bill 1833 passed through the House of Lords, it received the Royal Assent (which means it became law) on 29 August 1833 and came into force on 1 August 1834.

On that date slavery was abolished throughout the vast British Empire. The Act automatically applied as new possessions ( principally in Africa ) subsequently became part of the British Empire.



The complete and comprehensive history of the White Race, spanning 350 centuries of tumultuous events.This is their incredible story - of vast visions, empires, achievements, triumphs against staggering odds, reckless blunders, crushing defeats and stupendous struggles. Most importantly of all, revealed in this work is the one true cause of the rise and fall of the world's greatest empires - that all civilizations rise and fall according to their racial homogeneity and nothing else - a nation can survive wars, defeats, natural catastrophes, but not racial dissolution.
White History Month

Social Time Bomb   The Social Time Bomb "Black people have reason to hate,"
says Obama
Hate who Mr Obama ? Hate who ?
Slavery ... Is this what he has in mind ? ... Slavery
There is a social 'Time Bomb' ticking away, and it is this ..........
What are Black parents saying to their children when questioned, as to why it is that White people invent, create, build, organise, achieve and thus OWN so much compared to Black people ??
.......... Interesting times ahead !!


Start joining the dots, before it's too late.