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Race In Britain
Black Gangs & Robbery
? Question ?
Will the Japanese ever have an Olympic 'High Jump' champion ?
Enoch Powell Speech

If not, WHY not ?
Discuss this with your friends !

In the interest of 'Diversity & Equality' should it be compulsory to give the Japanese a 'Share / Quota' of the High Jump awards, as part of Equal Opportunities ? Is it "Racist" not to lower the high jump bar for the Japanese ?
And do the Japanese deserve such benevolence, considering their poor record on 'Diversity'

RACE AND CULTURE: Whites need not apply
In a typical piece of multicultural nonsense, Ken Livingstone’s adviser on race policy, Lee Jasper — who has advocated the creation of black-only schools — says that ‘you have to treat people differently in order to treat them equally’. But this relentless focus on difference is only breeding grievance, resentment and social dislocation. Where racial identity lies at the centre of public policy, there can be no sense of shared belonging, no spirit of national unity. Urban Britain is in danger of becoming nothing more than a landmass inhabited by competing ethnicities.

Only "White" countries
DO permit immigration !

What do you think would happen if you went to Africa, India, China, The Muslim World, South America, or Asia, and called THEM dirty names, if they did not agree to massive immigration, and then give preference in every field of life, to non-natives ?
What do you think they would do to you ?

London - Non White By 2010
We can't be 'Excluding' people
that much, can we !?!?
Vote BNP, Putting The British First !
Why shouldn't we ?
Multiculturalism Suicide Bomb

Abolish The White Race Abolish The White Race Abolish The White Race Abolish The White Race Abolish The White Race