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Number one for ethnic recruitment.
( Does this mean NO WHITES PLEASE ?? )
Intermediary provider for Jobcentre plus
On Saturday the 21st of October 2006, I went to the Evening Standard - METRO Careers & Jobs Exhibition at Earls Court. I was barely through the front door when this leaflet was given to me by a young Asian male.
It speaks volumes about how severely brainwashed we have all become, that a leaflet like this could be openly distributed at this event by a company with such close links with the Employment Services
Hammersmith Jobcentre

London Non White By 2010
We can't be EXCLUDING people that much can we ?!?!

As soon as I walked in I was struck by the MASSIVE over representation of Ethnic Minorities of all descriptions at the exhibition stands. A clear case of NON WHITES preferred JOIN & VOTE BNP
Abolish White Race
The image below is from the reverse side, it promotes a company called which is advertising what ? News, Entertainment, Dating, Food & Drink, Club Listings, Health, Fashion, Competitions. To advertise on, call 020 7693 8400   JOIN & VOTE BNP UK Racism Dead Whites
British National Party - Putting The British FIRST ! Why Shouldn't We ?? VOTE BNP Racism UK Dead Whites
Ethnic Business Interests

This is just ONE example. There are many many more organisations of ALL kinds up and down the country, that are dedicated to the empowerment and furtherance of minority groups of ALL races.

There is only ONE organisation that caters for the interests of the native British People.
The British National Party

Think about how the BNP are badly treated and lied about, by our media people & establishment politicians, and ask yourself WHY ???

White people MUST find the courage to start openly asking the questions that are staring them in the face.
This is the long term agenda for New Labour in the UK

Find out for yourself what the BNP are all about.
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It's A Wonderful Race !
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