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The United Nations rule on asylum is that asylum seekers must seek asylum in the FIRST non oppressive country that they come to.

They are not supposed to "Shop Around" for the country with the best "Freebies"

"Freebies" which through Positive Discrimination & Ethnic Quotas etc, are often dished out by other
"Economic Migrants" to this country !

And then we have to tolerate being called RACISTS if we object !!

Meanwhile ...
More and more asylum seekers/economic migrants flock to our shores rather than go anywhere else. But two into one does not go, there are only so many resources to go around, which means that a large number are going to be economically disadvantaged. The PC FASCISTS refuse to acknowledge the ARITHMETIC of this situation, call it the result of RACISM, and use ethnic quotas & positive discrimination etc, to displace more and more of the native British.
If the native British white population dares to try and stop what is quite DELIBERATELY BEING DONE TO IT they are branded

See How It Works Folks !

How to be branded a White Nazi
London Non White
By 2010
in Marxist Notting Hill  
Fight Political Correctness UK Elections 2005 Abolish The White Race

At the present time the White race makes up approximately 8% of the "Global" population, and that figure is shrinking rapidly. We ARE a minority group !
As a social group like any other, we have a natural right to ensure our own personal and cultural survival, before we concern ourselves with other peoples.
Anyone who disputes this natural right has to be a RACIST !  ...........  A real one !

The words "Racist" and "Racism"
Just what do these words mean ?
A RACIST is anyone
who is winning an argument
with a Labour Supporter !
Europe & Britain

I cant remember where I first saw this definition, but it seems to sum things up very nicely.
We have problems because of the lack of precise definitions of what the words Racism or Racist mean.
At the present time they have been made into emotional "CLICK" words with little or no meaning, other than the tone of voice used to say them at the time.

They have been designed to make people have a "Feel Bad" factor about something or someone without really knowing why.

So far it has worked very well at doing this.

Getting the questions raised in peoples minds about just what the words racist and racism mean, would be a very good idea, but how ?

Mr Average will not ask these questions unless forced to for some reason, and then will probably accept the most "comfortable" definitions given to him by someone else.
Japan & Immigration

This is because Political Correctness has been used to place anyone who raises these questions,
under suspicion of being guilty of "RACISM"
Wonderful Race

WOW !  Even Al Capone, never had any rackets that were this good !!
Recommended reading ......"The Trial" By Franz Kafka
Also, and on this site ... What IS Racism ? By Thomas Jackson / Jared Taylor

Sean Bryson
The Hounding of the BNP
by the Media Establishment

Africa Starves Because Of Marxist
Anti White Genocide
  Fight Political Correctness UK Elections 2005PHOTOGRAPHS
( These photographs are horrific - NOT for the squemish )
Give nothing to famine relief, .......NOTHING!

Marxist Notting Hill Thought Police ....Fight Political Correctness UK Elections 2005 My Thought Crime !

Political Correctness / Marxism, Was Invented For The Express Purpose Of Getting Rid Of The White Race, European Culture, & Western Civilization In General !!!
Read .................Fight Political Correctness UK Elections 2005The Historical Roots Of Political Correctness !