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95 / 97 Portobello Road
Notting Hill, London W11 2QB
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Portobello Gold - General & Reviews

From ... 

Five out of five stars The Gold is nice enough for me to wish to conceal this fact from you all so it doesn’t become nasty, overbearing and overcrowded.

A stroll up past the delicate residential houses at the beginning of the Portobello Road, the Gold occupies its niche between tumbledown antiquarian shops with dirty windows and nouvy trinketry trendophile shops.

Inside there’s a cosy fireside bar with nice booths, not too big for a discreet drink for two but roomy enough to squeeze four or five round for more social revels. The round bar in the middle is nicely curved and friendly, and the American barman who floated therein, rather like the nucleus in an amoeba, was helpful and charming.

There’s another room set back from the bar, which is restaurant seating. Very nice and spacious it looked too, with its abundant foliage and faintly comic rag rolled wall paint effect. If forced to be picky, I wasn’t entirely sure about the black and white photography. It was guilty of a rather questionable affinity with a certain poster company that dominated the genre in the 80’s.

The clientele were generally local, not chi-chi queens or posture princesses, but kinda cool in an understated fashion, like the bar. Even the internet stations are designed to look like (slightly) discreet futuristic pinball machines instead of large unsightly off white blobs. It’s also not too expensive. Starters from £2.50, mains such as Steak for £7.00, bottle of house wine £9.50. The house white was fine for the price. Seafood is something of a speciality and there’s an oyster bar.

The main thing about it is that there’s a lovely laid back atmosphere, and as it’s not packed on a week night or terribly expensive, the commodity of good vibe is all the more valuable. As redolent of good cheer as a visit to sprightly but deeply decadent, hoarse-voiced aged relative.

From ...

In reference to the review sent in by Chloe (below) I feel obliged to respond that Portobello Gold is one of the BEST places I have ever been to. The service is not immaculate, but if you want fast food - please DO go to Macdonalds.

Portobello Gold has a really relaxed, fun atmosphere and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys going to a restaurant to settle in and get sozzled over some good food. It is nicely decked out too - the harem style love nest hidden away in the corner being a particularly unusual and excellent feature, not to mention the massive wicker chairs (think Jane Seymour in Live and Let Die).

The roof opens in summer too, which is a nice touch. The oysters are great, the staff friendly and the Absinthe inhalation shot experience is not to be trifled with if you have to work the following day. The pub at the front is a nice place for a drink too. If salad delivery speed is your primary restaurant evaulation criterion - don't bother. Otherwise, check it out. Ed 30/10

Portobello Gold is possibly the very worst place I have ever been to!!! The service was so bad my friend was left without her meal for 1 hour and then to add insult to injury the waiter started jumping around as if we where going to leave without paying!!! When we pointed out the delay & forgotten salad's the chef came down from the kitchen especially to yell we should go to McDonalds round the corner next time - nice!! Chloe 03/10

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