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Tony Blair accused of TREASON! over Europe

THEREFORE, for the first time since 1066, foreign [ European Union ] Men-at-Arms, not in any way answerable to our sovereign monarch, will be granted the legal right to tread the soil of Britain and moreover detain subjects of this Kingdom indefinitely, without trial or a preliminary hearing, all of which will be in flagrant breach of our constitutional rights.
Tony Blair accused of treason over Europe

Dilution of national cultures by immigration is the basis for the European Union.
A weakened sense of nationhood in Britain, France and Germany means no effective opposition to bureaucratic rule by the European Commission in Brussels.

On a smaller more 'Local' scale, you may have noticed that in areas of high minority & ethnic domination, a disproportionate number of 'managerial' and 'decision making' positions, are occupied by one particular social group.
This has NOT come about for no reason !! Churchill & Zionism

Abolish The White Race

UK Work Permits
Asylum Tenancy Agreement

In order to criminalize national patriotism and opposition to immigration, the European Union is pushing forward legislation that makes xenophobia and racism crimes. Once this legislation passes, a European, who, for example, criticizes immigration as an anti-diversity measure that is wiping European civilization off the face of the earth, can be found guilty of racism and sentenced to two years in prison.Wiping european civilization off the face of the earth

Understanding The European Arrest Warrant
However, it will make a difference in those cases where someone is accused on grounds which are not considered criminal in his own country. For example, Germany has severe laws against questioning certain aspects of WW2 history, which it terms "holocaust denial". Such historical enquiry is not considered a crime in Britain ... at least not yet. However, a British citizen who broke this law in Germany, and then returned to Britain, could be extradited on this charge. Note, however, that an extradition request can only be made if the alleged crime was committed in the country which is asking for extradition. It is not possible to be extradited to, say, Germany, for something which you have said or done in Britain. But the situation does become blurred, however, regarding internet forums. If you post something from Britain, on an internet forum which is hosted in, say, Germany, would that be prosecutable?
That is the question.
The European Arrest Warrant
Alistair McConnachie

Why was the European Union formed?
There are so few good arguments for being in the European Union (EU) today that it is hard to remember why it started. The two most important reasons belong to the last century and are now out of date.

First, in 1945 the French wanted to stop the Germans starting another war in Europe. They thought they could tie Germany down within a union of all European countries.
Second, the Americans wanted to support a bloc in Europe against the threat of the Soviet Union. EU believers still claim that the EU is crucial to keeping peace in Europe. But wars are not started by democracies. They often begin when different nations are forced together. Yugoslavia is the latest of many examples. Even in the UK, the recent troubles in Northern Ireland are a horrible reminder that living under the same roof is no guarantee of a happy marriage. To cram the British together with the French, Germans, Italians, Greeks and Spaniards would be asking for trouble.
A third reason for the EU was the creation of the Single Market - the duty free exchange of goods and freedom of travel across Europe.
That was a good idea. But it didn't - and still doesn't - need to lead to a single government for all of Europe.
EU Cannot Be Serious!

What will happen to our gold reserves if we join EMU?
Can't you guess?

They will be transferred to the European Central Bank which will 'hold and manage the official reserves of the Member States'. For the UK, this would mean surrendering control of our gold reserves of £28 billion. This is one of the many reasons why joining EMU would be irreversible ... Our Gold Reserves !

Edward Heath / Monetary Union & Sovereignty
Downplayed in Euro Talks

Documents disclosed under the 30-Year Rule reveal that the most controversial European issue of today - monetary union - was already being discussed at the highest levels of government in 1970 as the UK sought entry to the club. When Edward Heath took power in June 1970, everyone knew that his main foreign policy goal was to succeed where Harold Wilson before him had failed, and gain a place for the UK in the European Economic Community
Edward Heath & Europe

Heath - Europe

IMPORTANT Corpus Juris - Professional Judges - A Ban On Habeas Corpus and Trial by Jury
On the face of it Corpus Juris represents a proposed new EU-wide criminal code for the prosecution of fraud against the EU budget. Many - seeing it from this restricted light - have welcomed the proposal, viewing it as a long overdue determination to crack down on the large, and growing, volume of EU fraud and providing the detailed judicial mechanisms with which to do so.
Behind Corpus Juris

IMPORTANT Corpus Juris - the European Union proposal to abolish trials by jury
Many people see Britain as being the home of FREEDOM as we created our unique system of parliamentary democracy backed by our COMMON LAW. The latter has been adopted, in various forms, by the other English speaking nations, notably the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland and Malta. Our legal system is unique in that it embodies our concept of the individual's freedom (Power of the People as embodied in our Common Law) and makes our laws quite different to those of our friends in Continental Europe. These ancient rights are now under imminent threat from Brussels under a proposal known as 'Corpus Juris' ("CJ").
Corpus Juris & British Common Law Rights

IMPORTANT  No opposition to Euro Superstate allowed
On April 21st a Belgian court issued a verdict which has to all intents and purposes banned an opposition political party. The party is the Flemish speaking Vlaams Blok (Flemish Bloc/Group), which is campaigning on the similar pro-sovereignty platform of the BNP. This is a deliberate attempt to silence the patriots of Europe who are opposed to enhanced powers for the centralised European Superstate. What happens in Belgium today could happen in the UK in the near future, effectively silencing any dissident voice to the European Project. This is the real fascist face of the European Superstate, it will not tolerate opposition.
Banned by the politically appointed undemocratic Belgian legal system

IMPORTANT  The Maastricht Treaty introduced little known aspects of EU integration referred to as "co-operation between member states in justice and home affairs".

Under these provisions Europol, a Europe wide police force is being created.
It has very wide powers but is not answerable to any elected body. It reports to a special committee appointed by the Council of Ministers. It exists ostensibly to fight crime, but it has a much wider function. Not only will it collect and store information on known and suspected criminals, but also on anyone's political and religious beliefs and activities. The building up of large databases is specifically provided for under the Maastricht Treaty.

"It is worth noting that the Soviet Union never abolished elections- the ruling Communist party simply outlawed all other parties as "fascist" or "counter revolutionary" and maintained itself in power that way!"

How to be BRANDED a WHITE NAZI in MARXIST Notting Hill ... Fight Political Correctness UK Elections 2005Abolish The White Race !!

IMPORTANT  1996: Millionaire businessman Sir James Goldsmith announces a plan for a Referendum Party, promising to fund candidates to fight the next UK general election on a platform of giving the electorate a referendum on whether to join the European single currency. Since his death, the late Sir James Goldsmith has faded from the British consciousness. Yet his legacy lives on in one vital respect. Britain did not join the European single currency along with the other 12 members of the European Union, because of a referendum pledge which he extracted from the two main UK political parties before he died. History may say that he saved Britain from the Euro. It will certainly say, at the very least, that he delayed Britain`s entry, until such a momentous constitutional decision had been approved in a referendum.
The vast majority of the citizens of Europe were not granted that democratic choice by their governments.
Britain Is Sleepwalking Into A European Superstate

IMPORTANT  In the footsteps of Fortuyn - Geert Wilders, the scourge of Dutch liberalism, is determined to make race the key issue in the EU referendum campaign. Mr Wilders has described Islam as a "backward" religion incompatible with democracy and split with his previous party, the VVD centre-right liberals, over their failure to oppose Turkish accession to the EU. Though there is no non-white face at this press conference, the issue of race dominates proceedings. Asylum and immigration policy forms only a tiny part of the European constitution, and Turkish accession is not addressed, but Mr Wilders thinks they will be decisive.
"This referendum is about sovereignty and immigration", he says. His argument is that the constitution apportions voting weight in part according to nation's populations, thereby making Turkey potentially the most powerful nation in the EU.
In the footsteps of Fortuyn - Geert Wilders

VERY IMPORTANT  Sir Alfred Sherman - The Coming Confrontations With Islam

Country after country eschews elections because they would let in the fundamentalists committed to full sharia and jihad, and outlawing democracy for ever. Turkey, Algeria and Egypt are among those countries which dare not let their electors speak
Sir Alfred Sherman - The Coming Confrontations With Islam

Islam Insider
Faith Freedom

British National Party Chairman Mr Nick Griffin, was arrested in December (2004) for suspicion of incitement to racial hatred, after an undercover BBC reporter filmed him calling Islam a "vicious, wicked faith"

IMPORTANT  Putting the fear of God into Holland The Dutch have rejected liberalism in response to Islamic immigration. Some say they are now too hardline. So what can the rest of Europe learn from their crisis? Some immigrants came from former Dutch colonies.
The two largest groups, however, Turkish and Moroccan, had no historic links with the Netherlands. The Dutch nonetheless accepted the reunification of families, and the practice of marrying partners from the country of origin, even though these can have an eight- or tenfold multiplier effect on overall numbers.
Asylum seekers then arrived, in numbers that escalated from 3,500 in 1985 to over 43,000 in 2000.
Putting the fear of God into Holland

IMPORTANT  The Murder Of Dr David Kelly ( Alex Jones interviewing Michael Shrimpton QC )
Folks, this is very very important, because Tony Blair is a minion of the globalists. He’s the tool who’s trying to destroy British national sovereignty, to bring the British people under the dominance of the un-elected unaccountable European Union whether they like it or not. He’s been promised the EU head-ship under a new expanded, empowered EU, if he can get Britain into it. He lied about the weapons of mass destruction. It’s clear that if Tony Blair was to have been exposed, that would certainly hurt those in Europe that want to get rid of British sovereignty.

Tony Blair used French "Special Branch" to silence Dr David Kelly
Tony Blair - Dr David Kelly   In the 2008 UK Elections Vote for anyone - EXCEPT  Labour !

Tony Blair
Tony Blair / Battle Of Burnley 2002

New Reich

Police will be allowed to make arrests without evidence.
(a heavenly state of affairs for some)

And the accused will be assumed to be guilty instead of innocent.
Corpus Juris by Ralph Maddocks

The Eurozone countries face a crisis because they have rapidly ageing populations and unfunded public pension liabilities. Britain is better off, both because our demographic position is much stronger, and because our pension savings are more than the savings of Germany, France, Italy and Spain put together. If under the Maastricht criteria borrowing is restricted, then Eurozone governments will have to choose between massive cuts in spending or large tax rises. For example Italy could either cut government purchases by half, or increase income tax by about 28 per cent.
What Will Happen To Pensions?

LABOUR MEPs have denounced as a “disgraceful abuse” a grant of €250,000 (£170,000) of European taxpayers’ money to the UK Independence Party to campaign for Britain to leave the EU. The UKIP, which has accused the EU of spending public funds to promote European integration,will use the money to begin a campaign for a referendum on withdrawal.
UKIP given £170,000 to quit Europe

Vikings are meant to ravage Europe, not to save it, but on September 14 Sweden's voters decisively rejected the option of signing up for the euro. The Swedes' rejection of that economic suicide note may have set in motion a process that could save the continent from the worst consequences of the EU's disastrous single currency. To start with, Sweden's nej was a valuable reminder to the electorates in the U.K. and Denmark (both of which have yet to accept the euro) that there is nothing inevitable about its introduction in their countries.
Yea to the Nej Swedes won't take the euro

Anglophiles had best pop over to the Misty Isles for a last experience of Great Britain before the country is reduced to an oppressed province of the European Union. Napoleon could not conquer England, nor could Hitler, but Socialist bureaucrats in Brussels have with help from Tony Blair’s New Labour and British nonchalance. Britain is on its way back to the reign of Charles I with its secret courts and imprisonment without trial or evidence.
Say Goodbye to England

The transatlantic alliance the springboard of America’s global involvement, in Zbigniew Brzezinsky’s words will change dramatically in the first decade of this century. Americans would be prudent to prepare for the possibility of estrangement in the relationship, stemming not just from differences in economic outlook between a given U.S. administration and the leading European governments of the day, but also from a secular desire by some in Europe to vie for global political leadership. It should hardly need mentioning that such an outcome would have adverse consequences for the way the United States projects its power throughout the globe; we would have to learn, for one thing, to do without our European partner
Why Europe Needs Britain

Although 54 per cent of the French voted “non”, and 62 per cent of the Dutch said “nee”, few were prepared to admit that Europe’s elite had lost touch with the people, and that in their relentless drive for integration they had left their citizens far behind.
In the Alice-in-Wonderland world of Brussels “no” has been interpreted as “yes”.

Blair, Britain, Europe and International Relations? A Newsletter of FPRI’s Center for the Study of America and the West
Jeremy Black, a Senior Fellow of the Foreign Policy Research Institute, is Professor of History, University of Exeter, UK. Recent books include Modern British History (Palgrave, 2000), The Politics of James Bond (Praeger, 2001), America as a Military Power 1775-1882 (Praeger, 2002), and The World in the Twentieth Century (Longman, 2002).
Watch on the West

How our legal system is being destroyed by stealth in favour of the Napoleonic system.
Corpus Juris is a prototype EU criminal code that explicitly does away with Trial by Jury. The declared intention is to extend this system to eventually cover all fields of criminal activity. British citizens in Britain will be liable to arrest (and deportation) with no Habeas Corpus (i.e. no obligation to show that the prosecution have bothered to collect any evidence against the prisoner at all) nor any safeguard of extradition proceedings, and to be tried and convicted in Britain, as well as elsewhere, by courts that explicitly exclude "simple jurors or lay magistrates" (Art 26(1) of Corpus Juris). The only limitation on the European Public Prosecutor's power to arrest and hold somebody indefinitely is that he has to have the authorisation of the so-called "Judge of Freedoms", whose duties do not include any scrutiny of prima facie evidence, to do so, at the start, then after six months, and then every three months after that.
How our legal system is being destroyed

Summary: The British have nothing to gain from becoming part of Europe, but they have everything to lose: political sovereignty, a strong currency, and relatively low payroll and income tax rates. With the demise of the Soviet Union a decade ago, U.S. foreign policy has fallen off the screen. Arab-Israeli conflict is trying to put it back on, but until the latest outbreak of violence in Palestine, the focus of U.S. foreign policy was on Kosovo, a break-away province of a small country, Serbia. This is nothing short of amazing considering that the United States is on the verge of losing its great ally of the 20th century -- Great Britain. The problem is not that the Brits have turned against their American cousins.
The problem is that Britain is about to become a province of a European superstate

If the current government has the cahunas to try a referendum, there is going to be a need for canvassers and the like. I urge you to help with any free time you have if and when the time comes. I am not personally affiliated with any specific pro-Pound group, but I am sure any of them would be very happy to hear from you.In the early 1990s various referenda (eg. Maastricht) in sovereign states were won by the NO vote, only for the referenda to be reheld with different results. This is an outrageous ploy which is analogous of dictatorship. I do not believe this could happen here now, because at this stage there is a great degree of awareness in the British People of the underhand tactics of politicians. NO MEANS NO.
Keep The Pound

The European economy is NOT a Free economy as it once was, its now a 'planned' economy, this means they have fixed Quotas for many products. The German farmer , fisherman, shipbuilder etc is not allowed to produce anymore than his 'quota', so with 10 new members, these allocated 'QUOTAS' will now have to be shared amongst another ten countries. Say 'Aufwiedersehen' to German farm produce etc. German firms wanting to stay in business are closing shop in Germany and heading east, according to the local papers SIEMENS is sacking 75000 German workers and moving eastwards. Poland has a 20% unemployment rate Lettland , Estland, Tschechoslovakia and Hungary are even CHEAP LABOUR
A European Complains about the "EU" EU EXPANSION = CATASTROPHE

All parties and commentators are expressing concern about the expected low turnout at the forthcoming election. Often a reason given is that people don't have confidence that politicians are capable of significantly improving the conditions in which people live in terms of health, education, transport, crime, pensions and so on. There is an alternative for such sceptical voters - and that is to vote Green. The rest of this article outlines the Green's alternative to globalisation, ie localisation, which prioritises the protection and rebuilding of local economies in the UK and globally. In the process big business and roving capital can be brought to heel by democratically elected politicians. The localisation programme also means that adequate taxes and social and environmental regulations can be introduced. This will ensure that there are enough resources and political power to provide the social services people crave for, whilst fully protecting the environment.
Mike Woodin and Caroline Lucas MEP

or Ruled From Brussels..?
British Flag
£8,000,000£26,604,000,000 to the EU..."
( From The Free Britain Site )

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill
Winston  S Churchill
Jacques Delors, the former President of the European Commission, fuelled the controversy over the euro yesterday by admitting that Britain was justified in opting out of the single currency because its launch was flawed.In a remarkably frank interview with The Times, the one-time bogeyman of Eurosceptics also predicted that Britain would stay out for years, not least because Gordon Brown was so passionate about his contempt for Europe.In another startling admission, the veteran French leftwinger said that the European Union was in a state of latent crisis because of weak leadership. He blamed member state leaders, including President Chirac of France, for putting national interests before the common good.
UK was right not to join flawed euro, admits Jacques Delors

Some euro watchers say that if Britain joined the euro, Sweden would follow. The converse is probably not true. But if Sweden rejected the single currency, it might have a substantial impact across the North Sea. A “no” vote would show that the euro has lost rather than won converts in its first 18 months as a physical currency. More significantly perhaps, Sweden’s referendum campaign would demonstrate to Britons that it is not only right-wing xenophobes who oppose the single currency. Far from it. In Sweden, the most implacable euro-sceptics are the former communists and the greens. Soren Wibe, the de facto leader of the “no” campaign, is a Social Democrat.
WHEN does it make sense to join a currency union?

European attitudes towards America have turned chilly of late. France, a member of the U.N. Security Council, continues to spar with the U.S. over Iraq. Germany's Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder won reelection by vowing not to cooperate with Washington. He's maintained his criticism of U.S. policy while working with Paris to generate a common European strategy. Through it all Prime Minister Tony Blair has stood with the Bush administration. But nothing is permanent. The Blair-led letter of European support last week was an obvious diplomatic coup for the U.S. But most of its signers will offer little practical help during either the military campaign or resulting occupation. Indeed, when the Czech defense minister visited Kuwait, he offered a ride home to any of the 250 Czech chemical-weapons specialists who wanted to leave; seven jumped on board his jet and another score later joined them. Imagine Donald Rumsfeld doing the same for U.S. soldiers. Italy and Spain are more serious players, but could easily align with France and Germany after a change in government
Preserving Britain's independence from Europe

A very grave threat now exists to the ancient liberties of the citizens of the United Kingdom. The whole foundation of the judicial law in the nation state is about to be overturned by a system based on dictatorship and oppression of the spirit. The plan to impose a single criminal justice system throughout the European Union , including the United Kingdom, is advancing at a rapid pace. Under the system proposed by Brussels, known as Corpus Juris, Britain's historic freedoms and liberties are to be ended in the name of a new "efficient" Europe. It is no exaggeration to say that if implemented the United Kingdom, without Habeas Corpus and trial by jury, would in all reality become a police state.
Napoleonic System of Repression Now Confirmed in Corpus Juris

Ancient sovereign states, such as England and France, and newer ones, such as Germany and Italy, are to cease to exist and to be folded into a European superstate. National existence is targeted for extinction by about 2006 followed by national consciousness.Preparing the British for their demise as a people, Foreign Secretary Jack Straw wrote in “The Independent” on Nov. 22 that “in a world where states and the interests of their citizens are so obviously interdependent, we need to rethink our attitudes to concepts like ‘independence’ and ‘sovereignty’.”
Tyranny is coming to Europe in the form of a new multicultural empire

Superstates are an Infringement of Divine Law. What we can learn from the episode at Babel is that national divisions and language barriers in the world have been set in place by God in order to hinder the progress of Satan's one-world kingdom until the time is historically right for it to occur, i.e. when the world has finally "filled up the cup of its iniquity" and irreversibly rendered itself liable to judgement. Separate sovereign nation-states have been ordained by Him not only to look after the general welfare of the people but also to uphold the rule of law in order to prevent anarchy in a fallen world (Rom.13:1-7). And this Divine function on earth operates alongside the division of languages and separate nation-states to ensure the necessary prevention of an antichristian global unity. The establishment of a small number of federal superstates across the world would provide the perfect preparation for the final antichristian one-world government predicted in the Bible. The concept of a trans-national superstate is, therefore, an infringement of Divine Law and a modern exhibition of the same rebellious pagan spirit which built the Tower of Babel
The Bible and the European Superstate

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