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British Nationalism
is NOT about hating other people
It's about taking care of your own
Free Speech ??
Use It - Or Lose It !!
Just like Other People

Police Harassment Warning
Police Harassment Warning Please Read !
Writing On The Wall The Writing On The Wall Writing On The Wall

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NHHT injunction Mr Peter Redman Group Chief Executive Notting Hill Housing Trust: The Letter

The new injunction by the Notting Hill Housing Trust issued on August 26th 2005, has the "Power of Arrest" attached.

Would all of the relevant authorities please take note of the item below !
I have no need or motive to "breach" the injunction, nothing to gain at all !

Between the old injunction expiring and the new injunction taking effect, all of the hidden facts and embarrassing evidence "censored" by this latest injunction, was freely available for download from this site in the form of a ready made website in a small ZIP file ( Just 2.99Mb )

About 40 pages have been forcibly removed due to this "censorship in disguise"

During this period my "Downloads" page had 493 visitors. ( View the "Stats" Stats Click Download to download a ZIP file 513 kb )
It could be a lot more than that, as many people use anti tracking software to hide their online footprints.

A lot of these visitors would have been in response to postings that I had made on
my Yahoo Group UK Politics and my Notting Hill Message Board to tell people to get their own copies.

In a few months from now, it is very likely that all of the "censored" hidden facts and embarrassing evidence highlighted above will start to show up in Search Engine searches on the internet, as new websites or as additions to existing websites.

This will NOT be due to any "Post Injunction" activity by me.

Copy & Paste being what it is, the number of copies in circulation is incalculable, anyone could have a copy.
And many people here in Notting Hill already have copies.

To those of you who have copies, please do not ask me to link back to you, as this could be interpreted as me giving you "Encouragement" and I would be in breach of the Injunction.
This Injunction IS in force, and I have every intention of keeping within the law... Sean Bryson

Sean Bryson's NewsRoom Sean Bryson's NewsRoom Sean Bryson's NewsRoom Sean Bryson's NewsRoom Sean Bryson's NewsRoom Sean Bryson's NewsRoom Sean Bryson's NewsRoom

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Just ordinary people that have finally had enough,
of being lied to, bullied, and accused !
British National Party - Putting The British FIRST !


At the present time the White race makes up approximately 8% of the "Global" population, and that figure is shrinking rapidly. We ARE a minority group ! As a social group like any other, we have a natural right to ensure our own personal and cultural survival, before we concern ourselves with other peoples.
Anyone who disputes this natural right has to be a RACIST !  ...........  A real one !

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