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My problems with Ms Geraldine Timlin / McGinley of 60+ "Sixty Plus" I feel that I deserve a good written reference, this reference should not include any details of my project with the Kensington and Chelsea Times. Between October 1993 and January 1994, I distributed 80 - 100 information packs about the 1991 Gulf War

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much of a surprise to Ms Timlin, as it did to myself.

Ms Timlin told me that Ms Davies was not available by phone, and that she, "Ms Timlin", was far too busy to go and see her to sort things out. Ms Timlin also pointed out that Ms Davies was frequently out, and that I should put a note through her door if I did not find her in when I called. I wrote a note to Ms Davies and showed it to Ms Timlin, it was at Ms Timlin's suggestion that I re-wrote the note, adding some indication of urgency and asking Ms Davies to contact the 60+ "Sixty Plus" office, this I did. I then delivered this letter myself, and put it through Ms Davies letter box.

I would like you to take note of what I have said in the above paragraph, it might prove to be highly significant.

Ms Davies had no way of knowing that I was going to see her a second time. I went to see Ms Davies after she had contacted 60+ "Sixty Plus" to say that she knew nothing about any sort of promised payment, this was in response to the note that I had put through the door at Ms Timlins suggestion. When I got to Ms Davies flat (I went direct from 60+ "Sixty Plus" it was an unplanned decision) I got the feeling that the situation was "stage managed". Ms Davies had a friend with her, a woman who just sat and said nothing, there was an air of "preparedness" about her. I told Ms Davies that there had been some confusion, and suggested that we go into her kitchen to discuss the situation, this we did, for a very brief time. Ms Davies agreed to come to the 60+ "Sixty Plus" offices, to have a meeting to resolve the situation, this was at the invitation of Ms Geraldine Timlin. This meeting was attended by Ms Davies, Ms Geraldine Timlin, Ms Patricia Mohabier and myself, I, however, was asked to leave the room for the latter part of the meeting. Before I left the meeting, it had been established and agreed by all, myself included, that the misunderstanding was entirely the fault of Ms Geraldine Timlin of 60+ "Sixty Plus", and that Ms Timlin had allocated the job to me while under the wrong impression.

I have neither seen nor heard of Ms Davies since then. That is, not untill my meeting with Ms Geraldine Timlin and Mr Ian MacAulay on 18.4.94. At this meeting, Ms Timlin pointed out that there had been two reports from female customers that they had felt threatened by me. One of the customers was the Ms Davies that I have spoken of already. I am a complete stranger to Ms Davies, and given the situation (of Ms Timlins making) I can understand how Ms Davies may have been harbouring all sorts of fantasies about me. The other complaint, it is alleged, took place in the last two months. I don't know anything about it and Ms Timlin won't tell me.

Even if this second complaint is true, and I dispute that, I still have a very good record for the past two years. Being a member of the human race, I am allowed to have the odd "off day".

Yours sincerely

Sean Bryson


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