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Sean Bryson
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Sean Bryson
Flat B
48 Tavistock Road
W11 1AW

12th November 1998


Dear Sirs

Due to skillful propaganda and the "mindcrushing" aggresive application of political correctness, we are now in a situation where at the very mention of such things as discrimination, persecution, racism, etc. The automatic emotive reaction of the population at large, is to see these things as something that is done by the majority, to some kind of minority.
( with the majority automaticaly feeling pangs of guilt! )
Not True!

Shocking liberties have been, and continue to be taken.
It is time for the whole situation to be re-appraised. What I have given you here will take a bit of time to reflect upon.
I wonder what the situation would be if I had been a member of a minority group ??????????

Yours Sincerely

Sean Bryson

The Race Commission And Mr Trevor Phillips


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