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My Protest Letter At The 1991 Gulf War
And The Response

Dear Sir,

This is a letter that I feel that I have to write. How many people of this present generation, the generation being sent to war, know the truth about the Palestinian question ? The question started in 1948 not 67 or 72

How many of them know that Menachem Begin, the ex Premier of Israel, was, in his absence tried, and condemned to death by British Courts, for the terrorist murder of numerous British soldiers, by bomb and bullet ? And, that his organization was funded by the USA ? Was he, and the other known terrorists tried for war crimes after the creation of Israel ?

What right do the Jewish people have, to settle on Arab soil, after an absence of 2,000 years, push out the native population, the Palestinians, and call it Israel ? Would you allow the Italians to lay claim to our country, because it used to be part of the Roman Empire ?
That is the time period that we are talking about

The Palestinians know the answers to all of these questions, and many more.

The younger generation, who are being sent to war, do not know what questions to ask, but are being sent by an older generation, who do.

It makes me sick.

In the Arab world, the USA is often called the great Satan, the younger generation know that, but they don't know how the USA got that name.

We have all heard of the powerfull "Jewish Lobby" in the USA. I find it significant, that Britain, and the USA alone refused to discuss the 'whole region' in order to avert war.

The Arabs are not stupid people, and will never accept Western pressure regarding Israel.

If we do not start to discuss the correct topics, then the Saddams of this world will revisit, and revisit, and revisit, with God knows what sort of consequences.

Yours sincerely
Sean Bryson

Anti Zionist Jews

This letter accompanied a number of my mailings to the press etc, in the days before I knew about building websites.
( OK, so I still don't ! )

It has become tiresome being considered as a Fascist, Right-Wing extremist, Nazi, RACIST ! Etc, Etc, Etc.

This is just a smokescreen put up by people with something to hide.Read the letter that I wrote, and read the replies that I recieved, they are all here. It is interesting that no one wrote back to say RUBBISH !! It is very easy to check the history of the area, just ask any "old soldier" LIKE MY FATHER !!

To the best of my knowledge, no one published my letter ( see replies from The times and the NUJ ) yet within days of posting a man called Alfie (known as little Alfie) of the Duke of Wellington, Portobello Road W11, knew I had been writing letters, how ?
And more to the point, why ?

I was barred from the above Public House soon afterwards, and have experienced "problems" since then, coincidence ? Perhaps, perhaps not.

On a couple of occasions, there have even been attempt to create "Black and White" problems for me. I believe this particular tactic is called "divide and conquer".

July 2004
The present and previous manager of the
Duke of Wellington,
have not refused me admission or service.
Portobello Gold

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Hi there !

My name is Sean Bryson,

I am a new subscriber to this list and I live in London UK.
My reasons for subscribing to this list and looking for similar ones is to try and destroy an evil thing called "Political Correctness" and the racketeering that goes on behind it. I came into a head on clash with PC when I quite innocently wrote a protest letter at the FIRST (1991) Persian Gulf War.

You may remember that initialy we had "Desert Shield" to stop Saddam going any further then we had "Desert Storm" to get him out of Kuwait. Inbetween times there was a window of opportunity where everyone involved agreed to discuss the whole region in order to avert war.

At the time even Iraq AND Kuwait were saying YES.
Discussing the whole region automaticaly includes the "Palestinian Question".

Everyone involved thought that it was a good idea except the USA and the UK, who said NO! And we went to war instead.

Now my Father, an Irish national, was in the British Army in palestine in 1948 and he told me one or two things many years ago, about what happened out there, between the UK and the USA.
I wrote a protest letter at the Gulf War detailing briefly what my father had told me,and my suspicions about the real motives behind the Gulf War.

See this response from Mr Jacob Ecclestone of the National Union of Journalists,
and he is in a position to know !!

Of all of the replies that I received to my letter, not one was to disagree with me, and a few of them gave me great support. Among them being "The Times" The National Union Of Journalists ( These are the people that know all of the things that you and I are not allowed to be told ! ) the then Labour Party HQ, and many others.

Soon after this my life took quite a turn for the worse and it became clear that a certain minority group with certain middle eastern loyalties were going to "PUNISH" me for writing my protest letter. If I openly complain about it then I am instantly guilty of violating the rules of political correctness, and automaticaly the local left wing and other minority groups close ranks to the defence of the guilty few.

Now that is what I call a "RACKET" THIS IS STILL GOING ON TODAY!

And it is creating a great deal of "Live Ammunition" for the extreme right wing to use against minority groups.
To try and draw attention to what is going on behind the veil of political correctness I have put together a website that is comprised entirely of scanned in documents related to what I have told you here.

Everything is on this website. www.SeanBryson.Com

To make things easier to view, I have placed a copy of this website in a "ZIP" file which can be downloaded from the site. it takes just under 10 minutes with a 56K modem. It is all indexed and easy to read like a magazine or text book.
Be prepared to be shocked / paranoid.

Yours Sincerely,

Sean Bryson.

SENT ON 18th JUNE 2000

The Liberal Democrats
4 Cowley Street
London SW1P 3NB
Tel: 020 7222 7999
Fax: 020 7799 2170
The Labour Party
Millbank Tower
London SW1P 4GT
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The Conservative Party
Leader of the Party

Party Chairman

Tel: +44-20-7222-9000
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United Kingdom

British National Party
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Socialist Workers Party
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Dear Everyone,
Help wanted, all offers accepted.

For a long time now, I have had to fight on my own. I have had enough of fighting on my own and I am now requesting "OPEN" unashamed support from ALL of you. For some years now I have been a paid up member of the "Liberal Democrats" so in theory the Lib Dems should be the first to champion my cause.
I look forward to receiving support from ALL or ANY of you. A couple of days ago I sent a request ( copied below ) to every UK MEP. If you know of any MEP's in other countries who may be interested, then feel free to forward this information to them.
You are all at liberty to use the information on my website www.SeanBryson.Com in any way that you think fit.
Sean Bryson

Yours Sincerely

Sean Bryson.

SENT ON 16th JUNE 2000

RE: Racial and political persecution "BY" minority groups in the UK

Sean Bryson
Flat B
48 Tavistock Road
Notting Hill
W11 1AW

Dear MEP,
I am contacting you to ask for your "OPEN" support in relation to the years long racial / political persecution that I have had to endure. I have a great deal that I could say about my life for the past 10 years, but that would take too long just now, and you probably cant spare the time right now anyway. Therefore I have decided that the best way forward for me is to let you see a copy of a letter that I have posted to a number of internet discussion lists. Everything in this letter is immediatly relavent to what I am requesting of you. The more people that are aware of my situation, then the quicker my life will be repaired. Everyone that has viewed my website so far, has come down firmly on my side.

Yours Sincerely

Sean Bryson.

Theresa Villiers MEP

3 July 2000

Dear Mr Bryson

Thank you for your email. I note the concerns which you raise.

I appreciate your having taken the trouble to contact me to express your strongly held views on this matter.

Yours sincerely

Theresa Villiers

TEL: 020 7984 8227   FAX: 020 7984 8292


Dear MEP,

On the 16th of June 2000, I contacted you and other MEP's about some very disturbing things that were going on behind the veil of political correctness, in Notting Hill London W11.

To date only Theresa Villiers MEP has written back to me about this. This letter can be viewed along with my letter to all of you, on my website...... www.SeanBryson.Com

I appreciate that I am contacting many of you about something that is going on in London, (not your area!) but the nature of what I wished to draw your attention to is of concern to everyone everywhere. Because I dont believe for one minute that this state of events is confined to London alone.
Since I last contacted you I have had further unpleasentness against me but this time it is being placed in the hands of the Race Relations board, and I believe that a number of Newspapers that I have given details to are watching the outcome.
I would like to ask you again for your "Open and Unashamed" support.

Just because I am British White does not mean that I can not be discriminated against or be Politically Persecuted, never think that. If you do make that mistake, then tomorrow you could find yourself in my position !!
Please take the time to view my website www.SeanBryson.Com

I can guarentee that you will not be bored.
When you get to the page with the list of chapters on it, go to the bottom and view "Latest Developments" / MICROTECH. ( You will also find a letter of support from the "Daily Mail" here ) Recently it seems that every public figure is trying to climb on the anti-racist bandwagon to show what "Nice Guys" they are. But if the victim is British White !! almost no one wants to know.

How did we get like this ? And more importantly.....Why? And what does the future hold ?

Please take the time to view this website www.SeanBryson.Com
and give your "Open and Unashamed" support. This website is completely "Open" and has been widely presented to search engines. So feel free to tell other people about it.

Lots of people have already viewed this website and 99% of them, a great number from minority groups, have come down firmly on my side.

Yours Sincerely

Sean Bryson

In 1994, I joined the Liberal Democrats.

On September 15th 2001, because once AGAIN ! I found myself AT WAR ! because of minority group interests, I joined the British National Party
It would seem that my protest letter at the Gulf War in 1991, ( See Chapter Index / Gulf War ) Has been proved to be highly accurate, and prophetic.

Any normal sane person has to accept, that the terrorist attack in America on September 11th 2001,
is the day that Political Correctness HAD to DIE !

The contents of this website, the anti - white race riots here in the north of England recently, the attack on the WTC, and other considerations, were all factors in my decision to join the BNP.

These are the only political organizations that I have ever belonged to.
Prior to this I was not very political at all.
I was just the usual apathetic "Lemming" bystander.

Sean Bryson

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