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My problems with Ms Geraldine Timlin / McGinley of 60+ "Sixty Plus" I feel that I deserve a good written reference, this reference should not include any details of my project with the Kensington and Chelsea Times. Between October 1993 and January 1994, I distributed 80 - 100 information packs about the 1991 Gulf War

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5th June 1994

All Members
The Management Committee for 60+ "Sixty Plus"

On Wednesday 18.5.94, I went to see Ms Geraldine Timlin and Mr Ian MacAulay at the 60+ "Sixty Plus" offices, regarding my application for a written reference, to assist me in my search for employment.

A copy of this invitation from Ms Geraldine Timlin is enclosed.

At this meeting, Mr MacAulay appeared to be playing the part of an observer and said almost nothing. I found Ms Timlin's reasons for not giving me a reference an insult to the mind.

The reference that I wanted was essentially an up-dated version of the reference that she gave me a year ago, a copy of this is enclosed, the information it contains is as true today as it was then.

Ms Timlin gave two reasons why she would not provide me with a reference, it is difficult to decide which reason stinks of corruption the most. It beggars belief that she even thought of trying to get me to accept her rationale.

Quite some time ago, Ms Geraldine Timlin allocated a job to me that was a bit different, it was a job that was going to "pay" me. At this time, Ms Timlin was aware that I was in an anxious frame of mind, because I was getting reminders about my unpaid TV licence. I am unemployed and have been prosecuted once already for non-payment.

This job was far bigger than anything that was normally undertaken by 60+ "Sixty Plus" as part of it's "practical help" scheme. The job was to be done for a woman called Ms Davies, of No 1, Yatton House, Dalgarno Way, London W10. I have to say that I am unsure about that address. But the name of the house is certainly correct. The task to be undertaken, was to wash from top to bottom, and then re-paint a fire damaged room. It took about a week to do.

Although unemployed, I did not quote Ms Davies a price for the job from the outset. I realised that she herself was not rich, and left the price of the job "open". I felt sure that I would be offered enough cash to buy my TV licence, plus a few beers. That would get me off the hook and I would be satisfied.

When the job was completed, Ms Davies said:- "I have no money just now, but there will be something for you at the office next week". I did not approach her again, but waited to hear from her. She eventually came into the 60+ "Sixty Plus" office, I was not around, but she spoke to Ms Timlin. I was told by Ms Timlin that Ms Davies wanted to see me, to give me a couple of packets of cigarettes as payment for the work that I did for her. A couple of packets of cigarettes? At the time, this appeared to be as


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