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A Previous Contact With The Commission For Racial Equality ( HA ! HA ! HA ! )
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4th December 2000

Our Ref: LS/00/688/BA

Dear Mr Bryson

Notice of Extension of Time Pursuant to Section 66(4) of Race Relations Act 1976

I write to confirm that following your written application for assistance with your case of racial discrimination, we are considering your spplication and making appropriate equiries.

We are under a statutory duty to make a decision on your application within two months after the date we received it. All decisions on whether or not what kind of assistance, if any, is granted to an applicant are made by the Legal Committee of the commission.

Unfortunately we are not able to make a decision whether or not to grant you assistance within this two month period, and the Race Relation Act gives us the power to extend that period by one extra month.

Please treat this letter as formal notice from the Commission for Racial Equality to youself that the time period for considering your application has been extended to three months.

If your case does not concern employment and is a matter for determination by the County Court or Sheriff Court then there are special rules which apply to the time limit for starting proceedings in your case.

In matters falling under Part III of the Race Relations Act 1976 ( discrimination in areas of housing, education, provision of goods, facilities and services - in general non-employment matters) the Act says that claims of racial discrimination should be started in the County Court/Sheriff Court within six months of the date of the discrimination complained about. As you have applied in writing to the Commission for Racial Equality for assistance with your case you are automatically given eight months, this means that your case must now be commenced in the County/Sheriff Court within nine months starting from the date of the discrimination complained of.

This notice does not affect any time limits which apply to employment cases which must be started at an Industrial Tribunal within three months of the discrimination complained of.

There is no need for you to take any action as a result of this letter, but please keep the letter in a safe place as it does have important consequences concerning the time limits if your case fall to be determined by County Court in England & Wales or Sheriff Court in Scotland.

your application will be put to the Legal Committee of the Commission as soon as possible and you will be advised of the Committee's decision.

Yours sincerely

Head of Complaints
London & South Region

Microtech Computer Services - Extension of time limit from the Race Commission



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