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13 February 1998


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Please give yourself the time to read what I have given you here from top to bottom, it paints quite a picture.

Between 9.12.97 and 16.1.98 my two portfolios were left at the developments office in St Martins College for viewing, to support my application for a place on the Computer Animation Course.
After being turned down for a place I asked the college for some feedback so that I would know what was lacking in my work.
At first this was coldly refused.
Consequently I spent the next few days beseeching in various quarters of the college to get this feedback. As a result I recieved a phone call from Mr St John Walker who gave the following explanation.

1 / My portfolios contained insufficient life drawing.
2 / There were no examples of sequential drawing.
3 / My work was not really suitable for animation anyway.
4 / Lots of applications, high standards,Etc,Etc,Etc.

The computer Animation Course runs for six months full time (40 hours per week) and offers a BTEC - PDC. This tells me that the course is very thorough, and starts at the very beginning.

A number of computer professionals, before and after my application, have said they think my work is very well suited to Computer Animation. This is especially true of my A1, hand painted portfolio.

Should you be curious, my portfolios can be re-viewed.

I do not consider any part of what I have given you here, to be confidential.


Yours Sincerely

Sean Bryson


St Martins College Of Art



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