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Sean Bryson  
Flat B  
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On the day that your 97/98 prospectus came out, I applied for a place on your BTEC Multi Media course. After quite a number of telephone requests, I recieved a letter from W.A.E.S confirming that the interview would be on Friday 5th September 97.

I have undertaken two of your "access" modules, at the Amberly Road site.
I also have LOCF 2X2 in graphic design using Photoshop, plus levels 1+2 City & Guilds D.T.P, plus a substantial portfolio of my own hand painted artwork.

The letter that gave the interview date of the 5th September 97, did not come through my letter box untill August the 22nd, this was followed by a bank holiday, this gave me about 9 working days to complete what was required of me for the interview, an impossible task, and I have failed to gain a place on the course.

I cant help but wonder, if the contents of the enclosed envelope, have once again been the cause of my ( bad luck ?? )

I request that you re-consider my application.

Yours Sincerely

Sean Bryson

Westminster Adult Education Service ( WAES )



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