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Stephen Lawrence Murder - Black African Slave Traders
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Stephen Lawrence Murder & Racism In The UK - Racist Britain ?

The Right Honourable Jack Straw MP
House of Commons
London SW1
White Victims Mr Paul Dacre
Daily Mail
Derry Street
London W8
Sir Paul Condon
Metropolitan Police Commissioner
New Scotland Yard
London SW1

Mr Bernie Grant MP
House of Commons
London SW1

Friday 26th February 1999

Dear Sirs

While the whole situation surrounding the death of Stephen Lawrence is indefensible, I think that in a more general sense minority groups are greatly over privileged and over protected in this country.
I have enclosed some information, which confirms this happening over a period of some years, to my very great cost.

The yardsticks that are used to measure the conduct of various sections of society should be equal before the law. And anyone else.
As a member of White society I am sick to death of being thrown on the defensive by the playing of the "Race Card" especially as it is seldom backed up with any facts. It is just assumed that because I am White I will submit to questioning about "possible racist motives" for just about everything. Why should I? Members of minority groups don't have to tolerate this.

It is automatically assumed that a member of a minority group occupies some sort of position of moral superiority, this is rubbish. Why is it that steaming and mugging by the Black population, are not considered racial crimes? We all know that in most cases they are. The case of Stephen Lawrence has attracted a great deal of publicity. But over the years how many Whites and Asians have been battered beaten and often killed by Black people, despite the fact that it is usually a racially motivated crime it is not legally categorised as such and goes down on the crime sheet as street violence or the like.

At the time of writing I believe that the situation in Lambeth / Southwark is pretty grim, but no one has the courage to stand up and call it by it's proper name.

Political correctness has become the greatest meal ticket in the history of the civilised world, and I can assure you that the people that are exploiting it are laughing their heads off as they continue to accuse and demand, accuse and demand, to try and make the mainstream population feel guilty and under some sort of obligation. What a racket !!

The purpose of this letter is not to claim that "White racism" does not exist, but to try and redress the imbalance that has been hiding behind political correctness for so many years now.

I am quite confident that if equal standards were applied to take a head count, then the number of White dead and injured would outnumber the number of Black dead and injured by a pretty wide margin. On the news recently, I heard that a member of the "Nation of Islam" kneed one of our policemen in the face twice, at the trial the judge said he was not going to give the criminal a custodial sentence in case it upset Black people. I feel so ashamed and humiliated by his cowardice. Also, on the news on Wednesday the 24th February, Ms Lawrence made reference to the slaves and slave masters of years ago. What a cheek!! No doubt another attempt to make white people feel guilty.
The slave trade was in full swing many many generations before the White man set foot in Africa. Even today, there are financial dynasties in Africa that have their roots in the slave trade. In Africa in those days, the losers in the Racist tribal wars were frequently sold into slavery. The African used to sell His Niggers to the White man, an early form of  Black Slave Traders ethnic cleansing.

But because we are White, we must never ever talk about that sort of thing. If we do, then the left wing thought police brands us as racist. What an absolute racket !!

A few years ago the extreme right wing won an election in the East End of London.
Time and time again the local population said in television interviews that they had voted this way as a protest, because they felt that they had become third class citizens because they were British White, and got the usual accusations of fascist or racist from their local authority if they complained of unfair treatment. I am certainly sick to death of having my intelligence insulted.

This East End election victory, was not really a victory for the right wing, it was however an absolute resounding damnation of what hides behind the curtain of "Political Correctness"
You ignore this message at your/our peril.

We desperately need some whistle blowers armed with all of the real facts, to start talking to the papers.

Political correctness has given birth to an absolute "Monster"
If left to develop and grow it is this Monster and not the extreme right wing that could well bring about the "rivers of blood" that Mr Enoch Powell spoke of many years ago.
Questioning kills the Monster, quickly and decisively. That's why political correctness never permits questioning, with political correctness just asking the question is proof positive of being guilty of "Thought Crime"
Is it any co-incidence that so many of the ever-accusing evangelical "Thought Police" belong to minority groups ???????

The conspiracy of the minorities is an unquestionable reality, and it makes the machinations of the freemasons look amateur by comparison.
Equal Opportunities ?? Most of the time that means we only take British White if we can't find a member of a minority group.
After what has happened to me, just because I wrote a protest letter at the Gulf War ( In my own home town, in my own country ) I can well understand why some people may feel it is justified to protest by other means.

If I were a Policeman, who in my everyday work repeatedly witness the unequal treatment that is so often given to British Whites, I think that I might become a bit "anti", and it is almost certain that I would start to take a bit of a "couldn't care less attitude" towards certain people.

The dictates of left wing politics repeatedly suggest that as a British White, I am under permanent obligation to prove that I am not guilty of something or another. I am sick to death of being made to feel guilty, guilty, guilty about my race. I am proud of what my race has achieved and accomplished, not ashamed. It is my race more than any other, that has kicked this entire planet out of the Stone Age. And it is a complete nonsense to suggest that my race has had a free ride, at the expense of others.

And we continue to move forward......all the way to the turning back.

I don't know, it's enough to drive you to violence. But that is against the law, so perhaps I will compromise and just vote for the National Front instead.

Yours Sincerely

Sean Bryson

In 2001 just a couple of days after the 911 attack, I joined the BNP
- British National Party
( See my 1991 Gulf War protest letter )
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