Sean Bryson
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Local Councillors - Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea

The Royal Borough Of
Kensington & Chelsea

The Mayor
Dr Jonathan Munday
And The Following Councillors


Sean Bryson
Flat B
48 Tavistock Road
Notting Hill
London W11 1AW

10th September 1998

Tim Ahern      
J.Robert Atkinson Thomas Fairhead Daniel Moylan Doreen M. Weatherhead
J.M.Blakeman Mark Field Nicholas Paget-Brown Alick Whitfield
Simon Blanchflower Adrian J.A.D FitzGerald Barry Phelps Alastair Wood
Timothy Boulton Mrs Ian Frazer Bob Pope Bryan P. Levitt
Christopher Buckmaster Robert J Freeman Shireen Ritchie Warwick Lightfoot
Barbara Campbell Joanna Gardner Johnnie Seidler Pat Mason
David Campion Mrs Ian Hanham Stuart H Shapro Gary Mond
Elizibeth M. Christmas Pat Healey Simon Stanley Keith Cunningham
Anthony Coates Bridget Hoier Dr. Charles Tannock Andrew Dalton
Merrick R. Cockell Stephen P. Hoier Frances Taylor Ian Donaldson
Timothy Coleridge L.A Holt Ernest P. Tomlin Jeremy Edge
John Corbett-Singleton Rima Horton Richard Walker-Arnott Mary Weale
John Cox David P.M Hudson Paul Warrick Mushtaq Lasharie

Dear Councillor

If you dont protect my rights today
You could be looking for someone to protect yours tomorrow !!!

The tyrannical culture of the ever accusing ever demanding minority group, has to come to an end one day.

May I take this opportunity to suggest that you all vote Liberal Democrat in any future elections, which I believe will result in a much more even handed "proportional" approach to all sorts of issues.

Personally, I have had enough of the "Left - Right" all one or all the other political scenario.

Yours Sincerely

Sean Bryson

More even handed "proportional" approach to all sorts of issues


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