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Mr Nigel Holiday
Retail Area Manager
Allied Domecq Inns
Sutherland House
3 Dukes Meadow
Millboard Road
Bourne End
  Sean Bryson
Flat B
48 Tavistock Road
W11 1AW


Friday November 20th 1998

Dear Mr Holiday,
I have recently completed a brief period of employment at the "Catherine Wheel" 23 Kensington Church Street, London W8 4LF.
I don't believe that I have been properly treated, and I am writing to you to explain why I hold that view.

My employment commenced on Thursday 15th October 1998.
I was employed by the regular manager "Aiden"
A few weeks later "Aiden" and his wife went on holiday. For the first four days of his absence, a chap called "Mike" managed the Catherine Wheel. The end of Mikes period of management coincided with the start of my own two days off, and Mike and I shook hands and said our good-byes because of this.

This was on the Saturday night, and I was not due back on duty until the following Tuesday morning.
Aiden had completed the staff rota in advance, prior to going on holiday.

I was due to start work at 11am on the Tuesday, and phoned in at about 9.45 to tell Alison that I had a small leak in my flat, and the only time estimate that the plumber could give me was "before 2pm"
This turned out to be 4.30 pm.

As it had got so late I assumed that Alison would already have me covered, and I did not turn up for work until the following morning.
Alison took the view that I should have phoned in again to make sure that I was covered, I have to concede that she does have a point.
But the situation certainly did not warrant me being sacked

At the time Alison seemed to be more irritated by the fact that she had been denied access to the staff database on the computer, and had been unable to get a replacement for me from the staff pool.
This was certainly not my fault.

I went to the Catherine Wheel today to get my P.45 from Aiden, who has now returned from holiday.
According to Aiden, Alison told him that I had disappeared for two days without trace, and that was the reason that she terminated my employment.
This is a complete lie!!

Also, as my employment was terminated without notice, should I not be given a weeks money in lieu?

Because of my past ( and present? ) political problems, I have to entertain the possibility of a connection between Alisons treatment of me, and the information that I have given you here.
I don't need this information back, nor is it confidential.

Yours Sincerely

Sean Bryson

First Letter To Allied Domecq


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