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Notting Hill Carnival - 2003
Racism in Notting Hill - Violence - Corruption - Crime - Political Correctness
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Information For The Notting Hill Carnival - 2003 - 03 Information
( All information subject to change )
Sean Bryson's Notting Hill Message Board A selection of links of interest about the 2003 Notting Hill Carnival.The message board on the left is FREE and requires NO registration and NO sign up. Commercial messages ( And links ! ) are OK too !

The BBC - As always the BBC has first rate coverage of this annual event.
Information that you will find on the BBC web pages include a map of the Notting Hill Carnival Route, police contacts, toilets, LOST KIDS AREA, first aid, and information about public transport / tube & underground stations. The Childrens day parade is covered, as is the Costume Splash, Mas Band Parade, and the Panorama Steel Band Competition. On the News Pages you will find out about the latest Police initiative to combat crime at the Carnival, and other items. There is also a section that gives usefull tips to help you enjoy the 2003 Notting Hill Carnival.
** Carnival History ** | Recipes | Route Map | Steelspan | Carnival 2003 | Events | Gallery | Games | News | Tips

** " The Carnival's roots date back to the Abolition of Slavery Act in 1833 when the first Caribbean carnival was held in Trinidad Black Caribbeans took to the streets for their own carnival party, with song, dance and costumes. When the first significant numbers of West Indian immigrants came to the UK in the 1950s, they brought their musical traditions. But what began with harassment of individual black men by white gangs blew up into a full-scale riot in August 1958 which continued for weeks. The following year, carnival's first British incarnation took place in St Pancras Town Hall, organised by West Indian Gazette editor Claudia Jones. " **
.....RACIST'S SMASH My Windows !!
Britain IS Losing Britain | Race And Criminal Cowardice | Stephen Lawrence
( MICROTECH Hammersmith Jobcentre, London W6 ) Ross Parker

THE NERVE OF NELSON MANDELA ... By Emanuel McLittle, September 19, 2002

Murder of White Farmers in South Africa
Emanuel McLittle
E. McLittle
"Silent about South Africa's killings and rapes, where white women and even small white children are intentionally infected with the AIDS virus. To suppress the truth about their brethren, world wide, is their job"
"This has cut food production down by 60 percent. The reason for the mass fleeing is the near 1,500 murders of small and large white farmers by black thugs carrying military weapons, possibly distributed by the ANC"

Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea

Much Carnival 2003 information can be found on the website of the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea. Such things as infomation on all the Carnival essentials like residents parking roads. You will also find info on street trading,sound systems,TOILETS !!! . enforcement officers, police,maps,public safety, licensing officers, setting up and close down times, first aid, fire extinguishers, health and safety, generators, barbecues, environmental health & noise levels etc,etc,etc. | |

All the information that you need for a great Notting Hill Carnival 2003
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"Carnival organisers lose backing."
"The carnival in 2003 will still happen. One of the major financial backers of the Notting Hill Carnival has said it will no longer fund the group which has run the event for more than a decade.The Arts Council has decided to side-step the Notting Hill Carnival Trust, which co-ordinates and promotes the carnival, and give money straight to performers"

London Notting Hill Carnival Ltd

The carnival organiser London Notting Hill Carnival Ltd . Details yet to be released but this is a possible link
The London Notting Hill Carnival Ltd directors are ... Debi Gardner, Ashton Moore, Lewis Benn, Neil Johnston, Roddy Crozier Maharaj. The chair is a Prof. Mullard.

Photographs By Notting Hill Carnival Photographer - Timothy N. Holt"
"In taking pictures at the Notting Hill Carnival, his aim is to be an observer, capturing images of the participants dancing, singing, performing, or in other words doing what they want to do, without making them self-conscious or aware they are being photographed. He's made a point of following several individuals and has photos of them over the years growing from children into young adults."

Notting Hill Carnival - Hotels Today
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Notting Hill Carnival 25 – 26 August 2003
Come and join in the fun at Europe’s biggest street party. Every year over a million people flock to the streets of Notting Hill to gaze at the floats, wiggle to the scores of massive sound systems and soak up the true flavours of the Caribbean. Sunday is traditionally Children’s Day with the party really taking off on the Monday. All five disciplines of carnival; Mas (costume), Steelband, Calypso, Soca and Static Sound Systems, are celebrated in this two day musical extravaganza. Check out the excellent Sancho Panza and Good Times sound systems or buy a map and scour it for a chance to catch some big names playing for free! Carnival sets London on fire in a multi-cultural blaze of Caribbean spirit.

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All the information that you need for a great Notting Hill Carnival 2003
New Labour Killing Britain UK Asylum Seekers Tenancy Agreement Join UK-Politics
Join UK-Politics
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