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Third age senior citizens - pensioners forum - Kensington & Chelsea London UK. An independent open forum for the benefit of our senior people, and the organizations that SERVE them. Founded by Sean Bryson
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Senior Citizens !

In April 1994, I set up an independent open forum in the Kensington & Chelsea Times for use by senior citizens and the organisations that serve them
This includes the very small local organisations too, not just the big ones. It was going to start off at just a column a month, but at the time I had a verbal agreement with Mr John Moore, the editor of the Kensington & Chelsea Times, that it would be developed into a page a week.
So far, this has not happened ! Your physical numbers more than justify a page a week. You are a massive social group, you ARE news.
And where are the readers letters ???????
By now this forum should be a talking place, meeting point, notice board, etc, etc, etc. Whatever suits you.
Perhaps those among you that have journalistic skills, could assist the Kensington & Chelsea Times with the editing of this forum. Why not ?
Feel free to copy what I have given you here, and pass it around. ( Including this letter if you wish )

Sean Bryson
Sean Bryson
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Helen Zach
Helen Zach
You may have seen posters recently in local shops announcing that a column on matters of interest to older people will appear monthly in the Times.
Sean Bryson, a volunteer with Sixty Plus, a Kensington & Chelsea agency for the older person came to realise that older people often do not know of rights and benefits they are entitled to and that the public generally is also largely unaware of the difficulties or for that matter the achievements of older citizens.
He contacted the editor of the Times and he agreed to include a column to raise the profile of this group. I have been asked to do it as I have been involved in producing a similar weekly column in the Ealing Gazette for some three years.
We hope that you, the reader, whether a private individual, or on the staff of agencies for the older person will write to us about any difficulties you may have or good news you would like to share, information you want to pass on or to raise local or national issues for consideration. In addition I'll bring news from visits paid to organisations, conferences or to other centres for senior citizens.
Mention was made of Sixty Plus in the first paragraph - how well is it known ? It is a project of the Notting Hill Social Council (An advisory body for new charities) concerned with meeting the needs of the older people in the Borough to enable them to be as independent as possible. It sprang from Pensioners Link, now defunct. it has three full-time staff and a number of trained volunteers who provide a range of valuable services - they have a welfare rights advisor on the staff who covers benefit claims, pensions, council tax, disability and housing benefits, advice on budgeting and debt counselling.

If you are housebound the worker will visit you at home, but ring first on 081 969 9105.
There is a volunteer Befrienders scheme when someone will visit you regularly to alleviate loneliness and help you get out and about more.
There is a possibility of a Professional Decorating Service, part of the borough-wide scheme to provide low-cost decorating. Sixty Plus also runs a weekly shopping trip and gentle keep-fit classes, an outing in the summer and, last but not least, a grand Christmas party for 100 housebound pensioners with a full dinner and a whole day of entertainment. There is a volunteer car scheme in the borough to get you to the shops, your doctor, or to visit a relative, this is if you have difficulty using public transport.
( All visitors carry identity cards ) The agency also produces an excellent guide to activities and services for pensioners.
This agency which does so much to enable the older person to remain independent sorely needs more volunteers. If you would like to help contact Sixty Plus on 081 969 9105 . Their address is 7 Thorpe Close, the green door facing portobello green, under the Westway, just across the road from Ladbroke Grove station.

Please send contributions to Helen Zach, The Third Age, c/o London Weekly Times, 134-136 The
Broadway, London W13 OTL

Ms Helen Zach can still be contacted via Age Concern / Ealing 135 Uxbridge Road, London W 13 tel 020 8567 8017


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