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RACIST Black Notting Hill Postman Spits On My Unemployment Benefit ?
The Police Station / Portobello Desk Ladbroke Grove London
The Post Office Sorting Office Westbourne Grove London
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The Spitting Postman ?

BNP Whistleblowers Who Has Been Spitting On My Unemployment Benefit ?
The Spitting Postman ?
BNP Whistleblowers

Friday May 23rd 2003

If this man is NOT the Guilty Party,
then he most certainly KNOWS WHO IS !

Because if this man is NOT the guilty party, then someone else must have had this envelope just a mere few seconds before this man put it through my letter box, while it was still running with fresh saliva. This man made two drops on this day just a few minutes apart, my Giro arrived by itself on the second drop.

Question Political Correctness Question Political Correctness Question Political Correctness Question Political Correctness Question Political Correctness

Postman-1 Postman-2 Postman-3

Postman-4 Benefit Envelope
The area inside the black line was dripping with this mans ?? Spittle. The images of the Postman were taken some time before this incident.
I am quite prepared to provide a "Slice" of this envelope for testing. A DNA test is a very simple matter these days, will anyone investigate ?
Investigate ! So far I have not heard another word, and I still have the envelope ! As of wednesday 31st March 2004 he was still delivering my mail

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 ...........  A real one !

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