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1991 Gulf War - Paddy Ashdown

The Rt Hon Paddy Ashdown MP
London SW1A OAA

Our ref :- DAC // Israel /
Date :- 6 February 1991

Dear Mr Bryson

Thank you for your letter of 31 January, regarding the Palestinian issue.

I commented on this recently at "Question Time" and stated that as regards the Palestinian / Israeli issue and the Iraqi / Kuwaiti issue there could be no doubt about double standards, even if there are others which ought to be considered as well. There are existing United Nations Resolutions requiring the withdrawal of Israel from the West Bank. These have not been obeyed and they should have been.

Furthermore, I have to say to you that though I do support Isreal when I think they are right, I certainly don't support them when I think they are wrong. And I believe their whole attitude to the intifada is both damaging their cause and, will, in the long run, threaten peace.

Thank you for writing on this vital issue.

Yours Sincerely
Paddy Ashdown


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