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Dear Mr Bryson,
Thank you for your letter on the subject of Israel and the Palestinians. The comments you make, and the historical facts you draw our attention to, have been carefully noted.

The history of the area is of course immensely complex, and the Labour Party believes that there should be a peace conference on the region as soon as the present crisis is over. In the meantime, I am enclosing a recent statement on the crisis, made by Labour's National Executive Committee. I hope that you find it interesting.

Thank you for taking the time to send us your views.

Yours sincerely

F.Williamson ( Ms )
Information Office

Resolution of the NEC International Committee 14 / 1 / 91 and of the Parliamentary Labour Party 16 / 1 / 91

The International Committee re-affirms that it abhors the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq and welcomes the determination of the UN Security Council to secure the withdrawal of the Iraqi forces from Kuwait on the basis required by the Security Council Resolution 660

It applauds the swift decision on mandatory economic sanctions and notes the evidence that they are being efectivly implemented by the international community. It believes that the freeing of Kuwait as a result of such international action could enhance the authority of the UN and could provide the basis for greater mutual respect of the territorial integrity of its member countries.

It recognises the very dangerous consequences of a Gulf War and considers that the UN authorised forces should not undertake military action before sanctions have been in place long enough to have the maximum impact and urges that every effort be made to achieve a solution through diplomacy and other peaceful means consistant with Security Council Resolution 660


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