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Slowly, and the elites hope imperceptibly, we are being brought under repressive state control operated by not only the police but also bureaucrats. It goes largely unnoticed because the new laws and regulations seem unconnected and journalists and opposition politicians are part of the same ruling caste.
But if you look at the new laws and regulations as a trend rather than independent Acts it becomes clear.
“Your papers please” is a phrase associated with Hitler’s Gestapo when people without papers were taken to detention centres but it is beginning here.

The Daily Mai of , 21 March 2007: “British citizens will be quizzed on up to 200 different pieces of personal information in a 30 minute grilling when they apply for a passport. Those who fail to convince the bureaucrats they are who they say will be denied a travel document or face a full investigation by anti-fraud experts. There is no formal appeal process.”

Peter Mandelson, the European Trade Commissioner once said:
“We are now entering the post-democratic age.”

To put it more directly, an era of the totalitarian control of people by the state. We are in the grip of a narrow ruling elite, an “Ideological Caste,” that admits only those into power with the same views and expels after disgracing, any who dissent as in the public humiliation and sacking of leading scientist Dr.James Watson. The “Ideological Caste” is made up of Cultural Marxists who earn vast sums of money and live in the best areas, send their children to the best schools but impose equality on the rest of us. They are thought police but claim to be trying to correct centuries of unfairness, while in practice oppressing those with different views. They call it tolerance. They demonise their victims.

- if one opposes racially-based, privilege policies, one is racist; if one has religious convictions on sexuality, one is homophobic. They blame Western people for all evil in the world - the writers and heroes they promote are Marxist, Feminist, and homosexual. They believe if people can be moulded in a pre-ordained way they can make the world better and they have the rigid conviction that they know best. In 2006 nine members of Strathclyde Fire and Rescue Service were disciplined for refusing to hand out leaflets at Pride Scotia in Glasgow. The Cowcaddens fire-fighters had been asked to hand out leaflets at the rally in a publicity exercise but refused on moral grounds. Fire chiefs in Strathclyde gave them diversity training. Then at the 2007 event Lothian and Borders Fire and Rescue staff joined the Gay Pride march with fire engine, promotional ‘fire hats’ and public information leaflets on fire safety were handed out. They had been browbeaten into “new people.”The watchword of the Cultural Marxists grew up in the 1960s: “Everything is Political.” Cultural Marxism is a total ideological system, supplying opinions for every aspect of life. It is a less brutal but more manipulative technological version of Stalin’s Russia. The plan is ideological: to create a new kind of society and a new human personality like Homo Sovieticus; Nazi ideology in Germany was similar with the utopia as a thousand year Reich of “pure Aryans” as was Pol Pot’s ideology to build civilization anew by wiping out the existing people. These were not merely forms of government but a Weltanschauung ,the German word for the phrase a “world-perspective.” In the west it is the masses with their traditional values who must be changed.

They start with those who can not object: people who apply for crisis loans from Income Support are told “The Department of Works and Pensions retain personal details on computer.” These people are being classified by the Government. Britain has more than a fifth of the world’s CCTV cameras. NHS records are to be put on a national computer spine accessible to thousands of health workers. Ministers want every British subject to have their DNA kept on a national database.

The school leaving age is being raised to 18, though education will not improve there will be more time for state parenting as in school holiday clubs and breakfast clubs. This is Totalitarianism and our children are being taken over by the state. It is to condition them for being monitored 24 hours a day.

The State has the DNA records of nearly a million children, some as young as five, and have been secretly taking their fingerprints since 2001 and nearly 6,000 pupils have had their prints taken. Each week 20 schools introduce fingerprinting. Ostensibly this electronic mapping system allows children to borrow books from the library and is exciting for the children and helps them develop a love of books and reading? It replaces library cards by the child’s fingerprint and placing the print on a scanner opens their computer file with records of the books they have borrowed. They say this would greatly simplify record-keeping. The biometric data could be stolen by identity thieves.

Minister for Schools and Learning, Jim Knight, said that when working on a crime police have access to the children’s fingerprints but parents are not notified of this treatment of their children. To remove the prints takes professional cleansing. The schools, education authorities and the Government say it is difficult to convert this code back though not impossible and a computer whizz-kid could re-create the original fingerprints for illicit purposes. To save our children we must set up Home Schooling networks and when the authorities try to impose restrictions, refuse them.

Identity theft is a common reason given for increasing regulation. Biometric information such as fingerprints cannot be changed like a PIN number and will be used to authenticate passports or bank accounts. People confuse I.D. like drivers’ licences with these totalitarian devices. Alarmingly, some of the companies supplying the finger mapping systems to schools have connections with the American intelligence services and military operating at Guantanamo Bay.

I looked at the Identity & Passport Service Website: “ID cards will link your basic personal information to something uniquely yours - like the pattern of your iris, your face shape or your fingerprint. It will protect your identity from people fraudulently claiming to be you and make it easier for you to prove your identity when you need to - like opening a bank account, moving house, applying for benefits or starting a job.” The Home Office website:” 21 of the 25 E.U. Member States have already introduced ID cards.”Officials from Government to Council Officers will have powers to investigate every phone call in Britain. Laws are being introduced to compel phone companies to keep all landline and mobile calls however private and allow 795 public bodies and Quangos to eavesdrop, tax authorities, 475 local councils, and a many other organisations, including the Food Standards Agency, the Department of Health, the Immigration Service, the Gaming Board and the Charity Commission. The initiative, formulated after the Madrid and London terrorist attacks of 2004 and 2005, was presented as a major weapon in the fight against terrorism. This is being introduced across Europe and originates with the bureaucrats who run the E.U.

The records will detail the calls made, their time, duration, and the name and address of the registered user of the phone. The files will show where people are at the time they make mobile phone calls and by knowing which mast transmitted the signal officials can pinpoint the source of a call to within a few feet. If you make a call from a moving car it can track your route and also allows police and security services to investigate with or without cause the phone records of British subjects and businesses. Files will also be kept of all sent and received text messages. By 2009 the Government plans to extend the rules to cover internet use: the websites we have visited, the people we have emailed and phone calls made over the net. This was introduced by the decree of Home Secretary Jacqui Smith. The new laws will make it a legal requirement for phone companies to keep records for at least a year, and to make them available to the authorities. The measures were implemented after Smith signed a ’statutory instrument’ on July 26 2007 which allows the Government to alter laws without a full act of Parliament. The move was waved through the House of Lords two days earlier without a debate. It puts into UK law a European Directive aimed at the ‘investigation, detection and prosecution of serious crime’. Other organizations with access to the data include - the Royal Navy Regulating Branch, the Atomic Energy Authority Constabulary, the Department of Trade and Industry, NHS Trusts, ambulance and fire services, the Department of Transport and the Department for the Environment.

The Home Office claims there are safeguards as every authority had a nominated senior member of staff who was legally responsible for the use the phone data was put to, ‘the integrity of the process’ and for ‘reporting errors’. A spokesman said: ‘The most detailed level of data can be accessed only by law enforcement agencies such as the police. More basic access is available to local authority bodies such as trading standards and environmental health who can only use these powers to prevent and detect crime.’ It is said that Councils would only use these powers in circumstances such as benefit fraud. They say the powers would only be used against non-payers of council tax or for parking fines as the sums involved are not enough to justify the use of this information or the costs of applying it.

In July 2006 The Observer reported that British children, possibly as young as six, will be subjected to compulsory fingerprinting under European Union rules being drawn up in secret. The prints will be stored on a database which could be shared with countries around the world. Under proposed laws being drawn up secretly by the European Commission’s ‘Article Six’ committee, which is composed of representatives of the European Union’s 25 member states, all children will have to attend a finger-printing centre to obtain an EU passport by June 2009 at the latest. The Home Office wants to include children in its biometric passport scheme in three years’ time, and automatically transfer their details and fingerprints to the new national identity database when they are 16.

Millions of children as young as 11 are to have their fingerprints taken and stored on a Government database, according to leaked Whitehall plans.As it is more than one million people’s genetic fingerprints have been added to the police DNA database. It is biggest in the world and stores details of over 4.5million people and covers one in 13 of the population - around 7.5 per cent. The rapid growth indicates the Government is underhandedly building a universal genetic database. 6.5m people are on the police fingerprint database and a third of 3,000 matches a month with samples taken from crime scenes. Around a third of all the DNA stored is taken from individuals who were not charged with any offence, and have no criminal record. There has been a massive rise in the number of children on the database which includes 150,000 under-16. The DNA records are taken whether a youngster has committed a crime or not and held on file until they die. Data has been used for genetic research without consent, including attempts to predict “ethnic appearance” from DNA profiles.

Government agencies could use the database to track political activists, find out who they are related to, or to refuse jobs to any classified “undesirable” or just business people or the unemployed. The Government built this database in their own interests and without public or Parliamentary debate. In the past, police could take a DNA sample only from suspects who were charged with a criminal offence, and it was destroyed if they were subsequently cleared or a prosecution dropped. But under reforms introduced in 2000 officers no longer have to erase innocent people’s entries. In 2004 police were given the power to take DNA swabs from anyone placed under arrest.

War criminal Tony Blair insisted there should be “no limit” to the number on the database even innocent people not accused of an offence should be listed. The Government will eventually link the database to its plans for ID cards, and then make DNA sampling universal. The latest published figures show 4,523,154 entries are held. A third are from those with no convictions or criminal record, suggesting that 1.5 million innocent people have their DNA stored. At this rate the database will have nearly 10 million profiles by 2011. There are 150,000 children aged 16 or under stored, 334,000 between 16 and 18 and about 50 under-tens on the database. The DNA of a seven-month-old girl was added. Police can take DNA samples from anyone who is arrested. Regardless of whether the suspect is accused of a serious offence or a trivial one like dropping litter. They use a swab to scrape a few cells from the inside of the suspect’s cheek, and lab workers extract the unique DNA gene sequence which is then uploaded to the database. Even if the case is dropped, the samples are kept on file. Police also take DNA from arrested children without parents permission. One can write to a chief constable asking for an entry to be deleted if they can prove they are an “exceptional case”. But this is very difficult.

A proposed law giving unelected bureaucrats powers to punish people for offences instead of going to court will give civil servants the power to issue fines, was unjust and oppressive and could cause untold misery for businesses. Anyone affected would have to appeal to a tribunal to challenge a ruling ” and pay their own legal bills. The legislation returns to the House of Lords today for a final day of debate before it moves to the Commons.

In typical political jargon, ministers say the Regulatory Enforcement and Sanctions Bill is designed to take further important steps towards modern and effective regulatory enforcement. It will enable bureaucrats to issue fixed penalties to businesses of any size, as well as to individuals. The fines will range up to £3,500 ” but could also include so-called unlimited variable penalties running into millions for big businesses and will harm businesses already struggling from 178 different Acts of Parliament. Like the other totalitarian states I have mentioned bureaucrats will be operating the law. Such regimes already exist with police cautions, (any crime which is thought possible to issue a caution for), on the spot fines for drunkeness; the Inland Revenue (penalties); Customs and Excise (now part of the combined Revenue and Customs department, HMRC ) penalties; penalties for speeding, parking, littering etc.

Laws to protect people are being removed. A consequence of the Macpherson report is the reduction in legal protection for those under suspicion. Ostensibly, the repeal of Double Jeopardy in 2005 followed a marathon campaign by Ann Ming, after her daughter was murdered in 1989. Her killer, a violent alcoholic and acquitted in 1991, but later admitted his guilt, believing he would get away with the crime because of the traditional safeguard against tyrants charging people several times. Mrs.Ming, lobbied several Home Secretaries and won because the Macpherson report suggested double jeopardy should be abolished where there was “fresh and viable” new evidence. That happened in 2005, and in 2006 Dunlop was convicted. This was a convenient case to use because the removal of Double Jeopardy was a recommendation of the Macpherson Report into the murder of Stephen Lawrence and would enable the state to repeatedly try “racists” until they get a conviction.

The Pulborough Parish Council magazine reported that police were asking residents to report other residents for ‘tailgating’ or driving too close to another vehicle. What type of society calls on friends and neighbours to watch each other and report each other to the police apart from ours?- Mao’s China, Stalinist Russia, the Eastern bloc ‘Stasi’ societies, and Nazi Germany. The police are being used to control people not to protect the public by stopping burglars, thieves, muggers, vandals, street beggars and drunkenness in public. They have given up on fighting crime to police our thoughts.

In Orwellian Doublethink, inequality is called equality; state control, freedom; persecution of the politically incorrect, tolerance; gender quotas equal opportunity and bigoted anti-racism that persecutes one race, whites! Language is the medium for transmitting thought and an embryonic totalitarian state gives words new meanings to shape thought for the new state. They believe reality is a social construct and if we can only think in the correct way reality will change. It is like the Sapir Whorf Hypothesis in linguistics which holds that without the word we cannot have the idea. But what about feelings? Without a wide and adequate grammar people become frustrated and angry as intelligent but inarticulate people do. We must do all in our power to expand our vocabularies and make sure our children are not denied the fullest English lexicon.

In an article “They also change the language, ” the Daily Express of July 3,2007 reported on moves towards totalitarian control of what we think through language. “Gordon Brown has banned ministers from using the word “Muslim” in connection with Muslim terrorism. The Prime Minister has told his ministers that the phrase “war on -terror” is to be dropped. This is part of an attempt to improve community relations and avoid offending Muslims by adopting a more “consensual” tone than Blair. It is to mould our thinking. Home Secretary Smith is trying the old con of pretending political terrorists are criminals, “Let us be clear – terrorists are criminals, whose victims come from all walks of life, communities and religions. Terrorists attack the values shared by all law-abiding citizens. As a Government, as communities, as individuals, we need to ensure that the message of the terrorists is rejected.” How, by changing their descriptions?

The Television companies are a vehicle of subtle tyranny and employees follow the movement or be put out of work. Vacancies in television were only ever advertised in the Guardian to make sure they only employed liberals and socialists. It helps ensure the right attitude in employees. Teaching posts were also advertised there too.

Following on the Religous Hatred Law which carries a 7 year penalty the totalitarian “Ideological Caste” is introducing anti homophobic laws that also has a 7 year penalty. If this is not tyranny I do not know what is. This is the counter culture of the 1960s making its moral values the basis of our law and oppressing the members of the public who are individual or think for themselves. As Christians once shaped society when sodomy was a crime, not a “lifestyle,” the “lifestyle” view is now being enshrined in law and replacing the traditional view. As a judge put it “The Truth is no Defence.” Just keep repeating the lie and prevent others from expressing opposition and soon there is a new reality supported by invented British history. Trevor Phillips openly called for British history to be rewritten at the 2007 Labour Party conference. The Commission for Equality and Human Rights has powers to impose their policies and the justification is upholding European Union laws on xenophobia and hate. To assert our identity is xenophobia – a criminal offence!

The Daily telegraph of 17 march 2008 reported that Harriet Harman, the Minister for Women, is considering scrapping current laws that stop employers from taking race or sex into consideration when interviewing candidates for jobs. White men could be stopped from getting jobs under government plans to allow employers to give ethnic minority and female candidates preferential treatment. The “doublespeak” is “positive action” and prevents applicants with better job credentials getting the job if they are the wrong sex or race. They are changing our morality from Traditional to a universal one based on equality but imposing Equality of Outcome. Their aim is the eradication of racism, sexism, class elitism the nation and the creation of pools of global cheap labour in a one-world or global state to be created in stages like the E.U.

Spin doctoring is to manipulate people into accepting what the elites are introducing. One of the origins of Cultural Marxism was Anthony Crossland who destroyed Grammar Schools to turn the Working Classes into a Lumpenproletariat or Underclass. Comprehensive schooling, by depriving people in the middle levels, of a proper historical and political education, has made manipulation easier as has teaching only small areas of history. Children are taught to equate nationalism with Nazism. Our ancestors fought against tyranny and we must too! John Hampden’s stand against King Charles I was heroic and he died in battle for his beliefs. The struggle for trial by jury and Habeas Corpus, for the Right to Bear Arms for protection against the billeting of soldiers or searches of our houses must not be lost now to deception. Macaulay’s history tells of the Glorious Revolution of 1688, in which a courageous jury saved us from despotism - is inspirational. The politicians then were cowardly and deceitful like the present lot but the core of the English people opposed tyranny as English men and women and defended national independence.

Sites of groups opposed to the new tyranny:

Statewatch :



Free Speech

The text below comes from the Civil Liberty website, it's by Kevin Scott BA Hons, the Founder and Director.
" This will come as a surprise to many of our friends based overseas but Great Britain is now one of the most repressive regimes in the world. We operate under the tyranny of political correctness which is just a floppy term for the repressive implementation of one single, dare we say, rather twisted, view of human society, which doesn't allow for dissent or opposition. The regime creates the framework within which they declare views are either acceptable and tolerated or unacceptable and repressed.
It is a framework which defies common sense and is one which even declares that in a court of law, the truth shall be no defence. "

Civil Liberty