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UK Immigration
News Bulletins

September 24 2007 - French to force immigrants to give dna samples - Poland in bid to coax migrants back home
Romania needs immigrants from outside eu - Germany rejects eu idea to woo foreign workers - Turkey: new German immigration law is disappointing - Riyadh to deport illegal immigrants - Gypsy king says eu must prepare for roma gypsies
White people 'a minority by 2027 - Mandatory deportation has illegals on the run in Oklahoma - Muslim immigration in Australia likened to bird flu - Immigration laws in mexico - Too late to speak the truth about immigration
BNP News
September 10 2007 - Government 'worked out number of uk migrants by asking 169' - New immigration rules in sweden split refugee families - Pakistan to send back all afghan refugees by 2009 - Malaysian detention centers dangerously overcrowded - Child sex offender banned from australia - Russian migration department breaks record for fines BNP News
September 3 2007 - Swiss nationalist deportation plan condemned - Pointless' to deport pole who raped woman a week after he arrived in britain - Racial imbalance in our cities puts britain at risk - More than 8,000 eastern europeans arrive in britain every day - Poland losing its main attraction - low cost polish workers - Bulgarians given get-rich-quick guide to britain BNP News
August 27 2007 - The failed migrants told it's their right to stay - Government urged to fast-track immigration process of chefs in bid to avoid olympics skills shortage - Looking for a job in eu? relax, it will just get easier - Values-before-visa rule for migrants - Test will include christian heritage - ID card for foreign maids willing to work in malaysia - Illegal immigration in angola alarming BNP News
August 20 2007 - Asylum seekers get new privileges - 450,000 asylum seekers to be allowed to remain in uk
Soames calls for immigration cut - Amnesty urged for 500,000 illegal immigrants - Rural migrant workers drive out young - Mystery of the missing overseas students - Voting restrictions urged in norway - Thai man jailed after twice using false passport to enter new zealand - Israel gets tough on sudanese refugees
BNP News
August 6 2007 - Ministers failed to plan for influx of eastern europeans - UK gets 2.5m new foreign workers - Damages and right to remain for rapist - Police investigate bogus detention lawyer - Blue card to attract top talent from outside eu - Five immigration offenders jailed in Brunei BNP News
July 9 2007 - Brown pledges immigration shake-uk - Government accused of hypocrisy over promoting uk as destination for immigrants - Public sector suppliers to be required to discriminate against native britons - Spain takes aim at illegal immigration by offering visas and jobs - Arizona legislature approves sanctions on employers hiring illegal immigrants - Employer sanctions force some migrants to leave arizona BNP News
June 25 2007 - British workers denied jobs because they can't speak polish - Home office actively promoting immigration
Limits on workers migrating from eastern europe may end - Should we limit immigrants to europeans? - Czech police start checking illegal immigrants - Oklahoma passes tough immigration bill - Overcrowded Britain by Ashley Mote MEP
BNP News
June 11 2007 - East european influx 'could trigger race riots in villages - Immigration will transform europe-spanish minister - Immigration bill suffers stunning defeat in US senate - French foreign minister: illegal migration intolerable - Illegal immigrants raising concerns in latin america - Swedish attitudes harden on immigration - Australian pm brushes off 'fear
monger' tag - Overcrowded britain by Ashley Mote MEP
BNP News
June 4 2007 - A new gateway for illegal migrants trafficked into scotland - France gets tough on illegal immigration
Iceland set to postpone immigration from romania and bulgaria - Cash to help polish migrants - Brussels to push eu states on asylum burden-sharing - Britons think immigration is damaging uk - Booming romanian economy lures foreigners - Zaire police chief gives priority to illegal immigration
BNP News
May 28 2007 - France to pay immigrants to return home - France says no to illegal immigrant amnesty - Migration not the answer - british chambers of commerce - 2,000 romanians & bulgarians come to uk each month - 92,000 east europeans milk our benefits - Job shortage fuels racial tensions - rowntree trust - Iran expels 70,000 afghans BNP News
May 14 2007 - We can't cope, says town invaded by romanian gipsy orphans - Free luxury household goods for council minorities - Brussels seeks to 'improve integration' of immigrants - Immigrant gang jailed for biggest ever credit card fraud
Illegal immigrant in brunei? jail and a whipping for you - Germany restricts workers from eastern eu states - Russia backs foreign language test
BNP News
April 23 2007 - Immigration threaten britain as nation - think tank - Migrants swelling uk population by 500 a day - Asylum seeker sues home office for lack of pool table - Indians complain about new immigration rules - Action against illegal labour in holland - Malawi supports strict immigration laws BNP News
April 9 2007 - £200 gets you into uk at the new sangatte - Migration tally reveals british brain drain - Turkish and kurdish communities clash in belgium - Language requirement 'against human rights' - Emigration harming the baltic states
Russia getting tough on immigration
BNP News
April 2 2007 - 200,000 asylum seekers to get amnesty - Un predicts huge migration to rich countries - Uk may deport indian professionals - Poland is short of doctors as polish medics emigrate for opportunity - Foreign traders banned from markets in Russia BNP News
March 26 2007 - Fury at plan for migrants to be made uk citizens - European union "blue card" work permit gathering steam - Eastern european influx has led to a massive rise in nhs abortion - Scandal of illegal foreign drivers - Greenspan: let more skilled immigrants in - Firms warned to develop diversity policies after microsoft ditches supplier - Famed thai hospitality shows signs of strain BNP News
March 19 2007 - Riot averted as police accused of racism - Newly diagnosed hiv/aids cases in u.s. disproportionately high among blacks - Shortage worsens as new homes soar - £20bn added to bill for 1.5m new homes - Immigration grabs election spotlight in france - Australian political candidate slams door on muslims BNP News
March 5 2007 - House prices also determined by migration and immigration - Indian it firms exploit uk visa system by placing staff in 'sweatshops' to produce software for back-office functions - 700 are arriving every day from eastern europe Migrants have lifted economy, says study - Employers fear equalities review diversity policy recommendations BNP News
February 26 2007 - Police let illegal immigrants roam our streets - Britons most anti-immigration nation in eu - Why britons leave the uk - Mass immigration result? 5,000 child sex slaves in uk - Government abandons immigration cut on foreign doctors - Scottish executive bans border guards from arresting illegal immigrants BNP News
February 19 2007 - Labour housing policy driving voters to bnp - labour mp - Bulgarian gangs bring pickpocket crisis - Road signs in polish 'bonkers' - tory mp - Scheme to attract more immigrants to northeast hits snags - Latvian immigrants were criminals back home - Rogue nurses using eu loopholes to stay in britain BNP News
February 12 2007 - 15,000 indian doctors to return home - Businesses prefer to employ foreigners - Priest in false marriage scam escapes jail - Rejected asylum seekers cost us £400,000 a day - Birmingham airport introduces biometric scanning
Creeping authoritarianism no solution to immigration crisis
BNP News
February 5 2007 - Lost asylum seeker rapes norfolk teenager - Indians laughing about 'colonising' britain - 70 arrested in immigration raids - India threatens uk over immigration laws - Airbase could house foreign criminals - Local councils struggling with flood of people from new eu states BNP News

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