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The British National Party’s solution to the dismal state of Britain’s public services is:

1. Where more money will solve things, as with inadequate roads, raise the money by ending liberal nonsense spending and ending Britain’s contribution to the EU.

2. Where more money won't solve things, as with police and schools, restore traditional standards and discipline and repudiate political correctness.

3. Everywhere, cut the bloat of administrative staff, and put the money into front-line service providers like actual policemen, nurses, bus drivers, and teachers.

September 10 2007 - Minister admits nhs is failing on dementia - Britain 'sleepwalking into surveillance society' as personal data is passed around - Mps question £45bn spending to bring schools up to scratch - Offenders monitoring under threat as new it programme crashes - Jail sentences for sex offenders now shorter - 90,000 migrants don't use english when they take their driving test BNP News
August 20 2007 - Ethnic minority firms challenge straw in high court over legal aid - Report says sure start is failing ethnic minorities - Young offender statistics to be revised as crime rate worsens - Act now to avert sheltered housing crisis - Brown gets political with civil service - Balls wants schools to be world class in decade - Court interpreter cost concerns BNP News
July 23 2007 - Trendy lessons depriving our children of their heritage - Schools to give lessons in feelings - Teacher found guilty over filming pupils - Thousands of new nurses still job-hunting - Dementia victims 'being failed by nhs' - report
Britain's universities could lose world position - Department reorganisation cost tops £2.6m
BNP News
July 9 2007 - Eight al qaeda fanatics working for the police - Council tax has doubled in ten years - Doctors 'suicidal' because of recruitment fiasco - Executive plans task force to tackle housing - Rail firm's secret plan for penalty fare cash
White boys 'being left behind' by education system - Labour compensates early-release prisoners
BNP News
July 2 2007 - Council shake-up a waste of money - Nhs spends millions on drugs that turn children into drones - £2bn wasted on consultants - commons committee - Ex-labour radical now makes killings on nhs - Shame of the filthy hospital wards - Nhs robot revolution in the offing? BNP News
June 25 2007 - 25% of council tax for gold-plated town hall pensions - English foot the bill for scots prescriptions - Scots get drug that can save sight, but english don't - Council tax hikes to pay for english lessons for migrants - Life getting tougher for elderly people, report warns - Recaptured foreign criminals missing again! - Polish lessons for airport staff BNP News
June 11 2007 - Teachers want to cap numbers of migrant pupils in class who speak little english - How trendy teaching 'gives pupils huge gaps in knowledge' - Teachers 'driven to despair' by unruly pupils - £1,000 fines for 'offenders' on the bin police's secret list of shame - Councils told to axe translation help for migrants - Robot teddy bear is new us weapon BNP News
May 28 2007 - Ailing war veteran must pay for care - Brown axe threatens 5,000 front-line police - Vandals can avoid a spot fine by saying they'll be good - Police to get tough new terror powers - Utility firms rip-off - Scottish executive wastes £1bn/ yr - report BNP News
May 21 2007 - Tory betrayal on grammar schools - Call for free university for children of asylum seekers - Uk's congestion hotspots revealed - Darling to axe 2,500 post offices, but will not say where - Police chief sceptical about id cards - Robo
nurses as an answer to staff shortage
BNP News
May 14 2007 - 150,000 students leave school each year unable to count -Targets 'force us to make ludicrous arrests' - police - How can the police protect the public from behind a desk? - Schools must promote race relations or close - gov't - Outrage at rail fares rise - Different laws for judges and the rest of us? BNP News
April 23 2007 - Police hiring incompetent politically-correct officers - Pensioner must go blind to get nhs treatment
Nhs workforce shrinks by 17,000 - Council chief's £130,000 pay-off under investigation - Failing schools reports banned before elections - Disused railways could solve overcrowded roads
BNP News
April 9 2007 - Pcs rap for hopping children - City spending on translation services doubles to £400,000 - Plan to help black boys achieve - Treasury 'rigged' reports into success of private finance projects - Secret paper reveals labour's lies over id cards - Nurses' leader: blair's spin ruining nhs BNP News
April 2 2007 - Firefighters learning polish - Above-inflation water rates rise drains homes - End fertility treatment on the nhs, say doctors - Britain has highest rail fares in europe - 800 face sack in beckett farm payment fiasco - Academics call time on 'illiterate' students BNP News
March 5 2007 - The price of redistribution - Doctors protesting against the new recruitment system - Now even off-peak rail passengers can't escape - Review proposes new council tax bands,report claims - Home office & prisoner release plan BNP News
March 5 2007 - Training crisis is 'driving doctors abroad - New nurses told: no jobs - Toronto councillor not sold on London's congestion fees - Water bills to rise as profits pour in - Grammars still dominate league tables BNP News
February 26 2007 - Blair policies dooming nhs - Leading expert urges reform in nhs funding - NHS delaying surgery to save cash - Academy schools under fire again - Rewarding pupils has positive effect - Major row on road pricing BNP News
February 5 2007 - Go private, or go blind under labour! - GP pay raised again - NHS drive to involve patients 'failing' - Hospitals losing battle to stop spread of killer infection - Dentists turning away patients for lack of funding - Health trust may go private to staunch deficit BNP News
January 29 2007 - Bad public services get britain rated 37th-best place to live in - Doctors highlight political damage to nhs
Fury over nhs golden handshakes - NHS staff asked to ease budget problems by working for free - NHS 'being parcelled up and privatised bit by bit' - Private finance initative firms take £23bn profit from nhs
BNP News
January 22 2007 - Ministers beg judges: don't jail any more criminals! - No speeding fines for foreign drivers - NHS blunders kill 200 people per year - Patients sent to wrong wards to meet numerical targets - More stealth privatisation fears for nhs
Schools have no way to check criminal records of foreign teachers
BNP News
January 15 2007 - Immigration influx overcrowding our schools - Muslims should get special healthcare - Eu railway rules bad for commuters - Police let off foreign vandals - Home office bungles criminal data - Only one crime in 100 prosecuted
Prison service doesn't know how many prisoners are on the run - Only one police station in eight open all hours
BNP News
January 8 2007 - NHS scandal as 37,000 jobs go - Health tourists may deny nhs patients kidneys - EU brainwashing in schools - EU forces ambulances to wait for tea - We want our buses back - Working-class pupils benefit most from selective education BNP News
January 1 2007 - Return to grammar schools - Boys and girls should be taught differently - Consultant surplus, nurse shortage - Britons die as nhs wastes billions - Private finance costs nhs £45 billion - Gov't considers pay-as-you-go driving BNP News
December 25 2006 - EU to blame for Post Office closures - Folly of cutting the last lifelines - Rail fares & government's rail plans in disarray BNP News
December 18 2006 - Post Office stamped out ? - Pensioners face harsh winter ! - Councils to run Buses ? - Blair school reforms = mere repackaging - EU state ? = YES ! - UK Police on the beat ? = NO ! BNP News
December 11 2006 - Police spend millions protecting vip's, cut bobbies - All I want for christmas is a bobby on the beat - Littlejohn - Nhs finances in chaos - Dozen hospitals bankrupt - 29 accident & emergency units facing closure - Nhs dentists turning patients away BNP News

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