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September 10 2007 - Muslim workers at nebraska meatpacking plant complain of religious harassment - Iran launches new crackdown on unislamic dress - Top cleric denies 'freedom to choose religion' comment - A dastardly collaboration: "vichy englnd" rises atop radical islam - The new survey of muslim attitudes means nothing - Man arrested for hate crime for qur'an desecration BNP News
September 3 2007 - 4,000 in uk trained at terror camps - Muslim ambassadors: 'sweden needs to change its laws' - India: militants attack amarnath pilgrims - Christian mini truck driver being forced to convert to islam in pakistan - Muslim attire' irritates non-muslims schoolgirls in malaysia - 5 sentenced for christian doctrine preaching and public order offences in algeria BNP News
August 20 2007 - Dutch mp calls for ban on quran - Muslim rule in nigerian state "chokes" christian community - Punjab: "dangerous" to say Jesus is son of god - Saudi religious police spur growing backlash - Christians fear attacks in pakistan as forces clash with islamic extremists - Turkey: converts to christianity subjected to official harassment - Tanveer Ahmed: islam must face its unconfortable truths BNP News
July 23 2007 - Man jailed over 'bible' rape in australia - Malaysian woman faces jail if she does not re-convert to islam - Egypt: mobs attack churches near alexandria - Christians in gaza strip warned: accept islamic law - Denmark: islamists seize power in kindergarten - Montreal man killed by his brother for being a bad muslim - Internet spreads terror to britain BNP News
July 16 2007 - Mosque funding madness - Abuse of blasphemy laws to promote islam - US raps several arab allies for human trafficking - Kuwait bars women from night jobs - Minnesota muslims in culture clash at airport - Eurabia: 'conspiracy' or policy? BNP News
July 9 2007 - Bombing plots 'carried out with bin laden's blessing - Terror investigators focus on cambridge links - 45 muslim doctors planned us terror raids - Kafeel and sabeel originally held jordanian passports - Al-qaeda's new african alliance - 11 years old girl rescued from forced marriage BNP News
June 25 2007 - Is london's future islamic? - Christians persecuted in the islamic middle east - Malaysia forbids muslim from becoming christian - Pakistan: man gets death for blasphemy - Female circumcision in egypt - Man halts action against compulsory arabic names following threats - The islamist threat arrives in switzerland - Europe's stark options BNP News
June 4 2007 - 1,000 men living legally with multiple wives despite fears over exploitation - Setback for muslim sect's 'mega-mosque' in london - Canadian islamists trying to bring in sharia - Hate-crime charges in haircut attack - Westminster cathedral to stage new musical work based on qur'an - Search continues for absconders BNP News
May 28 2007 - Afghan teenagers sold like slaves into marriage - Monitor mosques says swiss catholic bishop - Woman physically attacked for dress offensive to islam - One million us residents are muslims first, americans second - Newsweek interview, why I joined radical islam in britain, confession BNP News
May 21 2007 - 25% of us muslims under 30 support suicide bombing - American jihad, courtesy of the open borders lobby
Pakistan may impose death on anyone who quits islam - Mosque wants to kick our music studio out - Muhammad, warrior prophet
BNP News
May 14 2007 - Fbi foils attack at american military base - 4,000 terror suspects in uk - met - Muslim-christian football scrapped after sex row - Chastity ring centre of new school religion row - Christians of pakistan, convert or die! - If europe succumbs to jihad, america has no chance BNP News
April 9 2007 - Government moves to marginalise extremists - Indonesia's secular state under siege - Moderate islamic charities back terror - Russia and the policing of political islam - The threat of islamist terrorism to germany - Uk schools's sickening silence BNP News
March 26 2007 - French jews are supporting le pen - Clashes erupt at paris train station - German judge says it's right for a muslim to beat his wife - Drunk who asked muslim woman to lift veil is sent to jail - Islam is and will be a european religion - Paving the way for a muslim parallel society BNP News
March 19 2007 - UK islamists want muslim schools because brits are racists - European union must be destroyed to prevent eurabia - Vlaams belang warns usa about islam - A european declaration of independence - Slavery still exists in mauritania thanks to islam BNP News
March 12 2007 - Former navy sailor charged with passing secrets to al qaeda - 60% of europeans think israel greatest threat to world peace - Why europeans should support israel - Islamic extremist 'infiltrate oxbridge' - 13-year-olds marry in mass ceremony - Free radical: ayaan hirsi ali infuriates muslims and discomforts liberals BNP News
February 19 2007 - Muslims telling us how to run our schools - Government may block london supermosque - London, muslim capital of europe? - Islam threatens church-state separation - Muslims forcing discrimination against 'infidels' in uk
BBC a propaganda tool for islamist regime in somalia
BNP News
January 29 2007 - Bomb suspects had further plans - Channel four expose of truth about islam - Muslim youth rejecting uk
Third of young muslims in uk want sharia law - Melanie Phillips on londonistan - Report on clash of civilisations conference in London
BNP News
January 22 2007 - Bush being forced to end war - A warning to overly-sentimental christians - Serbia, canary in the coal mine - Islam exposed in tv documentary Links to watch it on youtube - Tories back war against Iran - Mi-6 challenges blair claim about corruption inquiry BNP News
January 15 2007 - More clerics preaching holy war in uk mosques - Muslims must grow in strength then take over' - imam
Construction continues on london supermosque - Worldwide persecution of christians by muslims - Mi-5 claimed no threat before 7/7 - Saudi Arabia, false friend
BNP News
January 8 2007 - Iran-Israel nuclear war feared - Londoner identified as al qaeda's banker - Islamist extremism at mosques in Britain - Islamist extremism at universities in Britain - Islamist extremists recruiting for Somali war on uk internet sites
Serbia, Europe's front line against islam
BNP News
December 25 2006 - Islamist threat worse than ira - police chief - Blair abandons attempt to outlaw islamist groups - Irish jihadi cells exposed - Islamic economics and sharia law:a plan for world domination - Islamic economics is not capitalism or socialism/communism, but a third economic system
BNP News
December 18 2006 - Parents angered as pupils forced to eat halal meat - Fake muslim charity funds hamas terrorists - Bae inquiry decision faces legal challenge? - Jihadists embrace holocaust denial - Jihad: all nations in it together - American power in middle east crumbling; globalist dream next
BNP News

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