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White Nationalist News Portal ( USA )
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The ADL: The drive to outlaw free speech and thought
Question: What does the current media campaign to outlaw the private ownership of semiautomatic weapons by U.S. citizens have to do with the rapidly growing corpus of legislation dealing with "hate crimes"?
Answer: Success of the first is necessary to insure compliance with the second, and both are the creatures of a quasi-governmental secret-police agency of whose existence most Americans are unaware.
Liberalism versus Nationalism
What would you say if a Liberal "social scientist" told you to jump into a pool filled with five hundred ravenous piranhas? If you valued your life, you'd certainly refuse the invitation.
The War That Dare Not Speak Its Name
The Jewish War Against Gentiles By John "Birdman" Bryant Tora! Tora! Tora! --The Japanese war cry during the WWII attack on Pearl Harbor
Torah --The most sacred scriptures of Judaism, notable for their many expressions of extreme hatred for gentiles
Day of Infamy The Attack on the U.S.S. Liberty
By Dr. William Pierce. June 8, 1967, is a day which will live in infamy. On this day an American Navy vessel, the U.S.S. Liberty, was deliberately attacked in international waters by the armed forces of Israel in a treacherous attempt to sink the ship and kill everyone aboard it.
Dear Mom by Brian Smith
"No man has come to true greatness who has not felt in some degree that his life belongs to his race." -- Phillips Brooks
Introductory Note: THE OTHER DAY I received a letter -- not a letter addressed to me, but a copy of a letter which was sent by National Alliance member Brian Smith of Boise, Idaho, to his mother, in which he tries to explain to her what he believes and why he believes it. The letter is very moving, and it cuts to the heart of the matter when it comes to the failure of the World War II generation to keep what their fathers bequeathed to them. Allow me to share it with you now. -- K.A.S.
Dividing the Race
Editorial - When it was cited by Niccolò Machiavelli early in the 16th century, it already was a strategy as old as the race: Divide et impera. It is the strategy which the enemies of our people have used successfully against us more than once, and it is the strategy which is responsible for our present peril.
Facing Racial Realities
By Kevin Alfred Strom. Europeans and Their Descendants Are a Small and Shrinking Minority Worldwide The message I am about to give you is a warning to America. It was written by a non-White who actively supports and encourages the dispossession of White people; a man who, when asked about miscegenation, says he is "all for it."
"Hate Crimes" and the New World Order
By Dr. William Pierce. There have been a few items in the news during the past few days which have caught my attention, and I want to share my thoughts on these things with you. One of these items was the reaction to the robbing and killing of a homosexual man in Laramie, Wyoming, earlier this month.
Is the White Race Inferior?
By Kevin Alfred Strom: Whites May Be Inferior to Other Races in Several Critical Skills. I received an electronic mail message a while back accusing me of being a "White supremacist." I won't give the name of the person who wrote me with this comment, even though he left the message, including his name, in a public forum on a computer network that can be accessed by anyone.
Israelis Protect Concentration Camp Boss
By Adam LeBor: An extradition request by Polish authorities for an alleged former commander of a Stalinist-era detention camp now living in Tel Aviv has been rejected by Israel. Solomon Morel is wanted by the prosecutor's office in the southern Polish city of Katowice. He is charged with crimes against humanity while he was commander of the Swietochlowice camp where more than 3,000 prisoners, mainly Germans, but also including several citizens of allied and neutral nations, were held during 1945.
Jewish Involvement in Shaping American ImmigrationPolicy, 1881-1965: A Historical Review
By Kevin MacDonald, Department of Psychology, California State University-Long Beach, Long Beach, CA 90840-0901
Population and Environment, ABSTRACT: This paper discusses Jewish involvement in shaping United States immigration policy. In addition to a periodic interest in fostering the immigration of co-religionists as a result of anti-Semitic movements, Jews have an interest in opposing the establishment of ethnically and culturally homogeneous societies in which they reside as minorities.
Miscegenation: The Morality of Death
History has taught us that the most fundamental necessities for the existence of a healthy and progressive White society are the racial quality of its members and a moral code or value system which complements and enhances that quality.
Nationalism vs. the New World Order
By Dr. William Pierce: An interesting thing happened recently. The government of India detonated five nuclear warheads in underground tests, and the establishment in the United States reacted with shock and dismay.
Odysseus' Way
By Dr. William Pierce: Sometimes after I finish speaking with you in one or another of my programs, I have a bad feeling. I feel that I have let you down by not really leveling with you and telling you everything.
Slavery and Race
By Dr. William Pierce: I have before me a news story written by a correspondent for the London Daily Telegraph. It's a story about the flourishing child-slavery business in West Africa: in countries like Nigeria, Togo, Benin, and Gabon.
The Fate of Northernkind
By Charles L. Carroll, Jr: Last week I stopped to fill my fuel tank at a self-service gas station. As I waited for my tank to fill, I noticed a young redhead who was also filling her tank. Her alabaster skin, sprinkling of freckles, green eyes and upturned nose were good indications that her hair color was natural.
The Jewish Mob in America
Dr. William Pierce: I promised last week that I would tell you in more detail about what organized Jewish criminals are doing in the United States, and that's what I'll do today.
The Jewish Role in the Bolshevik Revolution and Russia's Early Soviet Regime
Assessing the Grim Legacy of Soviet Communism
By Mark Weber: In the night of July 16-17, 1918, a squad of Bolshevik secret police murdered Russia's last emperor, Tsar Nicholas II, along with his wife, Tsaritsa Alexandra, their 14-year-old son, Tsarevich Alexis, and their four daughters.
The Lesson of Africa
By Dr. William Pierce: Another White farmer in South Africa was murdered a few days ago. He was 65-year-old Daniel Marais. His wife Maria managed to escape from their farm near Bloemfontein and run three miles with their grandchild to a neighboring farm, after she had been assaulted by a Black. Mr. Marais however was too badly wounded by the Black attacker to escape, and he died on his farm.
The Lesson of Haiti
By Dr. William Pierce: This month the last of the United Nations "peacekeeping" troops in Haiti will leave, and the Haitians will be given yet another chance to try to govern themselves. The "peacekeepers" occupied Haiti, along with 23,000 U.S. troops, three years ago, in order to force the government of General Raoul Cedras to resign so that a Clinton favorite, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, could be installed as president.
The Mathematical Imperative
RICHARD WHITE examines how the advanced nations are losing the numbers battle - Spearhead Magazine - July 1995
WESTERN civilization is rushing towards death. A unique achievement, the most glorious and stupendous upon this planet, is now in a state of what could be terminal sickness. All that we have nurtured, cherished and attained over several millennia now disappears beneath an avalanche of transient pleasure and eager insanity. It seems that we prefer madness to miracles.
The Morality of Survival
By Michael W. Masters: The loss of racial identity in the Western world is symptomatic of a deeper crisis within the European peoples, whose culture and technology have provided the world with much of what we know today as modern civilization. At its core, the crisis is the inevitable consequence of a profound, and perhaps fatal, misunderstanding of the nature of morality.
The Myth of Diversity
By Jared Taylor: Seldom have so many pretended to believe something so absurd.
The idea that "diversity" is one of the country's great strengths is now so firmly rooted that virtually anyone can evoke it, praise it, and wallow in it without fear of contradiction.
The Roots of Civilization
By Kevin Alfred Strom: Let me preface today's broadcast by saying that those who are close-minded Liberals or those who are excessively "sensitive" to the uncensored truth probably should tune elsewhere, for what I am about to say may discomfort you.
The White Man's Disease
By William Scott, Jr. and Kevin Alfred Strom: Imagine for a moment that you are a physician and you have come across a patient who has some very strange symptoms. Although at first he seems healthy, upon closer examination you can see that he is suffering from a dangerous and possibly deadly illness. There are many bizarre characteristics associated with his condition.
The Women of Monte Cassino
Many War Atrocities Are Utterly Ignored
By Dr. William Pierce: It seems that every time I pick up a newspaper I read about a new claim the Jews are making on someone else's money. It began a few months ago when they claimed that the Swiss hadn't been diligent enough in trying to track down the heirs of Jews who had deposited money in Swiss banks back during the 1930s, before the Second World War, and then never reclaimed it.
White Guilt and the "Holocaust"
The "Holocaust" Is One Component in a Psychological War
By Ian P. McKinney: This month I am writing about the "Holocaust." This term, unless referring to an ancient sacrificial rite or the consumption of an object or place by fire, should always be put inside quotation marks.Nobody denies that the conflict between the Jews and Germans was a central part of World War II. Hundreds of thousands of Jews, many of them non-combatants, died in that conflict along with several million Germans.
White Race Extinction
By Dr. James Owens: About year 2050, non-whites in America will outnumber whites. That's simple demographic fact. By 2050 and beyond, non-whites will dominate, make the laws, abolish traditional white culture, take full possession of the American nation. Whites, as a major race, will become extinct.
Why I Am a White Racist
By John "Birdman" Bryant: Racist - The term the liberal uses to call a man a nigger. --JBR Yant, Mortal Words, volume 1
One of the most difficult of all things to endure for a crow, a raven, a wolf, or a human is to feel alone and separated from one's own kind. A sense of belonging is one of the most universal of all feelings. --Lawrence Kilham (1989), quoted in Candace Savage, Bird Brains: The Intelligence of Crows, Ravens, Magpies, and Jays, Sierra Club, 1995: 61

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At the present time the White race makes up approximately 8% of the "Global" population, and that figure is shrinking rapidly. We ARE a minority group ! As a social group like any other, we have a natural right to ensure our own personal and cultural survival, before we concern ourselves with other peoples.
Anyone who disputes this natural right has to be a RACIST !  ...........  A real one !