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Nationalism = DIVERSITY
Multiculturalism = Melting Pot
Asylum, Immigration, Aids, Housing, Employment, Ethnic Quotas, Anti White Racism, Positive Discrimination, Street Crime, Mugging, Violence Etc
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  British National Party - putting the British FIRST!
British Nationalism is NOT about hating other people
It's all about taking care of your own
Just like Other People
Free Speech ??
Use It - Or Lose It !!

Aids Immigration Christian Bastard Faith Freedom Max Hastings Notting Hill Racists
Origins of Political Correctness Police Racism ? Powell / Heffer John Pilger
Union Jack
The Hounding
of the BNP
by the Media Establishment
David Duke Al Jazeera Japan & Immigration Immigration Churchill & Zionism Richard Oastler
Griffin / Turner Political Correctness Dictionary BNP Papers Britishness Browne / Immigration
Intifada Sharia / Amputation David Duke 911 WTC Christopher Yates Alistair McConnachie
Britain In Europe Section 18 Public Order Act Muslims / Holocaust Denial Munira Mirza Patrick Sookhdeo
Black Slave Owners Jesse Jackson / Hurricane Katrina Black Dixie Slave Owners Jews & White Slavery
Truth About Slavery
Black Slave Traders
Internet Television Holocaust Myth Carnival & Slavery Rapes / Miranda Devine Clash Civilisations
1991 Gulf War Duke Letter President Auschwitz Fraud David Duke Simon Heffer Multiculturalism
Fair Trade UK Farmers Most Slaves Sold By Africans Reparations For Slavery Multiculturalism Suicide Bomb Truth In Britain
Ali Hussain On Planet Beeston Guardian - Why Hated Suicide Of Dr David Kelly Anti White Race Attacks In Notting Hill Corruption At The DTI
White History Month Wonderful Race David Duke A Holocaust Inquiry European Imperialism / Slavery William Wilberforce
Roots / Alex Haley Hideously Black Solidarity Union Robin Page BNP Whistleblowers
Barack Obama & Reparations SolarGeneral Gay BNP Jennifer Passmore The God Question
Magna Carta

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