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Please read ShareAbout this website.

Amongst other things, this site is my 'Anti Political Correctness' online scrapbook. Part of my reasoning behind creating this site is to place so much related, but 'under publicised' information in one place, that people would start to ask the questions that have been staring them in the face for so very many years. But have been too 'Switched Off' or too 'Afraid' to ask !

The internet continues to break down the barriers to reasoning and questioning, instilled in us in our early school years.Visit the PDF page linked above, and scroll all the way down to to the bottom section.
There are three quite short but invaluable 'snippets' concerning how we are conditioned and programmed constantly, in our early school, and then later, in our college years.

In these formative years, 'Approval' and a 'Sense of Belonging' are more important to us than at any other time in our lives. This has been cruely and visciously exploited by the MARXIST Social Engineers.

Where known, each article 'Borrowed' from another website, has a 'Search Engine Friendly' hyperlink, clearly displayed at the top of the page linking back to the original document or website. 

Sean Bryson

The object of any confidence trick,
is to create a sense of doubt about the obvious.

When I went to school to say 2 X 3 was just the same as saying 3 X 2.
That’s arithmetic, NOT race. 

Also when I went to school, to say that you wanted more of something was just the same as saying you wanted less of something else.
That’s arithmetic, NOT race.

To say that you want more Ethnic Diversity, is EXACTLY the same as saying that you want LESS of the ethnicity that you already have.
That’s race, NOT arithmetic !

I am VERY offended that I, and others of my ethnicity, 'British White/Caucasian'
Are under RELENTLESS bombardment, ( Also known as Brainwashing )
By the media and the judiciary to accept that 'LESS OF US' is better for everyone !!!

In fact, for us, it is now more or less a crime not to agree with, and openly promote, our own replacement by people from other countries, and other races !

In 2011, ‘Native British Whites’ Became a minority group in London. 

Am I a Racist ?
Absolutely not !
I want more "ethnic minorities" every bit as much as they want more of "me" 
How much is that ? 

Take a look around you at some of our institutions, local authorites, and high street chains.
You will find that 'Breeding' white females are very thin on the ground.
And 'Breeding' white males even thinner.

Start joining the dots, before it's too late !!


Sean Bryson


We did not lose WW2. But we have yet to finish winning it.
Hitler or Stalin ?
It's not much of a choice, is it ?

Rogues Gallery ...
The tiniest fraction of those first and second-generation immigrants who have killed, raped and otherwise violated British men, women and children in Britain,
( Just since the Stephen Lawrence case ! ) is represented in the following pages.
How many had you heard of before you saw them here ??
Visit -


Sean Bryson


Top Bottom Anti White 1991 Gulf War Slavery General Stuff
Race / Civil War

Old Stuff

Diversity For Dummies

Diversity for Dummies .......... It's basic artithmetic. Saying that you want more ethnic diversity is just the same as saying that you want LESS of the ethnicity that you have already got - Now that’s RACIST !! That's HATE !! - WHY would any native Briton agree with this? Try to debate this and see what happens to you !! - It's OK to be White - I like White people - VOTE POPULIST !! - ANY POPULIST !!

Anti White Racism = The Genocidal Diversity Multi-Culti 'Con'

1 - It's A Wonderful Race
There once was a college freshman named George who thought he knew it all.
One night over dinner, George got into an argument with his father. The argument began when the young student tried to explain to his father that as White people, they should be ..........

2 - Multiculturalism - As A Tool To Divide And Conquer
No nation is born multicultured. Multiculturalism is an unnatural as well as unhealthy condition that can only afflict states in national decline. A multicultural state carries in it's geneses the seeds of eventual national destruction. All multicultural nations will be found to be in a state of political, moral, economic

3 - Multiculturalism - And The Ruling Elite
Opportunity is rapidly vanishing, poorly masked by an institutionalized preference for diversity. Leftist academics in ivory towers are hooked on designer victimology but fail to notice the real victims -- the entire next generation. Meanwhile the rich get richer. Have a nice New World Order.

4 - Wfm - Works For Me. Ethnic Recruitment
On Saturday the 21st of October 2006, I went to the Evening Standard - METRO Careers & Jobs Exhibition at Earls Court. I was barely through the front door when this leaflet was given to me by a young Asian male. It speaks volumes about how severely brainwashed we have all become, that a

5 - Multiculturalism Race And Culture: Whites need not apply
The ideology of multiculturalism is theoretically meant to build a more tolerant, inclusive Britain.
But in practice it is a deeply racist concept, one that judges people by their ethnic origin and thereby promotes division in our society.The very basis of multiculturalism is a contradiction of the democratic

6 - Abolish The White Race
Is the multicultural campaign really about diversity? Or is it about stamping out Western civilization and the “white race” itself? College students will tell you that a university education today is a guilt trip for whites. The purpose is to prevent whites from appreciating and absorbing their own culture and to make it difficult for whites to resist the unreasonable demands

7 - Mentioning The "Unmentionable"
Crime - Genetics - Race - Intelligence - Immigration. The issues of ethnicity, race and immigration constitute the hottest of hot potatoes in today's politics: issues that generate more heat than light.
To try to ascertain some hard facts on the subject Right NOW! went to Professor RICHARD LYNN,

8 - Global Genetic Warfare
At this moment in history the white race/species is on the verge of complete genetic annihilation. How can this be possible? Only 100 years ago our species ruled the world. Our people made up 1/3 of the total population of the planet. We had expanded from our ancient homelands of Europe to new lands

9 - The Left And The Corruption Of Language And Thought
When the iron curtain was dropped and the Soviet Union was, at last, revealed in its full glory.
Finally the left was forced to admit that it really was what critics of socialism had been saying it had been for decades: a gigantic charnel house coffin, reeking with slave labor camps and death camps, in

10 - Immigration: Enoch Powell MP,Sir Ronald Bell, QC.MP,David Hamilton MP
The following address is a speech given by the Rt. Hon. J. Enoch Powell, MP, to a meeting of the Stretford Young Conservatives at the Civic Theatre, Stretford, Manchester at 8pm, Friday, 21 January 1977. Throughout the last twenty years, locally at first, then nationally, one political subject has been

11 - One Nation: The Politics of Race, John Casey
Burke wrote this: A nation is not an idea only of' local extent, and individual momentary aggregation: but it is an idea of' continuity which extends in time as well as in numbers and in space. And this is a choice not of one day, or one set of people, not a tumultary and giddy choirs; it is a deliberate election


Sean Bryson


The Beginnings
by Rudyard Kipling

It was not part of their blood,
It came to them very late
With long arrears to make good,
When the English began to hate.

They were not easily moved,
They were icy-willing to wait
Till every count should be proved,
Ere the English began to hate.

Their voices were even and low,
Their eyes were level and straight.
There was neither sign nor show,
When the English began to hate.

It was not preached to the crowd,
It was not taught by the State.
No man spoke it aloud,
When the English began to hate.

It was not suddenly bred,
It will not swiftly abate,
Through the chill years ahead,
When Time shall count from the date
That the English began to hate.


Sean Bryson

The Coming Race War / Civil War In Britain & Europe

1 - Ayaan Hirsi Ali - tackle islam or face civil war
A decade ago, when Ayaan Hirsi Ali was forced to leave her adopted homeland of the Netherlands, a former colleague by the name of Geert Wilders had just launched his own, far-right political party. The rise of Wilders and his fellow populists since then has been “alarming,” she said, and it will only get

2 - Race War in Oldham
Since the late 1950s, when Asian immigrants first started to come to Oldham, the town has experienced a rapid growth in the size of the Asian community, heaping on the area huge problems, including housing shortages. Add to the size and rate of the influx the far higher birthrate of the influx

3 - Britain First founder accuses Tommy Robinson of wanting to ignite a race war
The founder of Britain First, Jim Dowson, has blown the lid on those that are behind the “Draw Mohammed Cartoon” competition, and claimed that the organisers are determined to ignite a race war in the UK. Dowson went to a series of meetings with former EDL leader, Tommy Robinson, former UKIP

4 - Britain First Warn Of 'UK Civil War' With British Muslims In Wake Of Luton 'Christian Patrol'
In the wake of their "Christian Patrol" in Luton being condemned as "intimidating" and "inflammatory", and days out from another march in Dewsbury, Britain First has upped the ante, declaring the UK is heading towards a "civil war" with British Muslims.On Saturday 20-members of the far-right political

5 - Britain Sees Race War Brewing Between non-White Invaders
This prompted a mass migration of welfare recipients from Eastern European countries with little benefits. This trend is especially pronounced amount the Roma/Gypsy communities who refer to their new country as “Benefits Britain.” Gypsies from Slovakia, Romania, and Bulgaria arrive in Britain daily

6 - Britain ‘sleepwalking to catastrophe’ over race: Trevor Phillips
Britain risks “flames” of racial and religious conflict because of a “liberal self-delusion” over the impact of mass immigration, the former head of the equality watchdog Trevor Phillips claims today. In a startling assault on decades of official multiculturalism and diversity policy, the founding chair of the

7 - Clash Of Civilizations - Samuel P Huntington
World Politics is entering a new phase, and intellectuals have not hesitated to proliferate visions of what it will be -- the end of history, the return of traditional rivalries between nation states, and the decline of the nation state from the conflicting pulls of tribalism and globalism, among others.

8 - What next ? Could France be facing a civil war ?
Two huge terror attacks in a year would be enough to challenge the spirit of any country. As if the Charlie Hebdo massacre in January 2015 and the Paris attacks in November were not enough, a third episode of carnage in Nice on Bastille Day, July 14, has shaken France to the brink of a terrifying

9 - The culture wars arrive in Britain
BREXIT was supposed to let Britain be Britain. Disentangled from the European Union, its island race would rediscover its native genius and embrace a unique mixture of nationalism and globalism. In fact this election suggests that something different is happening: divided and stunned by Brexit, Britain is

10 - Europe to CRUMBLE: Continent will face CIVIL WAR within DECADES
A CIVIL WAR will erupt in Europe in as little as three decades, a Belgian historian has claimed.He said: “In 20 to 30 years Europe will have become an authoritarian or imperial state, after a phase resembling civil war and decay. “I expect a civil war, which will force a fundamental social and political

11 - A Future for Britain Free from Islamization:Interview - British Freedom Party Chairman,Paul Weston
The United Kingdom, or as Daily Mail pundit, Melanie Phillips calls it, Londonistan, has been mired in massive demographic change and concomitant Islamization brought on by its recent "open door" immigration policy. This was graphically evident in the July 7, 2005 London underground and bus

12 - Paul Weston: Is European Civil War Inevitable by 2025 ?
Paul Weston: If I were to tell you that within twenty years Europe could find itself engaged in a civil war so bloody it made WWII look like a bun fight, you might logically consider me a candidate for the men in white coats. You would be wrong, however. article, such a scenario looks not merely possible, but

13 - "Finis Britanniae" – The End of Britain
LONDON – Last week's terror attack by a British-born Muslim proves again that a radical community exists within Britain. Its goal: create an Islamic nation. And there is a quieter force at work that will likely achieve that desire long before guns, bombs and violence. This is not Karachi. It's London.

14 - Loyalist gangs wage race war in Belfast
Not far from the red, white and blue paving stones, the Ku Klux Klan graffiti and the "Chinks out" notices scratched outside south Belfast Chinese takeaways, Hua Long Lin was at home watching television when a man burst in and smashed a brick into his face. His wife, also in the room, was eight

15 - GENERATION JIHAD Massive European civil war predicted by scholar
AN ISLAM expert has warned of a civil war across Europe as more young Muslims are being increasingly radicalised.Professor Gilles Kepel, from the Sciences Po in Paris, claims a growing number of Muslims with poor job prospects are forming a "Jihad Generation" to continue to commit

16 - Muslim Immigrants Will Cause ‘Inevitable Civil War In Europe’
Islam is more than a religion(the religious part of islam is only about 18%), IT IS A COMPLETE CIVILIZATION including politics and laws.IN ISLAM, THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE STATE AND THE RELIGION. There is no separation of church (mosque) and state. So, the religion is

17 - Prepare yourselves: The Great Migration will be with us for decades
When the crew of HMS Bulwark first fished immigrants out of the Mediterranean, they were expecting to find the world’s hungry, wretched and destitute. Instead, they found them relatively healthy, well-dressed and carrying mobile phones and credit cards, which they intended to use upon arrival in Italy. A great migration has begun, and it could be with us for decades

The mayors of London, Birmingham (Britain’s second largest city), Leeds, Blackburn, Sheffield, Oxford, Luton, Oldham, and Rochdale are now non-European Muslims. In Britain is situated over 3,000 mosques, 130 Muslim Sharia Courts of Law and over 50 Muslim Sharia Councils.

19 - Racial profiling threatens to widen the conflict
Those of us who opposed the bombing of Afghanistan warned that the war between nations would not stop there. Now, as Tony Blair prepares the British people for an attack on Iraq, the conflict seems to be proliferating faster than most of us predicted. But there is another danger, which we have tended to

One November evening in the Place André Malraux, near the Louvre, I noticed a couple in their late middle years who were waiting on a traffic island to cross to my side of the street. They were obviously headed to the lines building up at the security check outside the Richelieu theater, where The Father,

21 - The Coming Civil War in Europe
The Leftist-Liberal demographic engineering project of the European Union violates the rights of indigenous European peoples, goes against global trends towards the territorial partition of ethnic groups, and contradicts expert research on conditions that create ethnic and political conflict.

22 - 'Things Could Get Very Ugly' Following Europe's Refugee Crisis
In 2015, record numbers of people left their homes and fled to Europe due to the rise of ISIS, the Syrian civil war, and instability in Afghanistan, the Middle East, and elsewhere. More than two million people requested asylum within the European Union between 2015 and 2016.

23 - Immigration was one of the hot button issues in the UK’s internal debate over whether to leave the
The country’s citizens arguably had good reason to make the issue paramount. Immigration has indeed risen sharply over the last several years, particularly since lower income eastern European countries joined the EU—and with that, access to its open borders. That’s coupled with humanitarian

24 - White supremacist 'was planning race war'
A white supremacist who amassed a terrifying haul of arms and bomb-making equipment was planning to start a race war, detectives revealed today. David Tovey, 37, was found guilty this afternoon of two charges of racially aggravated criminal damage. But what the jury at Oxford Crown Court had not been

Sean Bryson


1991 Gulf War

1 - 1991 Gulf War Intro
Dear Everyone, help wanted all offers accepted. For a long time now, I have had to fight on my own.
I have had enough of fighting on my own and I am now requesting "OPEN" unashamed support from ALL of you. For some years now I have been a paid up member of the "Liberal Democrats" so in

2 - 1991 Gulf War Protest Letter
Dear Sir, This is a letter that I feel that I have to write. How many people of this present generation, the generation being sent to war, know the truth about the Palestinian question ? The question started in 1948 not 67 or 72 How many of them know that Menachem Begin, the ex Premier of Israel, was, in his

3 - 1991 Gulf War Archbishop of Canterbury
Dear Mr Bryson, I write on Lord Runcie's behalf to thank you for your letter of 31 January; his term of office as Archbishop ceased that day.Lord Runcie is very well aware of the origins of the Palestinian question. In a speech in the House of Lords on 6 September, he expressly recognised that the

4 - 1991 Gulf War CAABU
Dear Mr Bryson, Thank you for your letter. Many of our members have spoken to us about their anger at the current situation, and frustration with the double standards which seem to charecterise much of the western response to the Palestinians and the Gulf situation. It is a really bad time for the Arab

5 - 1991 Gulf War Channel 4
Dear Mr Bryson, Thank you for your letter. We would like to assure you that your comments have been conveyed to those concerned. Thank you for taking the time and trouble to write to us at Channel Four. Viewers opinions are always welcome - critical or otherwise. Yours sincerely

6 - 1991 Gulf War Dr David Owen
Dear Mr Bryson Thank you for your letter which I have read with interest. Now that Iraqi forces have been ousted from Kuwait we must look carefully at a number of problems in region, not least of which is the Palestinian problem. Whilst I can appreciate your feelings on this matter, I am convinced that

7 - 1991 Gulf War Duke of Wellington
Thank you for your letter which was passed to me for my attention on Monday, 11th October 1993. Unfortunately, our Manager, Mr. J. Lalor, is at present away on holiday until the 18th October 1993. On his return, we will discuss the contents of your letter with Mr. Lalor and contact you again following

8 - 1991 Gulf War Sir Edward Heath
Dear Mr Bryson, Mr Heath has asked me to thank you for your letter of 31 January 1991, concerning the situation in the Gulf. He is most grateful to you for taking the trouble to contact him and was interested to read your views. Mr Heath has taken note of your comments about Israel.

9 - 1991 Gulf War ITN
Dear Mr Bryson, RE: The Gulf issue Thank you for your letter of 31st January. We have certainly noted your comments and thank you for taking the trouble to write. It is important to hear the views of the public which are taken into consideration when making editorial decisions in the future.

10 - 1991 Gulf War Israel V Iraq
An interesting page of very pertinant questions and answers re: 'Double Standards'

11 - 1991 Gulf War The Labour Party
Dear Mr Bryson, Thank you for your letter on the subject of Israel and the Palestinians. The comments you make, and the historical facts you draw our attention to, have been carefully noted. The history of the area is of course immensely complex, and the Labour Party believes that there should be a peace

12 - 1991 Gulf War London Weekend Television
Dear Mr Bryson ,Thank you for your letter, and for taking the trouble to let me know your views, which I have read with interest. With best wishes, Yours sincerely, Jonn Wakefield Editor WAR IN THE GULF

13 - 1991 Gulf War Muslim World League
Dear Mr Bryson, Thank you very much for your perceptive letter dated 31. 1. 91 and we hope and pray that more people will see the truth and work for justice, dignity and legitimate rights of all peoples. I am pleased to send herewith a copy of a book entitled Islam the Natural Way which, I hope you will

14 - 1991 Gulf War NUJ National Union of Journalists
Dear Mr Bryson, Thank you for your letter of 31st January about the palestinian question. Your letter has been passed to me as I have responsibility for the international work of the NUJ. Can I say that I am in almost total agreement with everything that you say in your letter. I particularly like the parallel between the Romans occupying Britain and the Jewish people returning to

15 - 1991 Gulf War Paddy Ashdown
Dear Mr Bryson, Thank you for your letter of 31 January, regarding the Palestinian issue. I commented on this recently at "Question Time" and stated that as regards the Palestinian / Israeli issue and the Iraqi / Kuwaiti issue there could be no doubt about double standards, even if there are others which

16 - 1991 Gulf War THE TIMES
Dear Mr Bryson, Although we thank you for your letter to the editor of January 31, which was read with interest here, we regret that we were unable to publish it. Yours sincerely


Sean Bryson


Old stuff.

Old stuff ? Well, what that means is that the articles below are from my old website and are about my own experiences, after I fell foul of the 'Marxist PC Brigade' the local 'Kosher Nostra' and 'Israel Firsters' when I wrote a protest letter at the 1991 Gulf War.
See the link above, or you can download the letter and all of the replies in a Zip file Here

Here in Notting Hill the left wing and minority groups mostly share the same bed.
Fall foul of one, and you pretty much fall out with all the rest !!

Or perhaps most are they just too timid, not to follow the herd ?
You know, this sort of thing. ----> 'Job at risk, business at risk, social life/reputation at risk, etc,etc.

In the UK today, all other "non conforming" and "non PC" human life forms (THAT'S THE VAST MAJORITY or 90% +) are relegated to the status of Fascist, Populist, Knuckle Dragger, Racist, Bigot, Right Wing Extremist, Sexist, Xenophobe, Islamaphobe, Homophobe, Transphobe, any other damned Phobe, White Supremacist, Redneck, Jim Crow, Anti Semite, Nazi, KKK, etc 'Ad Nauseaum'

Or some other Cultural Marxist 'HATE SPEAK' word. A newly invented word, created just so that it can be used to decry, despise, and guilt trip the majority population even further.
Then claim to be a 'Victim' of that majority, followed by demands of privileged or favourable treatment as compensation and reparations for all of the years of that 'alleged' victimhood.
The basic strategy is this :- Accuse and demand, Accuse and demand, Accuse and demand.

In 2011, 'Native British Whites' became a minority group IN THEIR OWN CAPITAL CITY

Full list of all the MPs and ministers caught up in the expenses scandal.

List of expenses claims in the United Kingdom parliamentary expenses scandal.

MPs who fiddle their expenses will be given anonymity under new plans.

Yes folks !
The MARXIST dream has now become a reality.
We are now living in a true Multivultural Kleptocracy.
Enjoy !

Vote for anyone EXCEPT Conservative, Labour, or Liberal.
Vote against the 'Three Stooges'
Always vote at every single available election. Never waste your vote !
But deliberately cast a vote against the 'Three Stooges'


Union Jack   Men of Conviction MEN OF CONVICTION Men of Conviction   Stars Tripes USA

"We didn't fight just the British." 
"We were British subjects at that time and we fought our own government !"


A lot of articles from my old site have been re-published on this present site.
It is an ongoing process.
But also, a lot of stuff from my old site will not be re posted.

I have placed a copy of my old site in a Zip file for download by anyone who wants it.
Considering that it is less than half a GB in size, it contains a huge number of articles and images.

Download my old site in a ZIP file Here

The old site was started around 1998 after I got my first computer, and was famous/infamous for about 13 or 14 years. Then due to a devastating combination of health and domestic issues around 2011 - 2012, I let things go for a number of years.
These issues have now 'mostly' ironed themselves out. (Hopefully !)
Certainly the health side of things are looking pretty good.

But perhaps the biggest reason was that my old site was looking just that, 'Old'
And it was time for a complete makeover.

Plus, and very importantly, here in the UK in the past few years there has been a massive surge of awareness and questioning within the general population, as the following article will confirm.
The Tommy Robinson Free Speech March - 6th May 2018

Along with the controversy concerning the arrest of Tommy Robinson on 25 May 2018.
Tommy Robinson 25 May 2018 - Arrested - Charged - Tried - Sentenced - All in 5 Hours !!

'The Great British Awakening' Continues to gain momentum !!

For these 'Old Stuff' items below, I have just linked the opening page of each section/chapter.
With the exception of my protest against the 1991 Gulf War, which is linked page by page above.

Sean Bryson ... Contact

Old Stuff

1 - 1991 Gulf War Protest Letter - The Beginning Of My Political Life - The Rest Is History. SEE BELOW
This is where it all started. A perfectly legitimate, and later to be 'Proved Correct' interpretation of our reasons for getting involved in the 1991 Gulf War. At the time of the 911 attack in the USA in 2001,
the biggest single thorn in the flesh of the Muslim world, was the 'Palestinian Question'

2 - Sixty Plus + / Volunteer Bureau, Thorpe Close, Kensington & Chelsea London W10. May 1994
I have enclosed all of the information that I feel is relevant to my current problems with Ms Geraldine Timlin of 60+ "Sixty Plus" (also known as Geraldine McGinley) I feel that I deserve a good written reference, this reference should not include any details of my recent project with the Kensington and Chelsea Times.

3 - BUCKINGHAM PALACE - Senior Citizens Forum - Kensington & Chelsea November 1994
Dear Mr. Bryson,
I am commanded by The Queen to thank you for your letter of 3rd November.
Her Majesty was interested to read about the forum that you are organising for the benefit of the elderly in Kensington and Chelsea and I am to thank you for taking the time to write.

4 - Whitbread / Chiltern Inns - October 1996
For some years now I have used the *"Hogshead" public house in Blenheim Crescent, London W11.On Thursday 31/10/96 at around noon, I was about to order my second pint of "Flowers" when Dominic, the barman, said that he had just been told by the Manager that I was barred.

5 - WAES - Westminster Adult Education Service - August / September 1997.
More micky mouse 'Political' treatment in British Education. This information will probably ring true with more people today than it did in 1997. Because more people might well have been screwed in exactly the same way since then.

6 - Kensington & Chelsea College - November 1997
For this one, the best place to start is my second and final letter to Kensington & Chelsea College .
Their reasons for not giving me a place on their Multimedia course have great big holes in ithem.
And it shows !!

7 - St Martins College of Art & Design - February 1998
Please give yourself the time to read what I have given you here from top to bottom, it paints quite a picture.Between 9.12.97 and 16.1.98 my two portfolios were left at the developments office in St Martins College for viewing, to support my application for a place on the Computer Animation Course.

8 - Hammersmith Jobcentre London W6 - August 2000
The full story of Microtech Computer Services and the complaint that never was.
The pages 'The Final Curtain' and 'Request To Employment Tribunal' says it all about Britain today !
And yet it is people like me that get called "Extremist" etc, etc, etc. For complaining !!
What a joke !!

9 - The Notting Hill Postman who spits on my unemployment benefit ???? - May 2003
Dear Sirs , On Friday 23rd May 2003, my regular Postman delivered my Unemployment Benefit. As you are both aware there have been recent complications with my Mail so I try to get to it first. I got to my Mail just seconds after it came through my letter box, it was laying face down on the hallway carpet.

10 - Internet Exchange - Learndirect - Ladbroke Grove Library - September 2004
It is very hard not to conclude that reporter Alex West, deliberately tried to provoke and motivate Black People to firebomb my home during the August 2005 Notting Hill Carnival.
The lies told, and the words used, pretty well spell it out. Take a look, then YOU decide !!

To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize - Voltaire.


Sean Bryson




1 - Black African Slave Traders RESISTED ABOLITION By Britain in 1807
Why go back five centuries to start an explanation of Africa's crisis in the late 1990s? Must every story of Africa's political and economic under-development begin with the contact with Europe? The intention is not to produce another nationalist tract on how whites, driven by lust for material

2 - Africa And Atlantic Slave Trade
Before the 16th century, Europeans were not deeply involved in slave trading on the West African coast. However, there was some movement of African labour to Madeira and the Canary Islands by the early Portuguese explorers from 1470 onwards. The Portuguese were also the first to use African

3 - African Chiefs urged to apologise for Slave Trade
Nigerian civil rights group says tribal leaders' ancestors sold people to slavers and should say sorry like US and Britain. Traditional African rulers whose ancestors collaborated with European and Arab slave traders should follow Britain and the United States by publicly saying sorry, according to human

4 - African Slave Traders: A History
During the era of the trans-Atlantic slave trade, Europeans did not have the power to invade African states or kidnap African slaves at will. For the most part, the 12.5 million slaves transported across the Atlantic Ocean were purchased from African slave traders. It is a piece of the triangle trade about

5 - Alex Haley - Roots, Fraudster, Liar, Plagiariser
Haley himself was forced to acknowledge, a large section of his book - including the plot, main character and scores of whole passages – was lifted from "The African," a 1967 novel by white author Harold (Hal) Courlander. Haley was forced to pay the author $650,000 in damages in an out-of-court settlement after a plagiarism trial in 1978, that’s about $2million in today’s (2007)

6 - Amistad Slave Ship - Joseph Cinque was himself a slave trader
Amistad is equally pathological. If we shed the window-dressing, it's a sado-masochist ritual. Sadistic whites torture noble blacks. Noble blacks retaliate, and we watch them dismember trembling and quivering white villains who are shown on their knees begging for mercy

7 - Slavery and Race
I have before me a news story written by a correspondent for the London Daily Telegraph. It's a story about the flourishing child-slavery business in West Africa: in countries like Nigeria, Togo, Benin, and Gabon. Businessmen in the coastal cities send buyers into the interior with buses, where they collect

8 - Dixie's censored subject: Black Slave Owners
The fact is large numbers of free Negroes owned black slaves; in fact, in numbers disproportionate to their representation in society at large. In 1860 only a small minority of whites owned slaves. According to the U.S. census report for that last year before the Civil War, there were nearly 27 million whites in

9 - Black African Slave Traders
Therefore it was most often Africans, especially those elite coastal rulers and merchants who controlled the means of coastal and river navigation, under whose authority and to whose advantage the Atlantic trade was conducted.

10 - Black Slaveowners & Slave Masters
During this country’s period of slavery, many freed blacks worked for years to purchase the freedom of family members. But a great many freemen became slave masters themselves, and for the same reason as whites--to make use of slave labor for the sake of profits. Larry Koger writes, "By and large,

11 - Did African Slave Traders Sell Us Out ?
One of the most unseemly manifestations of Black self-hatred is the often violently held belief that 500 years ago Africans sold other Africans into centuries of slavery. It is heard most often when a Negro feels the need to shield Whites and Jews from having to answer for their dominant role in the Black

12 - European Imperialism Ended Slavery Worldwide
The widespread revulsion which the hideous institution of slavery inspires today was largely confined to Western civilisation a century ago, and a century before that was largely confined to a portion of British society. No one seems interested in the epic story of how this curse that covered the globe and

13 - In 1807 Britain outlawed slavery
In 1820 the king of the African kingdom of Ashanti inquired why the Christians did not want to trade slaves with him anymore, since they worshipped the same god as the Muslims and the Muslims were continuing the trade like before.The civil rights movement of the 1960's have left many people with the

14 - Slavery in the Arab World
In his fact-filled work on the history of the Muslim Arab slave trade in Africa, Murray Gordon notes that this trade pre-dated the European Christian African slave trade by a thousand years and continued for more than a century after the Europeans had abolished the practice. Gordon estimates the number of

15 - Islamic Slavery and Racism
When Tuaregs and Islamists swarmed in to seize Northern Mali, one of the old grievances animating their campaign was slavery. The Tuaregs were not former slaves, they were, and in some cases still are, slaveholders.The French invasion of Northern Mali, liberating towns and villages under Islamist

16 - White Slave Trade In Israel - New Cargo: Naive Slavic Women
RAMLE, Israel--Irina always assumed that her beauty would somehow rescue her from the poverty and hopelessness of village life. A few months ago, after answering a vague ad in a small Ukrainian newspaper,she slipped off a tour boat when it put in at Haifa, hoping to make a bundle dancing naked

17 - Jews & The White Slave Trade
Against the Jews was based only on religious bigotry and that the Jews were completely innocent and inoffensive. One fascinating fact which Bristow's book reveals is that the center of the Jewish trade in Polish girls was in a little town called Oswiecim. The German name for this town was Auschwitz.

18 - On Blaming White Folk For Slavery
It takes two parties for there to be a business transaction, a seller and a buyer. Africans sold their people and Arabs and Europeans bought them and used them as slaves. Most people agree that the trafficking in human beings was wrong; if so, all parties to it were wrong. White folk were guilty for

19 - Sex Slavery in Israel Today
Of the thousands of women brought to Israel each year to work as prostitutes, many are enslaved, beaten and raped by their pimps. Now, one of them is fighting back. If you were to pass her on the street, there's nothing particular about Victoria that would catch your eye. She could be your daughter

20 - Slave Trade: the African Connection, ca 1788
A slave's journey to a life of servitude often began in the interior of Africa with his or her capture as a prize of war, as tribute given by a weak tribal state to a more powerful one, or by outright kidnapping by local traders. European slave traders rarely ventured beyond Africa's coastal regions. The African

21 - Slavery and Race: Gearld A Foster
Abraham Lincoln is hailed as the "great emancipator" because he supposedly risked his political future as well as the fragile foundation of the relatively new republic, to end slavery. This is indeed a noble version of American history and one that has inflamed and incited partisans for nearly 140 years.

22 - Slavery in Africa
Slavery in Africa, the institution of slavery as it existed in Africa, and the effects of world slave-trade systems on African people and societies. As in most of the world, slavery, or involuntary human servitude, was practiced across Africa from prehistoric times to the modern era. When people today

23 - Slavery Myths Debunked
The Irish were slaves too; slaves had it better than Northern factory workers; black people fought for the Confederacy; and other lies, half-truths, and irrelevancies. A certain resistance to discussion about the toll of American slavery isn’t confined to the least savory corners of the Internet. Last year,

24 - The Truth About Slavery
The history of America and of Western Civilization is not being taught as it should be in our schools and universities today. Historical facts are suppressed, and what is taught is distorted in such a way as to advance the world government agenda, with all inconvenient historical facts, knowledge of which

25 - White Slaves, African Masters
West but which is now somewhat neglected: the enslavement, over several centuries, of tens of thousands of white Christian Europeans and (later) Americans in Muslim North Africa -- or the so-called “Barbary” states of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Tripoli. Over the course of 10 centuries, tens

Sean Bryson

General Stuff

1 - Sean Bryson's Cancer Treatment
Dear Dr Falconer, On Monday 9th May 2016 my 15:15pm appointment with you was dealt with by your colleague, Ms Charlotte Kathleen Kelly. My previous appointment with you in late March or early April, was also dealt with byMs Charlotte Kathleen Kelly. At this previous meeting with Ms Kelly in March/April

2 - Auschwitz Gas Chamber Fraud
L'Express also reports that, Polish president Lech Walesa has decided that the new, revised number of dead to be inscribed on the Birkenau monument will be 1,500,000.
(For years the monument proclaimed 4,000,000 Auschwitz deaths.)

3 - Back To The Future by Nick Griffin
This article by Nick Griffin was written some months before we went to war against Iraq for the second time in 2003. And as we have all been made aware since, this war has made War Criminals of our then "Political Leaders". But you be a "Good dog" and keep voting labour. Here boy ! Gimme your vote !

4 - Dictionary Of Political Correctness
In the amazing world of American (And British) politics, it often seems like the two major parties simply can't communicate, separated by the very words invented to describe the problems in the first place. For decades, the Democrats have been refining their Anti-American, Pro Victimology rhetoric

5 - 'Why We Fight America': Al-Qa'ida Spokesman
Explains September 11 (WTC) and Declares Intentions to Kill 4 Million Americans with Weapons of Mass Destruction. Al-Qa'ida spokesman Suleiman Abu Gheith, originally from Kuwait, recently posted a three-part article titled "In the Shadow of the Lances" on the website of the Center for Islamic

6 - Intoduction To My Two New Forums
'Speakers Corner' is intended to be a sort of online version of the famous 'Speakers Corner' in Hyde Park, London UK. Recent developments in 2018 would suggest that even this shrine to Free Speech has now been undermined by the MARXIST 'PC Brigade' The 'Strictly London' forum is as its name suggests, a forum dedicated to London issues.

7 - Philip Zelikow - Bush Advisor - 2003 Iraq War was for Israel
The statements are the first to surface from a source closely linked to the Bush administration acknowledging that the war, which has so far cost the lives of nearly 600 U.S. troops and thousands of Iraqis, was motivated by Washington's desire to defend the Jewish state. The administration, which is

8 -

9 - MEN OF CONVICTION !! The 56 men who signed the American Declaration of Independence
Five signers were captured by the British as traitors, and tortured before they died. Twelve had their homes ransacked and burned. Two lost their sons serving in the Revolutionary Army; another had two sons captured. Nine of the 56 fought and died from wounds or hardships of the Revolutionary War.

10 - Enoch Powell the rivers of Blood speech
"The supreme function of statesmanship is to provide against preventable evils" Enoch Powell.
In seeking to do so, it encounters obstacles which are deeply rooted in human nature. One is that by the very order of things such evils are not demonstrable until they have occurred: at each stage in

11 - Enoch Powell by Simon Heffer - Enoch Powell's chief concern was culture, not race
Enoch tried to teach us. Rather than make him into the most inappropriate scapegoat for the failings of his whole political generation, and others since, we should instead offer him the most contrite of posthumous apologies.

12 - Enoch Powell - A speech on immigration given in 1977 to Stretford Young Conservatives
Throughout the last twenty years, locally at first, then nationally, one political subject has been different from all the rest in the persistence with which it has endured and the profound and absorbing preoccupation which it has increasingly held for the public. (Immigration / Racism)

13 - The Politics of Race, John Casey
A nation is not an idea only of' local extent, and individual momentary aggregation: but it is an idea of' continuity which extends in time as well as in numbers and in space. And this is a choice not of one day, or one set of people, not a tumultary and giddy choirs; it is a deliberate election of the ages and

14 - White Genocide in Southern Africa
In south Africa today there is systematic murder and brutality against the white population that is either ignored or under reported my out main stream media 'MSM' Africa is now starving because of the Murder of White farmers. Give nothing to any African Aid of ANY kind, untill the murders stop

15 - Charlton Heston on Cultural Warfare
A cultural war is raging across our land-storming our values, assaulting our freedoms, killing our self-confidence in who we are and what we believe. (Mr. Heston then asked those present who owned a gun to raise their hand.)
I wonder how many of you own guns but chose not to raise your hand ?

16 - A Call To White Americans by Jennifer Passmore
Today's white American faces a frightening and uncertain future. As his race falls from majority to minority status, he often fears losing his place in the world. All around him, persons of other races raise the flags of their mother nations, adorn themselves with traditional costumes, and celebrate ancient and invented holidays

17 - Eddy Morrison - on 'Racism' as The New 'Witchcraft'
Looking back, we can see now that the whole notion of religious persecution and accusations of witchcraft were complete nonsense. The people persecuted were guilty of nothing worse than dissent from the accepted status quo. Were really seen as a political threat, and often the religious heresy bit was a charge tacked on.

18 - The 'NERVE' of Nelson Mandela by Emanuel McLittle - All men are not created equal.
There is but one single explanation for the 6,000 years of strife, the spilling of an ocean of blood, the sacrifice of light years of progress, and the basis for the current global power struggle. All of this is the result of at least two unalterably opposing types of souls, one vicious and animal like, the other enlightened and human,

19 - Race And Criminal Cowardice. John Woods, Dissects an unsatisfactory 1999 Home Office study
I acquired recently a copy of a 1999 Home Office publication entitled Statistics on Race and the Criminal Justice System: A Home Office publication under Section 95 of the Criminal Justice Act 1991*. The 1999 edition is the fifth in a series, with previous reports issued in 1992, 1994, 1995 and 1997.

20 - Cutting through the Scotch mist. The truth about asylum in Scotland
David Brown says that Scots are now also being affected by insane asylum ‘policies’ North of the border a tense row rumbles on. So intense has it become that even devolution has come under scrutiny in the unfolding political drama. Debate focuses on the “barbaric” treatment of asylum seekers within the now infamous

21 - Sir Alfred Sherman - The Coming Confrontations With Islam
When comparing Christianity with Islam, vast differences emerge. There is a world association of Muslim states with a secretariat and regular meetings, active in the present crisis. There is no corresponding body of Christian states, although it is Christianity which is under attack

22 - Tony Blair and The Murder of Dr. David Kelly: WMD Expert
`look I’m a hawk for this war but I’m not gonna lie. Saddam doesn’t have weapons of mass destruction.
And Tony Blair mis-used my assessment.’ Well suddenly he wound up dead. Dr David Kelly was the head of the Level-4 Porton Down Bio-weapons lab in Wiltshire, England. And he was then the head British weapons

23 - Tony Blair and the Suicide / Murder ??? of Dr David Kelly - WMD Expert
We believe the verdict given is in contradiction to medical teaching; is at variance with documented cases of wrist-slash suicides; and does not align itself with the evidence presented at the inquiry. We call for the reopening of the inquest by the coroner, where a jury may be called and evidencetaken on oath.

24 - Tony Blair on Immigration. A Report by Anthony Browne of Civitas
Immigration policy has been captured by special interests who peddle the notion that immigration is an unmitigated benefit to the nation and that it is costless. Nothing could be further from the truth. The immigration myth is based on the premise that attention need only be paid to the benefits while the costs can

25 - Tony Blair and The Murder Dr. David Kelly Parts 1 and 2 By Jim Rarey 10-19-3
(In Part One of this report, we examined evidence ignored by the national media, both in the U.S. and U.K., that shows fairly conclusively (at least to this writer) that Dr. David Kelly did not commit suicide. * (For an expanded, detailed report of more evidence see the URL in the footnote below.) In this last part, we will look at

26 - England and Wales = fourth highest crime rate of 39 European countries
Fighting Crime: Are Public Policies Working ? Online Briefing Why has crime fallen since the mid-1990s ? Has it fallen because of the Government’s policies ? What are the alternative policies ? How much crime do we experience compared with other countries ? Is it going up or down at present ?





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