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Free Speech

Free Speech ? Use it or LOSE it !
Populist and Populism are NOT four letter words.
They just describe Democracy from the ground up.
It's the Greatest Good, for the Greatest Number.

Sean Bryson - Notting Hill - London W11 - UK

'Some' of the people who wish to speak with you,
may be a danger to you.

But 'all' of the people who would stop you listening,
are a danger to you.

Sean Bryson

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Race and IQ Mentioning The Unmentionable - Race and IQ

Rogues Gallery Rogues Gallery ... 
The tiniest fraction of those first and second-generation immigrants who have killed, raped and otherwise violated British men, women and children in Britain.
All of them committed the crimes cited since Stephen Lawrence was killed.
We've all heard of Stephen.
How many of these were you aware of before you saw them here?


"The concept of envy — the hatred of the superior — has dropped out of our moral vocabulary …

The idea that white Christian civilization is hated more for its virtues than its sins doesn’t occur to us, because it’s not a nice idea. …

Western man towers over the rest of the world in ways so large as to be almost inexpressible.
It’s Western exploration, science, and conquest that have revealed the world to itself. Other races feel like subjects of Western power long after colonialism, imperialism, and slavery have disappeared.

The charge of racism puzzles whites who feel not hostility, but only baffled good will, because they don’t grasp what it really means: humiliation.
The white man presents an image of superiority even when he isn’t conscious of it.
And, superiority excites envy.

Destroying white civilization is the inmost desire of the league of designated victims we call minorities.

–Joseph Sobran (Sobran’s — April 1997)"


I want and believe in self determination for my people
said the Black man.
I want and believe in self determination for my people
said the Brown man.
I want and believe in self determination for my people
said the White Racist.




The original document was approximately 4.25 ins X 5.75 ins

Stop putting it off ! Join the BNP NOW.
Works For Me - Ethnic Recruitment  

On Saturday the 21st of October 2006, I went to the Evening Standard - METRO Careers & Jobs Exhibition at Earls Court. I was barely through the front door when this leaflet was given to me by a young Asian male.

It speaks volumes about how severely brainwashed we have all become, that a leaflet like this could be openly distributed at this event by a company with such close links with the Employment Services

Sean Bryson


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Dear Sean,
Just read your article re the ethnic recruitment free-sheet »—> 'Works for Me'
( Earl's Court, London, 21st October 2006 )

I've been fighting to get the thing withdrawn from our local jobcentre since it first appeared. At the last elections they ran a series of letters on its correspondence page in the usual sixth form lefty vein and invited response from "those thinking of voting for the BNP". Well they got one! see below.

  Mr. D. E. Clarke
89 Plantshill Crescent
Tile Hill
Coventry CV4 9RQ

tel. 02476 474166
mob. 07799 256129
15th June 06

Dear Sir/Madam

Re; ‘Works For Me’ issue Thur June 8th 2006 (page 6)

Where to begin?

I have unfortunately been unemployed for some considerable time and am a regular reader of WFM in the capacity of critical observer of the activities of the race relations ‘industry’. Leaving aside the over-arching question of the legitimacy of the subtitle, content, marketing, distribution and funding of WfM, I can no longer allow your editorial opinions as expressed through your letters page to go unchallenged. You attempt to pass yourself off as an organ for recruitment for the BME clients/customers/users?? of Jobcentres, the obvious implication being that the vacancies therein are directed primarily towards this section of the population. Indeed the text of some of the advertisements indicate that preference is to be given to BME applicants. Fair enough! Or rather it would be if the indigenous white population were to be afforded the same courtesy. How does the idea of a sister publication devoted to the recruitment needs of the indigenous white population grab you? Does it strike you as “racist” even to make such a request. How about an ‘Operation White vote’ or an Assoc of White Police Officers? How would you feel about the publication of “A White Manifesto”? To object to any of these is plain hypocrisy. The police service (public money) is one of your principle advertisers/sponsors yet it is now well known that several forces have implemented quota driven racially exclusive recruitment policies to the advantage of black and asian applicants. How this piece of blatant racial preference has escaped the attentions of the CRE, Ms. Shami Chakrabarty, et al defies both logic and the requirements of law. The Royal Navy, (more public money) another of your main sponsors, has a truly bizarre recruitment policy which permits and indeed welcomes Satanists into a ship’s company but bars patriotic members of the public if they hold membership of a legal and increasingly popular political party. Would any other army, navy or air force in the world entrust any element of the defence of its country to such a depraved nihilist? Why do you think that is?
Google this: “Dunblane documents 100 year secrecy” to get a clue.
(Any govt. prepared to undertake such an unprecedented and unprincipaled cover up is capable of and obviously willing to do anything to its people to cling to power and keep its skeletons very well hidden.)

One particularly offensive side effect of the illegal police recruitment policy outlined above is that it attempts to modify and circumvent our constitutional laws in pursuit of enforced integration. I refer here to The Act of Settlement 1701 (still on statute as it is incapable of repeal and modification) wherein it states: "no person born out of the kingdoms of England, Scotland, or Ireland, or the dominions thereunto belonging (although he be naturalized or made a denizen), except such as are born of English parents, shall be capable to be of the Privy Council, or a member of either House of Parliament, or enjoy any office or place of trust, either civil or military, or to have any grant of lands, tenements, or hereditaments from the Crown to himself, or to any other or others in trust for him."

An example of an hereditament being the grant of citizenship it therefore follows that the police are now recruiting ‘officers’ who are not even (and can never be) British Citizens! The constitutional status of the Act of Settlement to this day is established and any purported modification or amendment of it is ultra vires of Parliament. Such attempts are rendered illegal and indeed a treason by both the Declaration and the Bill of Rights as a constitutional statute cannot be altered by a lesser and subordinate Act of Parliament.

The Department of Constitutional Affairs have recently confirmed to me in writing that the section of the Act of Settlement quoted above was appended to (illegally) by the British Nationality Act 1985 so it looks like even they concede that all immigration premised on an eventual grant of the hereditament (via the Crown) of British Citizenship has been illegal from 1701 up to 1985. This also means that all ‘race relations’ Acts and legislations drafted, proposed and passed on that premise are legally voided. Q.E.D. So having established the constitutional and therefore the judicial illegality of the whole race and diversity industry I must now turn to the part played by your publication. In your Talking Points column (WfM129) you solicited responses from your readers concerning the British National Party’s recent election gains across the country.

Responses printed by you were universally negative, ill informed and all too predictably ethno-centric. Although I have missed a few copies and so cannot affirm that the same applies to all your previously printed correspondences or articles.I would assume however that your journalists are bound by the NUJ code of practice which obliges members never to portray any positive image of the BNP. I request your confirmation or denial in writing that this is the case. I have read issue 132 and would like you to explain the one-sided ‘debate’ solicited by your request for responses. Your respondent John Way of Birmingham recommends that “those who might feel an affinity with these views are allowed to express why they feel this way…” This is an increasingly heard appeal used disingenuously to satisfy the consciences of those who have no real intention of engaging into debate but need always to cloak their prejudgement in a veneer of fair-mindedness. I know because I’ve tried to ‘engage’, and the resulting exchange quickly descends to the juvenile reliance on dogma when the schizophrenic prerequisites of their utopian, egalitarian theorizing are exposed. It used to be called free speech but if you really mean what you say and want to understand how we feel and prove that this is not just another printed platitude, here’s how it reads to most of the indigenous white population. I believe the best way to illustrate how we in the BNP and most other white people actually feel is to take you through those letters point by point and strip them of cliche. John Way; Birmingham

“Unfortunately the BNP is a product of our democracy.”
What is unfortunate about it? This is as he so rightly observes, ‘our’ democracy; our principal export to the world, use it or lose it. It annoys the hell out of me that the genocidal rump of Stalinist collectivism is still allowed to manifest itself in the Socialist Alliance parties but if anyone tried to ban them they would find me standing foursquare with them in their defence. If that sounds strange to you it shouldn’t, it is democracy warts ‘n all!

Perhaps Mr. Way would recommend theocracy or pharoic rule by divine right as a method of governance. “…are allowed to express why they feel this way so that the main political parties can have a chance to make them understand…” Mr. Way would do better asking the BBC, Ch4, the Guardian or ITV News etc. why they don’t allow members of the 4th biggest political party to appear on Question Time, Newsnight etc. When he has had a truthful answer from them he can then start looking at their compliance with the RPA (Representation of the People Act) Then perhaps he can explain to us why representatives of the MCB are wheeled before the TV watching public whenever a story, event or atrocity contains a muslim component, we on the other hand are denied access to the media.

The news broadcasts are nightly saturated with stories concerning the perceived grievances of Britain’s muslims. Why are they granted hugely expensive airtime in which to justify and reinforce their position when the MCB take no part in the democratic process? We as a legally constituted party are rigorously suppressed, censored and imprisoned simply for having the nerve to stand up for what’s left of our own communities. Politicians run a mile from any debate with British Nationalists, again, I know because I’ve tried. They petulantly withdraw from hustings debates if a BNP candidate is to share the platform. Such debates, when finally arranged, are threatened by roving UAF/Searchlight activists telephoning the venue to threaten the organizers with disruption that “could get a bit nasty”. The activists will then contact the local police to tell them that their threat of a ‘possible’ violent disruption constitutes grounds to prevent the meeting, job done. In one hundred percent of cases it works and the police ban the meeting rather than protect democracy and the people’s right to free association. Mr. Way should wake up and smell the political coffee. Note also the chilling Orwellian use of the language of coercion, “make us understand”? If this was an unconscious use of the term by Mr. Way then I can forgive that as long as he and you accept that you cannot make us do anything. It is indicative of a preconditioned and lazy mind that such subliminal use of language passes for debate or is even considered relevant. “…the benefits and beauty of living (in) and maintaining a harmonious and culturally diverse society.”

And what exactly will be the benefits to the white community when they find themselves out-bred into a physical minority in their own homelands sometime around 2050/60? (Office of National Statistics & National Audit Office figures by the way, not mine.) What benefit or improvement results from the dilution of English law and constitutional monarchy by the eventual incorporation of Sharia law? None whatsoever, it may be a suitable basis to run an 11th century desert fiefdom but has no place in the UK. What benefit accrues to the African and Asian countries who export their brightest citizens from their talent pool, their wellspring of potential reform, to the UK to prop up a mismanaged health and public sector? What benefit (to us) from having an alien religion supplant the indigenous belief system? What benefit from suffering the practice of barbaric religious animal slaughter on UK soil? What is so urgent about permanently changing the face of the UK that it requires the subjugation of free expression, free association and the demolition of a thousand years of constitutional governance that has been imitated (but never bettered) around the world and all against the wishes of the un-consulted British?

If Mr. Way could supply us with a list of tangible and measurable benefits rather than the alleged, the nebulous and the totally unquantifiable we would all be able to make our own minds up. It is often quoted that immigrants provide a net financial contribution to the economy (£2.5billion) as the justification for their presence. Quite apart from the fact that the treasury figures were instantly exposed as bogus, selective and heavily doctored wishful thinking, it would still not be sufficient reason for the government to ask indigenous white Britons to shut up and pay up for their own racial extermination by stealth. Your publication for so long as it continues, should confine itself to matters in which it purports to have expertise, it should not be yet another state sponsored mouthpiece for the massive treason being carried out against the white population. Sharmila Dhillon London;

Sharmila observes:
“…but I don’t think it’s as serious as the media make it out to be.” Here at least we see acknowledgment of, if not the reasoned methodology behind the frenzied response of the print and broadcast media to the BNP. “…if this (further integration) isn’t encouraged by our government there’s a strong chance that we’ll see the BNP enjoy increased support in the future.” Please understand our laws and constitution. It is not the given role of government to aid illegal immigration and forced integration in any manner. Where has she been for the past 30/40 yrs? Every facet of life has had the attentions of the race relations and ‘diversity industry’ forced upon it with threats of fine, forfeit, dismissal, imprisonment or public approbation through the bought media. From nursery children (remember the Sure Start Scheme suggestions about “baa baa green sheep” and Lewis Carrol’s Piglet!!) to ‘offensive’ porcelain pigs on an arrested pensioner’s window sill, this intrusive enforcement of political correctness is widely ridiculed and deeply resented along, quite logically, with those who promote it.

She presumably cannot accept the possibility that it is the accelerating pace of this forced acceptance of mass immigration by Nu-Labour in particular that is waking the indigenous white population to their coming fate. The very last thing they want is more of the same. The nu-labour regime in particular is in full thrall to the directives of the MCB, CRE, EU et al and has brought this upon itself. “…by those who feel disenfranchised from mainstream society and blame immigration for their problems.” More sixth form sociology clichés. Native British people see their problems in much wider terms than your correspondent’s simplistic analysis. Yes immigration is a massive and legitimate concern. Anyone who would deny that legitimacy as a manifestation of ‘institutional racism’ has no business making pronouncements upon it as such denial removes any chance of debate at a stroke. Our concerns are many and interlinked, for example... Let’s deal with some fundamentals. Our islands are our only home lands, we have no other. We assert our primacy in the islands of the UK and the right to own this land and to exercise the birthright of the protection of our laws and conventions in perpetuity.

Magna Carta is still in force and was never a document granting rights to the people of Britain, it was a recognition (effectively at the point of the people’s sword) by the Monarch of rights we have always had. Through it the executive power of Monarchy and Parliament are forever held as subject to the consent of the people in perpetuity. Parliament cannot dissolve itself nor can it abrogate its powers.
This is fundamental stuff in case the penny hasn’t dropped!

And most crucial of all; The people are sovereign in their parliament, not ministers, not the Lords, not the monarch and most definitely not the European Council of Ministers or the Muslim Council of Britain. Being subject to the same physical constraints as the rest of the universe means that there is a natural physical limit to the population that any defined area can support. This seems obvious but why have the Green Party silently dropped any policy reference to an actual figure? Answer; the current UK population is untenable and only sustained and made governable by the promise of continuing input of oil derived energy. That promise was never anyone’s to give and is about to be broken as oil production hits peak (North Sea output peaked in 1999) and from this point on we begin riding the down-slope of the energy graph. No effective substitute looks likely to appear in time to replace oil derivatives for road transport fuel, huge agrichemical use, power generation, off grid home heating, rail, air travel. All is dependent on oil and on any planetary system there is only ever one chance for an energy based society to evolve, it’s effectively a 1-Shot deal. This, friends, is it. You are living at the very peak of human civilisation. Forget the post apocalyptic rise of the cockroach, it was only ever science fiction. Oil should have been used sparingly to ensure our successful transition to ultimate sustainability of the human race into and through the coming millennia. It turned out to be the road not taken and we have instead prepared for ourselves an unappetizing banquet of cold, hard consequences.

What is the likely scenario as that fact begins to dawn on the British and international public together with the instant removal of vast amounts of speculative ‘capital’ from the stilt walking financial markets as everyone finally twigs that there is nothing viable left to invest in and moreover nothing to invest with? What realisable assets do you suppose will pay those billions of worthless, ‘built on a promise’ pensions worldwide? How will ambulances run? Who will fuel and fund the police or the construction industry or manufacturing? Commuting will not be viable, holidays and foreign homes will be abandoned as ridiculously wasteful concepts. (for the likes of us) Tap water will find its true value before it eventually ceases to flow and we commence our transition to the harsh reality of a low/no energy subsistence society.

Against this background what do you suppose will be the reaction of the English (or indeed any other race) when they are asked to move aside and let another unassimilable racial group take over the land and enter the competition for rapidly disappearing resources? They will ask the inevitable question, “why should we?” and no-one could decry them for it. It is survival instinct pure and simple, a consequence of natural law and nature’s laws are not broken with impunity. Let us also remember that MI5 reported to cabinet recently that Britain as it stands is only four square meals from wide scale civil disturbance. Katherine Kemp East Ham

“The BNP are a despicable bunch”
No explanations or reasoning given but she’s entitled to her opinion however bigoted; She then goes on to repeat the tired old soar; “…our government doesn’t do enough to create harmony between communities.” How many state and lottery funded ‘inter-faith research projects’, Gambian Women’s Enterprise Groups and Cohesion Funds will it take? We’ve had forty years of this and no visible advantage has yet accrued to the native British therefrom. Why on earth should we be expected to join in the clamour for more? “…it’s the BNP… that fuels the fire through fear and lies.” The respondent is merely demonstrating the journalistic tyranny of language. For the loaded phrase ‘fear and lies’ substitute the phrase “raising valid concerns” and the sting is instantly drawn from the sentence. You in your capacity as editor should be above such unsophisticated linguistic tricks employed solely to raise emotional response to a sentence that lacks valid content. You at least should be able to spot and exclude them. I would be grateful if Mrs Kemp would provide specific examples of BNP ‘lies’. I will be more than happy to investigate and respond to them. Incidentally, on the subject of lies let’s not exclude good old fashioned corruption. It might be appropriate at this point to mention that we have and want no ‘ties’ to big business donors, greasers or bagmen looking for peerages. Our party accounts were recently pronounced by a senior Electoral Commission official as “the only ones that give us no cause for concern”. That didn’t stop Barclays and HSBC bowing to pressure from the Daily Telegraph (prop. Richard Desmond, pornographer and Labour donor) and withdrawing banking facilities from the party. They don’t seem to have a problem stashing money from the bank robbers of the IRA though do they! I would venture to suggest that recent comments from Shahid (= the martyr) Malik ‘MP’ about the BNP marching around Bradford and Oldham being the cause of the recent rioting and racial tensions are a textbook example of alarmist lying. For information, the BNP haven’t marched anywhere since 1998 and have no intention of so doing. Get your facts right Mr. Malik, the chances of an apology, retraction and correction? Nil. “…then retreat to the sidelines and watch community divides broaden.” We do not retreat anywhere because there is nowhere to retreat to, although I note that the scion of the left Billy Bragg retreats to his agreeable six bedroomed manse in ‘hideously white’ Dorset rather than Brent East. In Coventry we stood in the most heavily diversified ward just to make that very point; that we consider no part of this country a ‘no-go area’ and will stand where and when we choose. The Keighley police have in desperation called on the local BNP representatives for help in resolving the multi-racial chaos when endless consultations and fora with unelected ethnic ‘community leaders’ have been utterly unable to meet the challenge. “The govt doesn’t help this by announcing that immigration is out of control and the Home office is in disarray.”

She just doesn’t get this democracy thing does she?
To the British it is of much greater concern that their government tried (yet again) to hide their dysfunction by withholding such information! We give the government of the day the authority, duty and finance to control and defend our country’s borders amongst other things. We have an absolute right to know if, why and how it is dysfunctional. What’s the problem with this? It’s part of the accountability process she’s asking for but yet she bemoans the results of that process? I’m sorry but I’m getting really confused with her train of logic here! That immigration is out of control cannot be a matter for dispute when the past three Home Secretaries admit they “haven’t a clue” how many immigrants have entered, left or still remain in the country! “…needs to be some accountability from our government.” Katherine, there is a means of accountability, it is called a ballot box although the sanctity and security of these is now the subject of several court cases following the disgraceful activities in Birmingham of six muslim councillors last year. The contempt for democracy and the franchise displayed by this and countless similar acts around the country cuts many English voters to the core. It offends the memory of the price they paid to obtain and keep the sanctity of the ballot box and what it represents. Such disrespect will not easily be forgotten. We have an example before the courts currently in relation to the ward in Coventry mentioned above and shabby state backed attempts to get the Sandwell and other declared results overturned. Banana republic? Well yes, it appears so! However one can only cast an informed vote on the basis of correct information and the true facts of government performance have forever been deeply hidden. Therefore if you want the facts one must be prepared to find out for oneself.

The problem is that it takes much time, effort and expense wading through countless government and EU web pages. How many have actually read the Draft EU Constitution? 250 plus pages without a single laugh in it! Not many I’ll bet, yet this treacherous document is almost wholly dedicated (save for a cursory preamble about ‘human rights’) to promoting the advance of global trade interests and sacrificing what vestige of national independence, identity and self determination we yet hold. All corrupted government will try to appropriate ever more power to itself. Additionally, it must forever be borne in mind that “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.” Therefore it is every citizen’s duty to make himself aware of the truth and actively rake for it wherever it has been secreted. Ignorance of the cause of ones demise was never a defence in nature neither is it one in law, politics or demographics. Our constitution was wrought from a thousand years of experience and bloodshed so that the citizen and subject of the Monarch is protected by Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights in any rightful or necessary challenge to either government or Monarch.

Those without the stamina or critical ability to sort fact from fiction in a government’s arguments and actions invariably take the lazy way out and believe the corrupted output of the media for their dose of the currently fashionable group-think. It also conveniently provides the path of least resistance, is a cheap distraction from reality, satisfies the desire for a mental wallpaper of conformity to cover the cracks in an increasingly disparate world and wastes a lot of money in pursuit of not much at all.

The last thing they will find in the media however is the truth. Summary; Well, you requested dialogue as did your correspondents, so here it is. I hope that this may provide some insight into the real and perceived problems the indigenous white population is facing. They are entirely legitimate and yet BNP supporters and the growing membership are being arrested and jailed for having the nerve to raise the warning, sacked for mere membership of the party, homes are raided and hard drives stolen for Special Branch use in building up a picture of inter party ‘networks’. The major parties actively and strategically collaborate with the media and each other in their vain attempts to suppress the BNP. Principle counts for nothing, statesmanship has been banished and replaced by an inadequate collection of ‘change managers’, focus groups, bagmen, backslappers and career sycophants, toothless select committees, a grossly politicised pseudo-paramilitary police force, a rogue judiciary that is outwith the law, an executive (cabinet) run by a cabal of ex and current Marxists, suspected paedophiles, business and Bilderberg Group placemen (who they?) plus a functional illiterate, the list is practically endless unlike the patience of the British.

They have no shame at all in holding the continuation of each other’s gravy trains as more important than the interests of the very people who put them there and whose sufferance and unwillingness to be provoked has been the real factor in keeping UK society stable. I can make no apology for the length of this letter and there are a hundred and one everyday examples of anti-white discrimination I could have included but space and a vengeful rouge judiciary precludes their inclusion, it is also too easy to fall into editorialised speechifying! I formally request your response to the above. For my part, I have no objection to this being forwarded to your correspondents for their response should they choose to avail themselves of the opportunity to justify their position with facts and reasoning. I have no naïve expectation that any part of this reply will be submitted for publication, yours and their request for, and tolerance of debate therefore is about to be tested.
In anticipation of your acknowledgement and soonest reply,

Yours with concern,

Mr. Davied E. Clarke & family  

 After presenting this thing to the job centre manager and pulling it apart (politically) I read them the riot act and vowed to take it as far as necessary.

Suddenly (from about October 06) this bi-weekly, expensively printed piece of blatant racial preference failed to appear. Enquiries to their offices elicited the response that it was "no longer viable to produce" whatever the hell that means. It's expensively produced because it derives its income from the marketing budgets of the armed forces, police forces, local government recruitment ads, British Gas, BT etc, the usual quota obsessed entities.

The point is, it's no longer distributed in Coventry, it would be interesting to know if anyone else is taking this up and if they've had any success.

Thanks for picking this one up and publicising it on your site. Top stuff! »—> ' Works for Me' ( Earl's Court, London, 21st October 2006 )

For our children's futures Dave C.