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Free Speech

Free Speech ? Use it or LOSE it !
Populist and Populism are NOT four letter words.
They just describe Democracy from the ground up.
It's the Greatest Good, for the Greatest Number.

Sean Bryson - Notting Hill - London W11 - UK

'Some' of the people who wish to speak with you,
may be a danger to you.

But 'all' of the people who would stop you listening,
are a danger to you.

Sean Bryson

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Rogues Gallery Rogues Gallery ... 
The tiniest fraction of those first and second-generation immigrants who have killed, raped and otherwise violated British men, women and children in Britain.
All of them committed the crimes cited since Stephen Lawrence was killed. We've all heard of Stephen.
How many of these were you aware of before you saw them here?


"The concept of envy — the hatred of the superior — has dropped out of our moral vocabulary …

The idea that white Christian civilization is hated more for its virtues than its sins doesn’t occur to us, because it’s not a nice idea. …

Western man towers over the rest of the world in ways so large as to be almost inexpressible.
It’s Western exploration, science, and conquest that have revealed the world to itself. Other races feel like subjects of Western power long after colonialism, imperialism, and slavery have disappeared.

The charge of racism puzzles whites who feel not hostility, but only baffled good will, because they don’t grasp what it really means: humiliation.
The white man presents an image of superiority even when he isn’t conscious of it.
And, superiority excites envy.

Destroying white civilization is the inmost desire of the league of designated victims we call minorities.

–Joseph Sobran (Sobran’s — April 1997)"


I want and believe in self determination for my people
said the Black man.
I want and believe in self determination for my people
said the Brown man.
I want and believe in self determination for my people
said the White Racist.



THIS IS EUROPA The Voice of Ethnic-Europeans Worldwide


The mayors of London, Birmingham (Britain’s second largest city), Leeds, Blackburn, Sheffield, Oxford, Luton, Oldham, and Rochdale are now non-European Muslims. In Britain is situated over 3,000 mosques, 130 Muslim Sharia Courts of Law and over 50 Muslim Sharia Councils.

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In 1979, Michael Walsh, the author of EUROPE ARISE, received 6 x 4 month prison sentences for publishing a flier that predicted such no-go areas for many White people. How has a minority said by enemedia to represent just 5 per cent of the population been able to become omnipotent in Britain’s greatest cities? Vote rigging has enabled an ethnic minority to become a majority in great English cities.

Who is to blame? Don’t be too quick to blame the Asian immigrants. If they have taken advantage then the finger of blame is pointed at toxic political elite, a corrupt Civil Service, a spineless police service, and a treacherous alien-owned media.

Vote rigging in Muslim communities has gone unchallenged because politically correct police and other bodies are scared of causing offence, a hard-hitting report reveals. Authorities have also turned a blind eye to bullying and religious intimidation among Asian communities at election times, former Cabinet Minister Sir Eric Pickles found.

Having ignored the concerns of Whites for decades this overfed politician now blasts the Electoral Commission for making the problem worse by promoting the use of foreign languages at polling stations, saying it “leaves the door open to fraud”.

Unbelievably, Britain’s police, dubbed ‘the filth’, park police recruitment vans outside mosques to harvest police recruits.

David Cameron appointed Communities Secretary Sir Eric anti-corruption tsar to probe electoral fraud in the wake of a major voting scandal in Tower Hamlets, East London. Lutfur Rahman was booted out as mayor after being found guilty of corrupt and illegal practices after being accused of claiming racism and Islamophobia to silence his critics.

Major postal voting fraud is suspected in other mainly Asian areas, a decade after a judge found evidence of fraud in Birmingham that would “disgrace a banana republic”.

Sir Eric heard police had been reluctant to stop intimidation “maybe because of a supposed fear of claims of ‘discrimination’”

The top Tory said some cops were “too closely associated” with councils or local politicians, and failed to probe tip-offs as they “were concerned about being pro-active on some issues because of potential allegations of discrimination”.

He said it was “astonishing” that no criminal charges were brought in the Tower Hamlets case, adding: “The court found that Muslim clerics had participated in Lutfur Rahman’s campaign to persuade Muslim voters that it was their religious duty to vote for him.”

Authorities had also feared to intervene over massive postal vote abuse, including women and youngsters being told how to vote by elders.

Warning the true scale of the problem is unknown, Pickles says: “There were concerns that influence and intimidation within households may not be reported, and that state institutions had turned a blind eye to such behaviour because of ‘politically correct’ over-sensitivities about ethnicity and religion.”



Areas of Bradford, England, are No Go Zones for non-Muslims. The city is “heading toward disaster,” councillors have warned, citing attacks on white-owned businesses in ‘Asian’ areas.

Non-Muslims, identified as Whites are now scared in Bradford. Councillor Vanda Greenwood says that young women did not feel safe in the town because of gangs of Asian men known to be marauding gangs of rapists.

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Bradford Muslims exercise cultural dominance and there have been controversies involving sharia law. It has been reported that “Bradford had the dubious honour of being chosen as the UK’s most dangerous city in a YouGov poll.”

On-going tolerance because of shouts of Islamophobia is causing the agonising death of once-peaceful Western communities, now plagued by extreme violence and squalor. It is not the renegade corrupt elite who endure this, but the indigenous Britons whose grandparents gave everything to ‘defend England’s way of life.’

Media headlines say it all: “UK: Whites Scared, White-Owned Businesses Stoned in a Racially Divided Bradford ‘Heading for Disaster’. December 24, 2017.

Just last month, Dame Louise Casey, the author, spoke out saying integration had failed and claiming political correctness has aided Muslim extremists. The Red Lion and Round Thorn pubs, in the West of the city, were among those targeted on the 5th of November, according to the Telegraph and Argus.

“These were the only white businesses in the area. No Asian businesses were attacked. They were targeted because they were White”.

Labour Councillor Vanda Greenwood added that young women were too afraid to come to the city. “There is a real problem of people’s perception of Bradford. My daughter is 23 and she and her friends say they will not come into Bradford for a drink or night out because they say there are gangs of Asian males hanging around.”

Bradford, with a population of 1.5 million is the fourth largest urban area in Absurdistan, formerly the United Kingdom.

Anyone is free to republish, copy, and redistribute stories that appear in The Ethnic European. We are sponsored by donors whose names appear under the TEAMWORK tab. You can also help by purchasing spin-free books published by The Ethnic European (Book Store).

German women have launched a campaign called #120db to lend a voice to women who have been physically or sexually attacked as a result of ‘Mad Merkel’s mass migration policies.

The group, which calls itself 120 Decibels after the sound intensity of rape alarms, launched a video this week in which several members list the names of recent victims of violence committed by asylum seekers. The women in the video reference the recent case of a young girl called Mia, who was stabbed to death by her former benefit-bandit boyfriend in the German city of Kandel, as well as Maria Ladenburger, who was raped and killed allegedly by an immigrant who lied about his being underage, and 11-year-old Ebba Akerlund, who was torn in half after being struck by a lorry during the Stockholm terror attack last year. The female victims of Merkel’s murder sprees are outraged. “They could be me and I could be them. The offenders are everywhere. While jogging in the park, when we come home after work, while we wait for the bus, we are not secure because you are not securing us.”

The women go on to blame mass migration, stating that the borders are not secure, that the authorities have no idea who is coming into the country, and “refuse to deport criminals”.

The number of deportations in Germany increased in 2017, despite hand-wringing assurances by Europe’s most hated leader. Her pledge in late 2016 to deport 100,000 failed asylum seekers proved to be an empty promise.

The chancellor dubbed ‘Mad Merkel’ has seen a calamitous drop in her approval ratings. The worst chancellor in Germany history she commands the support of less than 1 / 4 German voters. Mention of her name is usually followed by a spitting gesture.

On Sunday, February 4, she will again make a vain attempt to hold her shaky coalition together. Merkel’s tenure is nearing its end; the world and especially the EU braces itself for a post-Merkel era.

“Because of your immigration policies, we are soon facing a majority of young men who come from archaic societies with no women’s rights,” one of the women states.

The group calls for the women of Europe to rise up against mass migration promising to take action and declaring that their #120db movement is the “real #MeToo”.

The hashtag elicited many responses on social media platform Twitter supporting the movement, but also some criticising it. One critic, a woman from Germany, labeled the movement “ethnosexism”.

The movement is also linked to the identitarian youth movement, which has been likened to a right-wing version of Greenpeace for their often spectacular protests.







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