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'Some' of the people who wish to speak with you,
may be a danger to you.

But 'all' of the people who would stop you listening,
are a danger to you.

Sean Bryson

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Rogues Gallery Rogues Gallery ... 
The tiniest fraction of those first and second-generation immigrants who have killed, raped and otherwise violated British men, women and children in Britain.
All of them committed the crimes cited since Stephen Lawrence was killed. We've all heard of Stephen.
How many of these were you aware of before you saw them here?


"The concept of envy — the hatred of the superior — has dropped out of our moral vocabulary …

The idea that white Christian civilization is hated more for its virtues than its sins doesn’t occur to us, because it’s not a nice idea. …

Western man towers over the rest of the world in ways so large as to be almost inexpressible.
It’s Western exploration, science, and conquest that have revealed the world to itself. Other races feel like subjects of Western power long after colonialism, imperialism, and slavery have disappeared.

The charge of racism puzzles whites who feel not hostility, but only baffled good will, because they don’t grasp what it really means: humiliation.
The white man presents an image of superiority even when he isn’t conscious of it.
And, superiority excites envy.

Destroying white civilization is the inmost desire of the league of designated victims we call minorities.

–Joseph Sobran (Sobran’s — April 1997)"


I want and believe in self determination for my people
said the Black man.
I want and believe in self determination for my people
said the Brown man.
I want and believe in self determination for my people
said the White Racist.



Muslim Immigrants Will Cause ‘Inevitable Civil War In Europe’
Posted on October 17, 2016 by The Balkans Chronicles
ISIS Infiltration After Nazism and Communism, islam is the third totalitarian ideology that threatens humanity. It is a pernicious and deceitful ideology, which disguises itself perfectly since it is part “religion”.Islam is more than a religion(the religious part of islam is only about 18%), IT IS A COMPLETE CIVILIZATION including politics and laws.IN ISLAM, THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE STATE AND THE RELIGION.There is no separation of church (mosque) and state. So, the religion is the state, and the state is the religion, they are one and the same. All laws are already written in the koran and in the sunna. This means: the mosque decides and the imam rules…

Islam sees the world as eternally divided into two opposing camps:1.) Dar al-Harb (land of war, ruled by the infidels)…..2.) Dar al-Islam (land of peace, ruled by muslims)…Any country that is not islamic and not ruled by muslims is seen as a land of war.Europe belongs to the Dar al-Harb and MUST be subjugated.THE ULTIMATE GOAL OF ISLAM IS TO DOMINATE AND CONTROL THE WORLD AND TO ESTABLISH THE SHARIA WORLDWIDE…

The battle of Vienna in 1683 was the second wave of Islam attempted expansion into Europe.There is a new muslim conquest of Europe underway—but this time, it is a peaceful invasion.From its very beginning, Islam was spread politically and occupied territories by two arms: Jihad, the violent arms of occupation, violence and war-mongering, and Da‘wah, the diplomatic and propaganda arm with the aim of Islamization. Millions of Turks, Arabs, Algerians and other Muslims have immigrated to European countries.While Western Europe counted between one and two million muslims in the 1960’s, this number has risen to more than 30 million today.Already in 1974, the former Algerian President Houari Boumédienne prophetically addressed the general assembly of the United Nations: “One day, millions of men will leave the Southern Hemisphere to go to the Northern Hemisphere. And they will not go there as friends. Because they will go there to conquer. And they will conquer it with their sons. The wombs of our women will give us victory.” Muslim immigration is a form of jihad through colonization called hijra, which she reports dates back to the time of Mohammad. The migration is actually a religious obligation, in which muslims are required to spread Islam.The Koran forbids integration with host societies,demanding that host societies submit to Islamic cultural practices…Welcome to Eurabia!…

Europe’s low white birth rate, coupled with faster multiplying migrants, will change fundamentally what we take to mean by European culture and society.Brussels, the capital of Europe, already consists for 70 per cent of immigrants, a percentage that will rise to 85 per cent by 2020.Entire neighborhoods of Paris, London, and other European cities have become Muslim-run “no-go zones,” off-limits to law enforcement and governed by Islamic sharia law.Throughout the world the integration policy has failed because islam does not WANT to integrate. And the Koran does not want integration: “make with the Jews and Christians no agreements, because when you do that, you become one of them”.A harmonious multicultural society with islam exists NOWHERE and WILL NEVER EXIST. History shows that muslims, as long as they are in the minority, are very tolerant, but once in power are the enemies of democracy…

A well known fact is that Islam is a totalitarian ideology that rejects Democracy, personal freedom, and every other religion.Under Islamic sharia, a woman is not considered a free being. She is mentally unfit to decide her own life, so she is to be under her husband’s control. She has no right to marry a man of her choice without her father’s or another male family member’s consent. She has no right to divorce by her choice or to gain her children’s custody in case of divorce. The value of her life is half the value of her husband.In brief, women are the commodity of their husbands and extended family, and therefore their free choice is entirely restricted under Islamic sharia.The lack of access to education and authentic Islamic education for women today has contributed to the widespread acceptance of their inferior status. Around 85 Sharia courts are thought to exist in Britain…

There is only one islam, so islam is islam. No confusion here…Without realizing it, Muslims all over the world are mentally imprisoned by the teachings of Islam. By means of lies, threats, extreme physical punishment, and brainwashing, the hierarchy of Islam orders the followers of Islam to commit the most heinous acts of violence and terrorism in the name of God.Jihad started 1,400 years ago and it is ongoing today. In over 1400 years islam has never done anything but sow death and destruction. Jihad and killing are the head of islam.Jihad will not stop until the land is dominated by islam and controlled by the sharia.The jihadist movement is the driving force behind today’s global terrorist wave, which is conducted under the guise of a religious armed struggle, the jihad. A verse like: “kill them wherever you may find them” (Qoran 2:191, 4:89, 4:91) is typical. Islam is an ideology of WAR. The Koran is a BOOK OF WAR….

Muhammad was warlord, he spread the religion through the sword, many people had to die for his religion to be established….Let’s see some verses from the Qur’an, to see how peaceful this religion is:Qoran (2:191-193) – “And kill them wherever you find them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out”…Qoran (8:39) – “And fight with them until there is no more fitna (disorder, unbelief) and religion is all for Allah alone.”….”Islam is in an eternal war with the non-Islamic world” -Qoran 4:76, 60: 4….”Muslims must not take the infidels as friends and unless the latter offer peace, they must be killed wherever the Muslims find them [Qoran 4:49, 4:91]….. In the eyes of the Islamic doctrine, the Westerner who comprises of mainly of the Jews, Christians and nontheists, are labeled as Kafirs which means cruel, deceptive and hypocrite infidels/unbeliever [Qoran 2:39]….Those revealed verdicts of the Qoran remains relevant for all time and are the cause for the Muslims failure to respect the Western cultures and assimilate in those societies. …Qoran 58:22 praises muslims who fight and kill their own non-muslim family members: “You shall find none who believe in Allah and the Last Day on friendly terms with those who oppose Allah and His Messenger—even if they be their fathers, their sons, their brothers, or their nearest kindred.”…What’s all this?….

By now any sane human being of 21st century should realize that the religion of Islam is the main source of Islamic terrorism happening today around the world. But sadly, majority of gullible people (Muslim and non-Muslims) tend to ask questions: Does Islam have anything to do with Terrorism? More precisely—does the Qor’an anyway responsible for Islamic terrorism, or Islamic suicide bombings?The Qoran repeatedly promised celestial handsome rewards for those who can kill kaffirs (enemy of Allah and His messenger) and dreadful punishing hellfire for those who refuse to kill kaffirs. The Quran also incites followers to sacrifice their lives in order to kill kaffirs in exchange for a much better and lucrative after life. In this line just one Qoranic verse (9:111) is most attractive to those jihadis who are desperately eager to achieve heavenly rearward of 72 virgins. Here is the master piece from Holy Qoran….

ISIS is real Islam in action.Mosab Hassan Yousef – Son of Hamas Says: “ISIS is the REAL Face of Islam.I was brought up in a state of delusion, believing the Islamic theory that once we control the globe and build an Islamic State we can bring humanity, justice and happiness and solve the human condition…Islam is a very dark theory and we need to face this reality.Islam is the religion of war.Islam is at war with everything that is not muslim,” Yousef said.Here we have a man who grew up in a muslim home, who should know what his former religion was really about. He laughs when people call Islam a “religion of peace.”…

Islamists will not find it difficult to conquer Europe. Christianity in Western Europe has virtually ceased to exist. The spirit of secular relativism that originated from the French Enlightenment (Illuminati) has persuaded Europe (including Europe’s churches) to commit a protracted, two centuries long suicide, the symptoms of which were visible in Communism, National-Socialism and moral relativism in general.Man is a religious being and needs religious faith. If European Christianity had still been healthy today it would have proselytized, it would have reached out with missionary zeal to the millions of Muslims who migrated to Western Europe since the 1970s, it would have offered them Christ and would not be in fear of Islam…

In parts of France, Britain, Sweden and Germany, muslim immigrants have set up enclaves where the host nations don’t exercise any sovereignty.No-go zones function an independent fiefdoms governed by Sharia Law. Countries that have these zones have effectively lost control of these areas. In many areas, they cannot even provide basic social services such as police, fire fighting and ambulance services.In these areas muslim immigrants have created parallel societies that are segregated from their larger communities….Muslim enclaves in European cities are also breeding grounds for Islamic radicalism and pose a significant threat to Western security…

Immigrants bring their culture with them. They do not leave it back-home…
In France, large swaths of muslim neighborhoods are now considered “no-go” zones by French police. At last count, there are 751 Sensitive Urban Zones or “SUZs” as they are euphemistically called. An estimated 5 million muslims live in these areas of France over which the French state has lost control.Muslim enclaves in European cities are also breeding grounds for Islamic radicalism and pose a significant threat to Western security….







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