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Domesticating People                        By The Same Author UK Public Mugged Off
Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2007 08:18:55 EDT

In my last article ' Farming people ' I showed you how the Labour government is using people as a commodity to make money for the State in taxation and fines.
However farming people just like farming animals can only be done by domesticating wild animals in the first place, as our ancestors did in ages past.

Did one of our ancestors one day enter the forest and capture a wolf to use as a hunting dog or guard dog , did they go onto the moors or highlands and start milking an auroch , a fierce ancestor of our Highland cattle standing 6 foot tall. No, it had to be done in stages maybe by taking a wolf cub or auroch calf and bringing it up amongst people .

To domesticate wild animals they must be kept in suitable conditions so they do not wish to revert back to wild life.Well fed and watered so the foraging and browsing is not needed , shelter so the nomadic lifestyle is a thing of the past. Protected from other animals makes life easier for them. Shelter, food and protection will keep the animal happy , breeding will increase the herd and as the young are brought up in domesticity it becomes part of their instinct , the wild life is forgotten and now something to be feared.

Our rural ancestors just as country people today are like those wild animals of old, they live with nature , work the soil and hunt in the forest and rivers for food . Living in small village communities they have a sort of freedom to run their lives, no real stress , healthy food and time to reflect .These rural people are self sufficient , independent minded , definitely not what a government wants its people to be.

So how does the government change this.

First they must get these independent people together in large groups to keep an eye on them and they do this by enticing these people into towns and cities with the promise of easier and better paid work hence the industrial age had its benefits to the government of the day.

Money for food and shelter in cities is more tempting to people than the hard work and uncertainty of rural life. Better living conditions with water on tap, electricity and gas , smaller territory to contend with where shops , schools and entertainment is localised with public transport ensures people do not want to revert back to the ' wild life '.

This is all well and good but to carry out these jobs that have lured people to the cities they need education to work the machines and to run and upkeep these cities. Education as the saying says "is a dangerous thing" and it certainly is if domesticating people is your goal.

Unlike animals , humans have a greater brain capacity and this can mean organising themselves to ask for more of a say in the government and an improvement in conditions.

To allay this the humans must have comfortable conditions to stop them leaving their homes to take part in any disorder, that's why we have 24 hour television to keep them amused , interactive programmes they can get involved in supposedly giving them choice in what is going on. In front of the television is where they can be brainwashed into thinking the world is alright and a lovely place to live. Cheap , easily obtainable alcohol and drugs will ensure they are gullible to this propaganda and in no fit state to leave their home.

Whilst watching television they will be enticed to buy items they do not really want and lured into having credit cards and loans to buy what they see the unreal television people have.

Not all of these city people are so easily fooled they need other tactics. Stress, that great killer of city people. A work colleague , many years ago , had so much stress with his job he actually broke down in Heathrow airport and was literally unable to function.The manager director had to go and collect him from the bench where he was sitting .

Put people under financial stress and they have to go on the defensive to protect their nice life style , their cars , homes, luxury goods , constantly raising taxes and interest rates does this ; bringing in new laws and regulations ensure small businesses are constantly having to 'fork out' more cash to comply with all these government regulations eating into their profits , creating stress.

I'm talking about stress for a reason , a brain receives many signals , sound, vision , smell , touch and the brain reacts to them all , collating the information and acting on it. Consequently the brain is very busy particularly if it is trying to focus on something in particular ; with all this going on the attention span of the brain becomes short.

This is what the government want , a people unable to focus on important issues so the wool can be easily pulled over their eyes. That's why the government finds it easy to hide bad news with good news as people are unable to focus on important issues any more , they cannot read between the lines, they have lost that capability.

Stress is not just financial pressure it's job related too, bombard the worker with targets , uncertainty about their work future, get their spouses out to work too ; this means the likelihood of less relaxing domestic conditions at home when the domesticated humans finally go home after long hours of working. Even parking their cars outside their little houses is stressful as our country fills up with people far more than the country's infrastructure can cope with.

Constant building of houses ensure people live on top of each other causing friction between them in these cramped surroundings as well.

Global warning concerns a lot of people as they worry about the future of their children but is it a reality .Weather goes in cycles , Norway and Canada recently had unusually bad snowfall , Britain at the moment is having torrential rainfall this seems to suggest the worry of global warming is unfounded , plenty of experts out there say global warming is not a threat.

But that concern is still something the human brain has to consider. As is the threat to personal well being with murder and violent crime on the increase . Ethnic gangs shooting each other on the streets is no longer confined to the TV , it is a reality the city people have to contend with.

Protection of the family is a major concern of the city dweller especially as successive governments have disarmed the public and made it more likely they and not their assailant will get the prison sentence. With the advent of war on Iraq and Afghanistan , something the Prime Minister not only failed to consult the public but also parliament, we suffered bombings in the very cities where domesticated Britons live by those aliens that have been introduced into our country without the public's consent bringing terror and more stress for our brain. RAF Typhoon warplanes are at constant readiness to intercept jets which air traffic controllers believe have been seized by terrorists intent on a September 11-style atrocity.
A cause for concern as you fly off for your relaxing holiday abroad.

Silly , petty criminalisation of the domesticated people continues unabated by the government who now are even considering prosecuting for cruelty to pet spiders, octopuses and restaurant lobsters under animal welfare plans . All these silly laws , over 300 since Labour came to power , put pressure on the domesticated people's brain.

British people however have a safety valve against stress and it is humour . British humour is unlike any other it relies on making fun of people's differences aka 'piss taking'. It has served us well in wartime and times of stress.How many serious moments have been lightened by a comic quip aimed against someone to relieve the tension.

This safety valve has been noticed by the Labour government and removed by the introduction of the draconian race and religious hatred laws , no longer can British people make fun of someone else as it can be now construed as threatening to ethnic minorities however trivial the quip ; more stress for the domesticated people to contend with.

Just as the herd of cattle in the farmer's field could suddenly decide to look for pastures new if a leader should emerge so could the domesticated city dweller. To counter this the farmers mix the herd with new stock which also may have such a leader but the leaders will soon fight amongst themselves to gain superiority. Any thought of escape back to the wild is forgotten whilst the fight for ' pecking order ' goes on.

In the human cities this is achieved by bringing in immigrants of a different race or religion , each group now fights for supremacy with no time or inclination to tackle the government, they cannot focus on the real issues any more ; their overworked brain can no longer focus.

Health is another factor in domesticating humans, rural people had good health , plenty of fresh air , physically demanding work kept them fit and healthy fresh food to eat but once they entered our cities all this ended , jammed into factories using cancer causing chemicals, never seeing the sun , breathing in factory fumes and repetitive boring jobs in front of machines .Cheap and nasty manufactured food , dirty hospitals , an inept national health service ensure the health of the city dwellers continues to deteriorate.
The re-introduction of tuberculosis into Britain by immigrants , who face no medical checks at our borders, is encouraged by the government who ended TB inoculation for our school children in 2005.

Constant health scares , bird flu , mad cow disease , the constant finding of some food source which has a detrimental effect on health all add to the mayhem , the build up of stress.
All these health problems are detrimental to the brain and are part of the planned subjugation of domesticated people.

To ensure the balance of this domesticity is not upset the government starts at an early age making children go to school earlier and earlier getting them away from the comfort of the family home, test, tests and more tests put these young children under stress at an early age , when they grow up stress will already be part of their life. It has been suggested by so called experts that more than a million children have mental health problems, a doubling of the number in a generation.

When the young leave school , unemployment is the norm yet still migrant workers flood Britain encouraged by our government giving no future for our children who turn to alcohol and drugs in despair , some drugs have been made legal by the government and no real attempt is made to clear the streets of drug dealers, why should they when the total pacification of the public is sought.

Have you noticed most active of nationalist parties activists are generally those unemployed or retired , they are free from a lot of this government fabricated stress so are getting back the brain's ability to focus on what is important.
That is why the non-working elderly people are put under pressure too , vital medicines are being withheld , macugen and drugs for alzheimers disease for example , this is their stress the inability to look after themselves these elderly will be put into care homes where they can be controlled with medication , anti depressants and the like.

The price of everything you buy goes up with inflation but pensions do not keep pace they only rise by about a £1 every year , one shopping item rise in price will wipe out the increase in pensions putting the elderly under pressure even though they no longer work. We have already have had peoples pensions stolen by the government putting those better off elderly into financial uncertainty.

From a three year old being forced into school to the elderly being denied medicines they need , people's brains are being controlled and deflected away from independent thought.

The government does not act alone they have accomplices : doctors , MP's , police , senior civil servants and judges etc all putting people under pressure , for this they receive high financial reward .
Not for them is living in crowded council estates , not for them is walking our dangerous streets at night or for that matter during the day, not for them is travelling on our inefficient public transport, not for them is the hospital waiting lists , not for them is low wages and not for their children are schools where the main language used is alien to indigenous people of Britain.

For these people are the farm workers .