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Corruption through Multi Media

To Engineer for a different society people are trained to fit into the proposed utopian world of diversity and equality but another operative motive is to be used by commerce for personal gain. A change came with the development of moving pictures in the use of subtle but corrupting images which gave a new and secret weapon to Social Engineers. D.W.Griffith, pioneer of moving pictures, saw what could happen and objected to the Keystone Cops silent comedies, which presented police officers as fools, for undermining respect for the police. The doctrine of Progress aids the dark side of human nature as its adherents believe all change is good; it does not ameliorate it and the more realistic moving and talking images has made the promotion of young girls as sex objects more effective. It is not just Marxists who promote porn to undermine our society capitalists do for personal gain. Corporations make their fortunes by using people and it and justified it with the foolish doctrine of tolerance.

In 1937 British novelist Graham Greene also perceived what was happening. In a review of Shirley Temple film 'Wee Willie Winkie' for 'Night and Day' magazine: "Miss Shirley Temple's case, though, has peculiar interest: infancy with her is a disguise, her appeal is more secret and adult. ... Now in Wee Willie Winkie, wearing short kilts, she is a complete tootsie. Watch her swaggering stride across the Indi barrack-square: hear the gasp of excited expectation from her antique audience when the sergeant's palm is raised : watch the way she measures a man with agile studio eyes, with dimpled depravity. Adult emotions of love and grief glissade across the mask of childhood, a childhood skin-deep".

This was when Temple was 8 years old. Greene suggested the film makers were pandering to those older men who had a perverted sexual interest in young children. The Lord Chief Justice presided over the trial but did not understand Greene's point and wanted Greene prosecuted for criminal libel - but he was not arrested.

Now we are more sophisticated in watching images arranged by Hollywood and their imitators on our television stations and can see that Temple's films did portray children as objects of lust and Green was ahead of the authorities. We are more sophisticated but have been trained by the rulers to passively accept what is being done to children.

It is now commonplace - Soaps show young females and men as objects of desire to break down inhibitions to grooming young girls and to promote young men as objects of desire for homosexuals.
In East Enders Jim Branning's daughter Lauren (born 29th March 1994), usually wears a very short dress; Lucy Beale (born 9 December 1993), looks as though she was wears a push-up bra. On Coronation Street Kevin Webster's daughter Sophie's breasts nearly peep from her top and she was about 14. Contemporary art and entertainment is creating a climate where our young women are only worth sex. Parents who watch these programs should realise what is being done to their children and demonstrate against it. Those who promote this are not innocent they are intelligent, educated television producers and script writers who know what they are doing and are therefore culpable.

"Stars" and "celebs" are powerful manipulators. They are used to guide young people into desired modes of behaviour. They are talented and we enjoy their music but they are also mindlessly conformative and act in the right way and say all the right things. There public lives are a long, stylised pose; in private they live in mansions and send their own children to the best schools.

They are built up by the media as having something important to say but really represent a simple idea. John Lennon was treated as a guru of Socialist revolution; David Bowie acted out the feminist idea of sexual androgeny; Michael Foucault wrote about sado-masochism to normalise it but it was Madonna who acted it out in public and popularised it.

The mentality of these shallow pop singers says it all. Lily Allen was thrilled by topless shots of her partying in Cannes when made the front pages of many newspapers. The pictures were a dream come true. She said, "I didn't know they were on the front pages of newspapers! I thought I was a Page Three girl. The dream influences young people. If you look at social networking sites young women are invariably pouting like "celebs"and giving a V sign which is sideways and like a scissors motion. They usually say how much they like going out with their mates and getting drunk and post provocative images of themselves on sites like Bebo and MySpace and imitate the promoted slappers who are offered as role models like Jordan.

NuLab Anthony Campbell and Express newspapers owner Richard Desmond both worked in the porn industry. As part of the Culture Wars to destroy our children the elites allowed the growth of the international porn industry.. Its corruption affects all our lives and the old-fashioned idea that it is an individual matter is ludicrous because other people are influenced by it and we do not live in a vacuum but in social and ethnic groups.

Further, parents have a responsibility to ensure their children get the best start in life and are not perverted by the state or commerce - sexy clothes for little girls, the language and imagery used in magazines, the pushing back of the boundaries in film. The media keep the reality of what is shown in porn hidden and titillate us with gossip about insignificant celebs.Most people think porn is page 3 girls, or tanned, attractive men and women in their 20s having consensual sex in California, centre of the billion dollar porn "industry" and its promoter is Hollywood.
The judges ignore women and children from deprived families who are routinely abused and fail to protect them. What is the reality. Incest sites state "models" are over 18, but many of the girls look younger and this has the same emotional impact on pervs as ones who really are younger. There is a site where a young child of about ten (who looks Mexican) is being raped by a man described as her father.

There are thousands of them and when the girls do look 18, they are dressed up as younger, wearing little "schoolgirl" kilts, with their hair in bunches and so on. The language used is always abusive: they are "dirty teens" or "horny young sluts". Perverts justify their acts by claiming that the victims were to blame because they're "asking for it". This does not just lower male resistance it encourages hatred of women. I watched an Inspector Morse DVD earlier "The Day of the Devil. It is well written and acted but the theme was vengence against men and propagation of hatred This is spreading hatred against men.

One porn film was a man having sex with a baby that was still attached to its mother by the umbilical cord. The thin end is the glossy fashion magazines that introduce soft porn in the guise of "edgy" photography. It is the wedge effect: they start with what is permissible and increase the strength until they have degraded everyone and made themselves rich while the establishment pass laws to make this possible and sick, evil judges let the persecutors of children off. In 1999, a Canadian court acquitted a man of possession of horrific child pornography on the grounds that "in a free and democratic society" criminalisation would "bear the hallmarks of tyranny". . We need to know what is really going on to act in defence of the young but the media keep the reality hidden and fill newspapers with mindless titillation instead of exposing these things. The sites are getting worse. It's easy for paedophiles to develop their desires with readily accessible sites, while the number of harder-to-access child pornography websites reported to police rocketed by nearly 80 per cent in 2005.

There is one of a young Asian girl being fed her own excreta - she looks terrified and sometimes wretches. The westerners that watch this forget that these children are victims of criminal gangs.
Though only 0.4 per cent of child abuse images are hosted on UK internet sites, foreigners change Internet Service Providers every few days to escape detection. The Child Protection and Exploitation Agency "... were launched in 2006 to help fight internet predators and child abusers, there has been a 1,000 per cent rise in the number of reports we receive of suspect activity on the internet."
Three paedophiles Alan Hedgcock, David Beaven and Robert modelled their crimes on the Soham murders and talked of "doing" girls like "Holly and Jessica". They had children of their own. On the day newspapers reported their jailing, three tabloids printed a picture of the pop-group Girls Aloud dressed as schoolgirls. It was part of a campaign by Walkers Crisps to raise money for Red Nose Day but bars around the country host schoolkidz nights were students and others dress as children and laugh and giggle on strong innocuous tasting bottles or cocktails as they are held in adolescence by commerce.

In using lecherous language like "saucy snap" and "every man's St Trinian's fantasy" and "every fella will want to check their vitals in biology class", those papers are breaking down male restraints. This can not be seen in isolation.

Most conform to the notion that "sexy" is "cool". Children are sexualised before they are emotionally able to cope and porn corrupts even those who have never seen hard core. The boundaries have been pushed out so far that entertainment and porn meet. A Gucci advertisement used a shot by Mario Testino featured in Vogue of a young man on his knees peering into a model's knickers, pulled down to reveal a "G" shaved into her pubic hair. These magazines use the style of hardcore porn and readers follow. The media peddles images of raw sexuality as never before. From Channel 4 bosses to magazine editors, clever people in the "ideological caste" collude in transgressing protective norms and laws. The British Board of Film ("Film Censorship" was dropped) Classification, has given certificates to movies which show actual sexual acts and penetration, such as Nine Songs. Object, and you're called a prude. A mainstream film like The Dark Night showed a mans eyeball being pierced. British TV shows porn more than any other nation in Europe. Journalists, A.A. Gill and Victoria Coren both wrote and directed a porn movie so they could write about it. Porn is chic among the selfish intelligentsia who ignore young women who are forced to do vile things. They ignore the children "groomed" by being shown adult porn and then raped and shown to millions on the World Wide Web.
They must be made accountable.

In our town centres, you see pre-teen girls dressed as go-go dancers in mini skirts or navel- showing jeans, with skimpy crop tops over their flat chests. Corrupted Parents bought them those clothes - parents who took their children to see the Pussy Cat Dolls gig in London with sexual lyrics and explicit dancing who let their daughters sing along to lyrics like "See the way we ride" and "Doncha wish your girlfriend was hot like me"?

In 2007 Tesco were selling a Peek a boo Pole-Dancing Kit with a "sexy garter" from the toys and games section of its website, and just a couple of years ago Asda were selling adult lingerie for children, including thongs and push-up black lace bras. Parents must rebel against this debauching of their children and not going along with it not wanting to be called prudes.

Words and images have the power to alter human attitudes and behaviour or there would be no multi-million pound advertising industry. There is a connection between three paedophiles developing their perversions by viewing incest sites on the internet and the sexualisation of children as it mentally prepars the children to be used.

Parents efforts at bringing their children up properly are undermined by the media. The racy magazines displayed in shops where children can easily see them contain images that a few years ago would have been on the top shelf - now no-one cares. I complained to Sainsbury's about their irresponsible displays but they didn't bother to reply to me.

This is how they are manipulated. On 27 October 2008 yahoo news reported that celeb Lindsay Lohan has denied turning her back on men for good despite a lesbian romance with DJ Samantha Ronson. She was romantically linked to Ronson when they were spotted kissing and cuddling at a party in Cannes, France earlier this year. Katy Perry sings about these things. Some of the lyrics of "I Kissed a Girl" are "I kissed a girl just to try it, I hope my boyfriend don't mind it." Her song "Ur So Gay" is about one of her ex-boyfriends. They are spreading confusion and unhappiness.

Now it has been made fashionable for young people to think or act as if they are bisexual and Lesbianism is all the rage. You see young women parading through streets arm in arm looking defiantly around them at an imaginary world of prejudice not realising they are being conventional as it is promoted in the media and taught in schools.

That is how easy it is for the "caste" to manipulate young peoples' emotions before they are properly formed. They don't know what they are: recently, I heard one girl told another if she was not marrying a man she would want to be with her!

Amy Winehouse and Kate Moss are seen as more influential than teachers and politicians by teenage girls, according to a report which illustrates the corrupting power of celebrities. Amy Winehouse was seen as a leading influence by 23 per cent of the girls questioned in a survey of more than 600 young women by Girlguiding UK. It found they are under the influence of pop stars and models. Many said they are greatly influenced by the internet and adverts. The poll found peer group pressure is the most important influence on their opinion, with almost three-quarters (72) per cent saying their female friends shaped their ideas. Almost two-thirds (63 per cent) said they took the views of their parents and families into account. However celebrities were seen as the next most important influence, with 42 per cent saying stars influence how they look.

Victoria Beckham, was voted the most influential celebrity. She was chosen by 35 per cent of those surveyed as having an influence on them, followed closely by Leona Lewis, a former winner of the television talent contest The X Factor. Following them was Kate Moss, whose skinny appearance has seen her accused of promoting "heroin chic" and "size zero" fashion, and who lost several of her modelling contracts after claims that she was caught on film snorting cocaine. We recall that two years ago a Brazilian model starved herself to death.

Amy Winehouse is a leading influence by 23 per cent of the girls questioned. Despite their influence, however, many of the girls recognised pop stars can have a negative effect on them with 59 per cent saying celebrities made girls less well-informed. The internet was also seen as an important influence by four out of 10 of those questioned. on alcohol and drugs, more than teachers and politicians.

Three-quarters said they used the internet every day and got their information online rather than in newspapers, and half (49 per cent) said they thought most girls their age do not keep up with the news. The findings are self-evident but why parents go along with it is the mystery. They need to grow some backbone and bring their children up properly not allow the state and its agents the BBC to soften the children up for commerce to use. They are dependent on the State through education and the BBC and meekly accept their doctrine of corruption. Social pressure is a powerful force but why are our Folk content to allow their children to be corrupted like this?


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