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The Persecution of Prince Harry
( Paki - Raghead ) and the Secret War

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The Persecution of Prince Harry ( Paki - Raghead ) and the Secret War

We are in a battle of more than ideas it is a battle for our country and our dealing with it begins in showing what is really going on in actuality and that the establishment view that the multi-racial society is working can only be sustained by deceiving the population into seeing a good but false picture.

If you talk to the average person in the pub or shop you find most are oblivious to what is actually going on and unaware of the danger growing in their midst.

The news in January 2009 was dominated by Prince Harry calling an army colleague of Pakistani origin a Paki. This is the same as us being called a Brit - a compliment if you are proud of your country. He joked that the equipment another was wearing made him look like a raghead.

For soldiers to be effective they need to bond into teams naturally but now the new elites try to make them PC. The guy he dubbed "my Paki friend", is exactly that. A friend, who is a close member of the team and gives as good as he gets.

This was started by the salacious News of the World! It's a bit rum for them to get self-righteous, isn't it? This shows how morality is being changed from a traditional morality of how to behave behaviour to one of thoughts being controlled by "the Ideological Caste." This is what Patrick J.Buchanan referred to in his "culture wars" speech. (1)

There are two main functions of this persecution. One, is to punish members of the "Ideological Caste" (2) for erring in their expressions; two, to keep the rest of us in line. A radio phone-in programme had people saying the prince had been educated and should know better than to be so racist. The brain washers love to peddle the 'all racists are uneducated'" nonsense and I am embarrassed when I hear people mindlessly repeat it. But what effect does this attitude have on Muslims here and in Pakistanistan? It tells them they can do what they like and our rulers are on their side against us.

No-one gets excited when the Germans are called 'Krauts', the Italians 'Ities' or the French 'frogs' and remember, homosexuals call themselves "queer, blacks call themselves Niggers. This is how we talk when we get on well or accept one another.

Harry had accepted this Pakistani friend - they had bonded but the "caste" must persecute wrong speech. Once again the ideologues are acting in defiance of human nature. British Asian newspapers mention of people of Pakistani origin is abbreviated to "Paks". It is only us who are not allowed to say it as the media are training us to be subservient to ethnics.

David Cameron joined the persecution of the Prince which demonstrates that the non-Conservatives will not stand up for our people's norms, let alone our monarchy. Cameron recently visited a mosque in Bolton but ignored the indigenous people.

Another occurrence in January was Dutch politician Geert Wilders being being charged to persecute him for to stop Dutch people following him to prevent Dutch elites letting Muslims take over their country. It gets little coverage because like the trials of Nick Griffin, which were held in camera, he represents a movement and they do not want people inspired to rebel against their being dispossessed. (3)

The persecution of Prince Harry shows how propaganda is used to manipulate what we think is going on for while this is promoted the media keep news of other events from us? What sort of events? The race war on our streets.

On the weekend of 17th January I was London and saw a large number of riot police congregating at Charing Cross Station and by the Embankment. Over head there was a helicopter hovering. Yet there was no mention of any disturbances on the news. It was only the BNP website that mentioned the fact there had been a protest about Gaza at Trafalgar Square and that some Starbucks had been looted.

There is a secret war taking place and the police are capitulating. On January 3rd at a demo in London police were filmed running away from Muslims street soldiers who chased them shouting "run you you poofs!" The media kept this secret as they did the murder of Kriss Donald or the public would begin to realise what is going on and start to react. Muslim protesters attack police: "Run, you cowards! Kuffar!" The street fighters chase them shouting "Allahu akbar," throwing traffic cones and sticks at the police. (4)

This same police have al-Queda members and even fund our enemies. The Evening Standard reported: "Police handed at least £35,000 of taxpayers' money to a Muslim organisation formerly headed by a civil servant suspended for anti-British remarks. Azad Ali, who is an IT administrator at the Treasury, frequently saw former commissioner Sir Ian Blair, acting Commissioner Paul Stephenson and the Met's former anti-terrorism chief Andy Hayman, as chairman of the Muslim Safety Forum.

In July 2006 the forum received a donation of £10,000 from the Met and £15,000 from the Association of Chief Police Officers. In July 2007, when Mr Ali was no longer chairman but still a prominent member, the forum received another donation of £10,000 from the Met. A Scotland Yard spokesman said: "Our funding of the [MSF] is for them to help us as an advisory body." (4) Ali is an "IT administrator" at the Treasury and placed for espionage, subversion, fraud etc., and with his personal blog no doubt transmitting the stuff on laptops, data discs etc. (5)

British Muslims who advise the government have warned Israel's attack on Gaza could fuel a violent Islamist backlash in Britain". Translation: Hazel Blears' taqiyya gang use blackmail and threaten jihad. (6)

The police running away is what they have been trained to do - to avoid direct confrontation with Muslims, but not un-PC groups. This sends the message to Muslim terrorists that this country is ready for taking. They are probably making plans for more street riots confident that our impotent PC police are afraid of them. The police battered the Countryside Alliance protesters; they have covered up the drugging and raping of young white girls; they arrest people for distributing leaflets complaining about it and then torture them in Liverpool police cells!

The poll tax demonstration in 1990 turned violent in its later stages, but police on horseback mounted charge after charge, then, at the centre of Trafalgar Square, they battered the demonstrators! This is selective retreating.
Their response should have been to slow the march right down and show the more violent demonstrators who was in charge. If the police were outnumbered - as they might have been - they should have called for back-up.
Commander Bob Broadhurst,(7) in charge of public order policing for the Metropolitan Police, said: "Once again what we have witnessed in London today is a group of "thugs", who are not interested in lawful protest, run through the streets smashing shops without care for the alarm they caused the public."


Why no k9 units , a vital element in riot control and past experience of the police dealing with riots in the capital made it more than apparent they were executing their orders as required by their political masters .

These protesters are not thugs, but Islamic insurgents. Testing the resolve of the enemy on the streets of our historic capital city. They are they measuring resistance, counting our guns so to speak. A classic military tactic is it not, in preparation for more severe action. This couple with the fact that every 9 days there are terrorists being tried here.

"Extremists" were blamed for clashes near the Israeli embassy in London, as tens of thousands marched in protest over Israel's offensive. Police believe a small number of activists tried to hijack the demonstration and turn it into a riot. It is believed coach loads of Muslim youths of Pakistanistani origin driven from Yorkshire and the Midlands. Slogans "Jihad for Israel" and "Jihad the only solution for Palestine" were daubed on buildings in Stamford Hill, Golders Green and Manchester, and outside the main entrance of Finchley Synagogue.

But last April 2008 after the "Torch protests" against China holding the Olympics. Broadhurst said the 37 arrests were for "minor" public order offences, committed by a "relatively small number of people... I don't think we were heavy-handed at all," he said, adding that the role of the police was to maintain public safety and order while thousands of people were on the streets of London." (8) Then why run away from aggressive Muslim insurgents?

Jack Straw's constituency Blackburn was already a divided, rival community but is worse since Muslims for Gaza rally in Corporation Park on Sunday 11th January 2009. Establishment figure Lauren Booth, Cherie Blair's sister, who lives in the south of France, addressed a crowd and called on the Muslim community to bring 40,000 next time and "go to the centre of your city and stay there" until the Government agreed to close down the Israeli Embassy in London.

We have had establishment journalists inciting hatred against the BNP, but she incited the crowd. Against Jews: "Today we are all Palestinians ...Israel is the nation of hate," then to Jews in general - "you are the criminals that we detest".(9)

Jews around Europe have been attacked since Israel fired on Gaza and we are told very little. There have been arson attempts on synagogues in Britain, Belgium and Germany. Muslims who tried to storm the Jewish quarter in Antwerp were arrested; schools in Denmark with Muslim students say they won't enroll Jewish children because they can not guarantee their safety; in France, a group of Muslim teenagers attacked a 14-year-old girl, calling her "dirty Jew" while kicking her.

At rallies in Germany and the Netherlands in January, protesters shouted, "Hamas, Hamas... Jews to the Gas." In Amsterdam, Socialist lawmaker Harry van Bommel and Greta Duisenberg, widow of the first European Central Bank president, fronted one "peace" demonstration and while marchers chanted for another Holocaust they chanted, "Intifada, Intifada, Free Palestine." Terrorists during the last intifada murdered over a 1,000 Israelis.

Muslims were rioting before this. In December - in Malmo, Sweden - but the media hide the reality by describing it as:" Swedish city hit by youth riots." More than ten fires were lit -
"There have been fires burning since this afternoon... extensive damage to public property, and... stone-throwing and bomb threats against police." The catalyst was the closure of an Islamic centre.

On New Years Eve in France there were more "youth riots." The French press reported that the Interior Ministry released a final "verified" count of 1,147 vehicles burned in France over New Year's Eve and the number is up 30.64% from last year's total, 878. Burning cars is common in France. While riots in Athens caused worries that the economic crisis will spark a resurgence of the violence seen in the "banlieues", 35,000 police were mobilised on New Year's Eve , 7,000 more than in 2007! Five sticks of dynamite were left in a Paris department store just before Christmas by a so-far unidentified group demanding a withdrawal of French troops from Afghanistan.

There were around 50 burnings in the eastern city of Strasbourg, where police made 17 arrests, including four people caught while setting fire to cars. In the southern city of Toulouse, 12 cars were burned in areas at the edge of the city limits, while in Nantes, around 10 cars were torched although police in the western city said New Year's Eve had been "pretty calm". The anti-semitic violence is by immigrants who must be classed retrospectively as guest workers for a limited period and repatriated. (10)

The media also cover up the new anti-Semitism from the nexus of Socialist-Totalitarians and Muslims in various ways. They don't ignore everything but use deceitful methods to falsify what is actually going on. What methods do they use?

There are different techniques for preventing us understanding what is happening. The use of the passive voice: "Windows were smashed and policemen were injured - with one officer knocked unconscious in the running battles and two requiring treatment for facial injuries."

There were violent clashes between 20,000 protesters outside the Israeli Embassy in London - with an estimated 100,000 protesters around the city. "Windows were smashed" - by whom? Who were the protesters? Actually, they were young Muslims and they smashed the windows.

Abstract terms: "The protesters - mainly young men - knocked down barriers threw missiles including eggs, red paint, sticks and shoes as 300 officers in full riot gear tried to maintain the peace." Protesters is abstract and avoids naming the real culprits. They try to avoid telling us it was "Muslim youths".

In the police running away mentioned above was probably on the orders of Home Secretary Jacqui Smith but this feminine approach is wholly inappropriate in a macho situation. There other problems of effeminacy: news reports of conflict in Israel are about how many were injured and hospitals as if we should all want to nurse them.

The real issue is who is right and who is winning and what tactics are being used.. The news media are likewise concerned with injuries and this sentimentality weakens our response to attacks on our people by immigrants. War is a pattern of life and condemning it for its own sake is foolish and puts us in danger as we see from the girly response to immigrants crimes and terrorism.
What about Hamas firing rockets from the BBC building in Gaza and using staff as human shields - the BBC did not report it. Even after their reporters escaped the building it was kept quiet.

A group of about 15 men demonstrated in support of Palestinians in Gaza but then rampaged along Golders Green Road, attacking a man. They tried to crash into several kosher restaurants and Jewish businesses, and actually got into Solly's restaurant, but were ejected by staff and diners. The gang will be on camera but will the police release it?

Acting Detective Chief Superintendent Dave Tucker, acting borough commander of Barnet police, said: "We were aware that the activity in Gaza was going to have an impact on anti-Semitism because of the very large Jewish population in Barnet." Translation: The police knew that Muslims were going to attack Jews but allowed it. "People have a legitimate right to demonstrate but that cannot be a front for anti-Semitism or any other type of crime." He said" urgent talks were taking place with police to ensure a visible police presence around synagogues and other Jewish community sites." Why have the media kept this quiet? To allow anti-Semitism to develop to a point where it can not be stopped.

The EU and Tony Blair want Turkey to join but we are not told the Prime Minister encourages hatred against Israel in his speeches which influences the general public against individual Jews: there are demonstrators besieging the Israeli consulate in Istanbul shouting hatred against Israel and Jewish people; around Istanbul billboards carry propaganda posters like; "Moses, even this is not written in your book" and "Israel Stop this Crime." On the streets the people are writing such graffiti as: "Kill Jews," "Kill Israel," "Israel should no longer exist in the Middle East," and "Stop Israeli Massacre."

The slogan, "We will kill you" was witten on the door of one of the biggest synagogues in Izmir. Near Istanbul University, a huge poster was put on the door of a shop owned by a Jew: "Do not buy from here, since this shop is owned by a Jew." Posters on his wall saying that: "Jews and Armenians are not allowed but dogs are allowed." "Some young people are even threatening others with violence if they are seen as pro-Israel in social networking websites such as Facebook and Hi5." What young people are threatening and which young people are threatened? This is kept hidden from the public.

All this trouble above was caused by immigrants who were brought into Europe from idealistic reasons "to create a multi-racial society, "free movement of peoples" or just as cheap labour for corporations. It has not worked. Then what is to be done? The idealists who can not face what they have done want a weak, idealistic solution -
The Daily Mail of 29th August 2008 reported that the Government has been attempting to appease Muslim communities since July 7 terror bombings in London which murdered 52 innocent people.

Ministers gave £12.5million for Muslim communities to fund projects which aim to 'undermine extremist ideology'. The Government announced plans for state school pupils to be taught Islamic traditions and values in compulsory citizenship lessons. Another measure will see Muslim children being taught citizenship lessons by imams in mosque schools in the hope they will be better equipped to resist violent extremist messages. (11)

Rather than hate attacks on our people and the Jewish communities there is a practical solution - Repatriation is on our statute books and the present Government has set a precedent by repatriating illegals. The Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) repatriated 1,200 Chadians for entering Nigeria illegally the private Guardian newspaper reported . The sudden influx overwhelmed council authorities.

First we have to face the reality that this multi-racial experiment is a failure and leading to a nexus of hate and persecution with Muslims and Socialist-Totalitarians against the indigenous peoples and Jewish communities while the media mislead the public about this and the war on our streets by people they have brought here.

The Muslim communities have strong links with family and communities in their ancestral homelands and it would be little upheaval for them to go back which if things continue to deteriorate will be the lesser of the two evils.. Further, it is the deceit of the media in misleading our people into thinking there is nothing wrong that prevents a clamour for that solution.

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(2) By Ideological Caste I mean a group exclusive to those who hold the correct opinions and persecutes or pillories dissenters or those who make verbal errors and this distinguishes it from a traditional division of society based on differences of wealth, inherited rank or privilege, profession, occupation, or race.



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Free Speech

The text below comes from the Civil Liberty website, it's by Kevin Scott BA Hons, the Founder and Director.
" This will come as a surprise to many of our friends based overseas but Great Britain is now one of the most repressive regimes in the world. We operate under the tyranny of political correctness which is just a floppy term for the repressive implementation of one single, dare we say, rather twisted, view of human society, which doesn't allow for dissent or opposition. The regime creates the framework within which they declare views are either acceptable and tolerated or unacceptable and repressed.
It is a framework which defies common sense and is one which even declares that in a court of law, the truth shall be no defence. "

Civil Liberty