Earl Of Lonsdale Pub Notting Hill W11, 277-281 Westbourne Grove, W11, London UK
The Earl Of Lonsdale, 277-281 Westbourne Grove, London, W11 2QA - Phone 020 7727 6335
Tube: Ladbroke Grove or Notting Hill Gate Tube

Located at the junction of Westbourne Grove and Portobello Road, the Earl Of Lonsdale has been one of my main watering holes for many years on and off, more on than off.

The Earl Of Lonsdale - A very good pub all round - The review below was made by me on Tripadvisor in October 2013.
The present management (Now the previous, as of June 2016) were new then, and requested my support which I gave, as did a number of other long term customers.

This pub has everything !
A fantastic looking place like you would not believe !!!

The brewery is "Sam Smiths" That has a reputation for quality and "Organicness" And as a regular drinker of their Old Brewery Bitter, I can confirm that the quality is top notch ! The pub owes it’s success to a very pub-savvy traditional "Family Management" team. The prices like all Sam Smiths pubs are highly competitive, if not out and out cheap. As of today, 18/10/13 a pint of Old Brewery, which Is about 4.1% by volume in alcohol is just £2.90 per pint.
And you should see the surroundings in which you are drinking! The large back room is like a hotel reading room/lounge, with two coal fires.
There is a third coal fire as you come into the pub from the Portobello Road entrance.
The pub is always well staffed and well presented, which can be a bit of a rarity these days. Perhaps the biggest plus for this pub, apart from the 3 coal fires in the winter is the huge beer garden in the more clement weather ( Smokers take note ) The garden furniture is of a heavy durable type that reeks "Quality" and is broad and substantial enough to give comfort over a long period.
And last, but by no means least, the toilets are always well maintained. Give this place a visit, and you will almost certainly give it another.
I can’t vouch for the food as I never eat in pubs ( I am old school that knows how to cook ) But it certainly looks nice and appetizing.





X - Marks the location of the Earl of Lonsdale
Notting Hill, London W11 UK


All Sam Smith's beers are brewed solely from authentic natural ingredients without any chemical additives, raw material adjuncts, artificial sweeteners, colourings, flavourings or preservatives. Samuel Smith's Pure Brewed Lager, Wheat Beer, bottled Cider, Pale Ale, Chocolate Stout and Fruit Beers are certified organic by the Soil Association. Samuel Smith's was the first brewery to register with the Vegan Society, all beers and ciders are suitable for a vegan diet (except Old Brewery Bitter where served from the wood and Yorkshire Stingo which may contain traces of isinglass finings) Samuel Smith's ciders are gluten-free.


Taddy Lager
4.5% ABV draught a premium lager brewed using distinctive low-bitterness aroma hops and a separate yeast strain to create a high quality, full flavoured lager with a rounded fruity taste; the word "Taddy" was Samuel Smith's first registered trademark. Taddy Lager stands unrivaled.
Double Four Lager
4% ABV draught double fermented to achieve a clean tasting' well balanced, refreshing lager with a drier finish, brewed from the four natural ingredients of malted barley, hops, yeast and water at four per cent ABV.
Alpine Lager
2.8% ABV draught brewed at Samuel Smith's small, independent UK brewery; a full tasting lower strength lager which drinks with the flavour and body normally associated with much stronger lagers.
Pure Brewed Organic Lager
5% ABV draught & 355ml bottle an outstanding lager brewed for optimum purity with organically grown malted barley and hops; matured at low temperature to bring out its delicate fruity flavour from the yeast, balanced with malt and a pleasant hop-character finish.


Samuel Smith's ales and stouts (excpt Sovereign and Extra Stout) are fermented in 'stone Yorkshire squares' - fermenting vessels made of solid slabs of slate - which give the beer a characteristic full bodied taste. The same strain of yeast has been used since the nineteenth century.

Old Brewery Bitter
4% ABV draught brewed using hard water drawn from the original well sunk in 1758 and fermented in stone Yorkshire squares to create a full-bodied malty, toffee-ish tasting, creamy beer of unique character.
Best Bitter (B.B.)
3.7% ABV draught a well rounded, full flavoured medium strength ale, lighter in colour and not as strong as Old Brewery Bitter, but with more bitter and hoppy character.
Dark Mild
2.8% ABV draught brewed using dark malts; lightly hopped to present a full and smooth character with a distinctive rich, nutty, malt flavour.
Light Mild
2.8% ABV draught an amber coloured mild ale; comparatively light in colour yet full tasting for it's alcohol content of 2.8%; shortly before and after WWII the best selling beer in much of the U.K. was light coloured mild ale.
Sovereign Bitter
4.1% ABV draught a pale coloured beer with a delicate flavour and a pleasant floral aroma producing a satisfying, refreshing, easy to drink ale despite the relatively high alcohol content.
Organic Pale Ale
5% ABV 550ml bottle a full strength ale with a good balance of malt and hops to give a full. rounded flavour and aftertaste that drinks well with food.
Nut Brown Ale
5% ABV 550ml bottle relatively dry with rich nutty colour and a suggestion of hazelnuts in the finish; complements food of character.
India Ale
5% ABV 550ml bottle a highly hopped beer, full bodied with a dry hoppy finish of the type that was exported to India in the 19th century; ideal with all spicy foods.
Taddy Porter
5% ABV 550ml bottle a dry, full tasting beer that goes wonderfully well with all shellfish; the style of beer that was popular among the "porters" of the produce markets.
Yorkshire Stingo
8-9% ABV 550ml bottle a limited edition, bottle-conditioned ale aged in oak casks and matured for over a year during which time it developes exceptional fruit, treacle toffee and oaky flavours.


Extra Stout
4.5% ABV draught brewed to an extra strength compared to other draught stouts; only dark malts are used to produce a refreshing, smooth, clean tasting creamy stout with a delicate malt aroma.
Oatmeal Stout
5% ABV 550ml bottle brewed with malt, roasted barley and oatmel to create a wonderfully silky stout with extraordinary depth of flavour; superb with all fodd or as a warmer on a cold day.
Imperial Stout
7% ABV 355ml bottle a rich powerful brew of the type once exported from the UK to Imperial Russia; an excellent digestif, experience it after a meal in place of coffee or liqueurs.
Organic Chocolate Stout
5% ABV 550ml bottle a delicious full-bodied sweet stout with roasted barley flavour; fruity notes from a Samuel Smith yeast support lush chocolate aroma, taste & finish.


Organcic Wheat Beer
5% ABV draught an unfiltered organic beer with a champagne-like effervescence and well defined citrus aroma.

Winter Welcome Ale
6% ABV 550ml bottle a seasonal beer available from September each year while stocks last; a full bodied beer with luxurious malt character balanced with complex hop flavours.


Cider Reserve
5.2% ABV draught gluten-free made using two different apple types to create an excellent medium-dry cider with a clean, fresh palate and a well defined appley character.
Organic Apple Cider
5% ABV 550ml bottle gluten-free made with the juice from organic apples; a medium dry cider with brilliant straw colour, light body, clean apple flavour and a gentle apple blossom finish.


Handcrafted at Melbourne Bros' tiny brewery set in a time warp in Stamford, Lincolnshire using the old manually operated steam brewing equipment. Finest orgnically grown barley and wheat are used to brew a complex ale which is blended with pure organic fruit juice to create distinctive fruit beers of considerable strength and flavour.

Organic Cherry Fruit Beer
5.1% ABV 355ml bottle high natural acidity makes sour cherries a great choice for creating the ultimate fruit beer; the vibrant cherry character is perfectly underpinned by deliciously complex beer notes.
Organic Raspberry Fruit Beer
5.1% ABV 355ml bottle a dramatic fruit beer with an intense, mouth-watering fruit character derived from the natural acidity of organic raspberries; smooth body, finishes dry, with a soft raspberry note.
Organic Strawberry Fruit Beer
5.1% ABV 355ml bottle soft and subtle, the smooth malt and aromatic strawberry flavours merge together in an elegant fashion, with fresh, ripe strawberries shining through.
Organic Apricot Fruit Beer
5.1% ABV 355ml bottle ripe, arromatic bouquet supporting a sweet, summery flavour with just a suggestion of stone-fruit tartness; rich and full bodied, the colour is glowing orange; sometimes this fruit beer has a natural haze.


Chenin Blanc, Western Cape, South Africa
Dry white wine with a fresh, vibrant, zingy palate and lively fruit.
Airen, La Mancha, Spain
Medium dry white wine, light and aromatic with hints of apples and pears.
White Zinfandel, California, USA
A light, medium-sweet rose with hints of violets and wild cherries.
Cabernet Sauvignon, Valle Central, Chile
Exceptional red wine with a nose of dried fruits, Morello cherries and plums.
Tempranillo, La Mancha, Spain
A fine red wine with deep purple colour, an elegant bouquet with hints of damson fruit.
Fine Ruby Port
Matured in oak casks for at least 3 years to give a very rich and full bodied ruby port with complex aromas of ripe grapes


"1721" Liqueur Fruit Cup
The finest cocktail mixer served by the glass or pitcher with ice, lemonade and seasonal fruit garnish.
Old Fashioned Peach Schnapps
An infusion of natural fruit with the finest spirit, distilled and blended in France by one of the world's most eminent fruit liqueur producers.
Irish Cream Liqueur
Hailing from County Tipperary, usually served 'on the rocks'
Vermouth. Bianco, Extra Dry, Rosso
Fortified wine with aromatic herbs produced in Italy to the highest standards.
Song of the South
A tasty American whiskey liqueur recalling the halcyon days of the Deep South when showboats served up local whiskey seasoned with fresh fruit.
Rhum Coconut
A blend of natural coconut flavourings and white rum from the Caribbean.


Extre Premium All Grain Vodka
Distilled to the highest standards using grain spirit to give a delicate and distinctive palate.
London Extra Dry Gin
A true London distilled gin made from grain spirit; juniper berry oil and aromatic roots are added during distillation and impart a distinctive character.
Caribbean Superior White Rum
Lazy days in the sun with little to do ? Time for a rum drink - distilled and blended in the Caribbean.
Special Dark Rum
Dark, rich and on fire like the sunsets on the isles of the Caribbean, this rum contains a good portion of aged dark rum.
Authentic Mexican Tequila
Produced by one of the twelve main tequila producers in the Jalisco region of Mexico.
Finest Old Blended Scotch Whisky
Produced using a substantial percentage of single malt whisky, the high malt content makes it rich and very smooth with a warming finish - but not over peaty.
Rare Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky
12 year old single malt distilled using water from the river Teith that rises north of Loch Lomond; a very drinkable malt, quite light and floral.
Irish Whiskey
Made from famous Irish spring water and superior malted barley, aged in American white oak bourbon casks.
Sour Mash American Whiskey
Made from rye grain and aged in white oak casks, 'sour mash' is an oxymoron because it actually produces the richness and sweetness that nakes it a world classic.
Finest French Brandy X.O.
A blend of the finest X.O. brandies aged in oak barrels for between 3 and 5 years.

Scintilla soft drinks are all vegan except the Tomato Juice Cocktail which contains anchovies

Cola, Diet Cola, Lemonade, Indian Tonic Water, Diet Indian Tonic Water, Sparkling Diet Bitter Lemon, Sparkling Apple Juice, Dry Ginger Ale, Tomato Juice Cocktail, Blackcurrant Cordial, Fairtrade Orange Juice, Orange, Apple and Passionfruit Juice, Apple and Cranberry Juice, Pineapple Juice, Still or Sparkling Table Water, Soda.

Food & Beverages - Subject to Availability


Soup of the day
Hand battered fish & chips
Spicy chicken wings
Macaroni cheese served with side salad & garlic bread
Sweet potato, chick pea & spinach curry served with rice. This meal is Vegan and gluten free
Add nann extra. ( Not vegan or gluten free )
Bangers & mash
Hunters chicken served with side salad & chips
Chicken & ham pie served with chips or mash
Steak & bitter pie served with chips or mash
Jumbo cumberland hotdog served in a roll with chips
Beef burger served with chips & salad
Cheese burger served with chips & salad
BBQ, bacon & cheese burger
Southern fried chicken burger with chips & salad
Sticky toffee pudding
Chocolate fudge cake
Ginger & butterscotch pudding
Fruit crumble



Soup of the day, with bread and butter - V
Mixed olives & feta cheese - V
Classic prawn cocktail, prawns bound in marie rose sauce on a bed of lettuce with bread and butter
Crispy breaded mushrooms, served with garlic mayo dip and salad garnish - V
Garlic bread - V


House Sharer, southern fried chicken strips, breaded mushrooms, battered onion rings, chips, garlic bread, salad garnish with barbecue and garlic mayo dips
Chilli Nachos, beef chillie, melted cheese with sour cream, guacamole and jalapenos
Pulled pork nachos, barbecue pulled pork, melted cheese, sour cream, guacamole and diced tomatoes
Cheesy nachos, melted cheese, salsa, jalapenos - V


Steak and Old Brewery Bitter Pie, classic steak and ale pie served with chips or mashed potato and fresh vegetables
Lambs Liver and Onions, delicate lambs liver in an extra-rich onion gravy served with mashed potato and fresh vegetables
Chicken and Wiltshire Ham Pie, British chicken breast and Wiltshire ham with a creamy cheese sauce flavoured with thyme and chives,
served with chips or mashed potato and fresh vegetables
Bangers and Mash, chunky Cumberland sausages served with mashed potato gerden peas and onion gravy
Chilli Con Carne, a medium-spiced beef chilli served with white rice, sour cream and tortilla chips
Macaroni Cheese, macaroni in a creamy cheese sauce topped with mature Cheddar served with garlic bread and salad garnish - V
Mushroom, Cranberry and Brie Wellington, a flavourful combination of sauteed mushrooms, cranberries, spinach, hazelnuts and brie encased in puff pastry
served with a choice of potatoes or salad - V
Steak and Kidney Pudding, a baked suet pudding served with chips or mash and fresh vegetables
Beef Lasagne, layered pasta with minced beef, tomato and garlic topped with bechemel sauce and cheese served with garlic bread and side salad
Chicken Tikka Masala, glutten free marinated tandoori chicken breast in a creamy masala sauce served with white rice, nan bread can be added but not gluten free
Sweet Potato, Chick Pea and Spinach Curry, vegan and gluten free, nan bread can be added but not gluten free - V

Fish Dishes

Hand-Battered Fish and Chips, cod fillet served with chips and garden or mushy peas
Wholetail Scampi, served with chips and garden or mushy peas
Fishermans Pie, a mashed potato topped pie containing pollock, salmon, smoked haddock and prawns in a creamy leek sauce
served with a selection of fresh vegetables


Rump Steak, 8oz rump served with chips, onion rings, grilled tomato, peas or salad garnish
add a creamy peppercorn or diane sauce as an optional extra
Gammon, 10oz gammon steak served with fried egg or pineapple, chips and peas
Hunters Chicken, chicken breast and bacon topped with barbecue sauce and cheese served with chips and salad garnish

Burgers and Sandwiches

6oz Hand-Pressed Beef Burger, with lettuce, tomato, sliced gherkin, tomato relish and chips
optional extras include cheese, bacon, egg, pineapple, or marinated pulled pork
Southern Fried Chicken Burger, souther fried chicken fillet with lettuce and mayo, served with chips
Jumbo Butcher's Hotdog, a giant cumberland sausage topped with fried onions served with chips and ketchup or mustard

Bread rolls with a choice of fillings, all served with side salad and chips

Barbecue Pulled Pork
Jumbo Fish Finger, with tarter sauce
Tuna and Cheese Melt
Mature Chedder Cheese, with pickle or salad - V
Prawns, Lettuce and Marie Rose Sauce
Tuna Mayonnaise and Salad


Greek Salad, chunks of tomato, cucumber, red onion, and feta cheese with mixed olives, Mediterranean herbs and olive oil served with rustic bread - V
Chicken Caesar Salad, sliced chicken breast, lettuce, croutons, italian cheese, shavings, caesar dressing (contains anchovies)
Chicken and Bacon Salad, grilled chicken and bacon with dressed salad

Fairtrade Ground Coffee made with Fairtrade Organic Coffee Beans

Fairtrade Tea
Fairtrade Hot Chocolate

Our ORGANIC coffe beans come from a co-operative network of small-scale coffee producers in the Honduras who farm the traditional way, using mixed shade cover and augmented by natural fertilizers to cultivate their crop. These techniques provide an ecosystem rich in wildlife and do not contaminate waterways or cause soil erosion. The joint FAIRTRADE mission is to create a Honduran society free of abject poverty and social injustices. To accomplish this goal, it is essential to operate in areas beyond coffee production. Therefore work has been done with other co-operatives and social movements as well as international development agencies in an array of community-based projects directed towards poverty reduction and regional infrastructure development. These projects have established and improved housing, roads, sanitation, schools and medical centres. For example, a joint project built houses in San Juancito after the Hurricane Mitch disaster.

What Makes A Good Pub ?

The perfect host
Running a pub at the best of times is bloody hard work, what with standing on your feet all day and putting up with punters moaning on and on about the price of fish. And beer. But these are tough times for the industry. Never mind the economy under pressure, with the new drinking hours people can now demand a beer pretty much from morning to night, and servicing this requires stamina. The perfect pub is headed by a publican who knows what their punters want, be they an out-of-towner or a familiar face.

Decent beer
While having great inter-personal skills is paramount in the perfect pub, a well-kept cellar is as essential. Basically, if the beer doesn't taste as good as it did when it rolled out of the brewery gate you're in trouble. Gone are the days of warm beer, so mocked by American tourists. A publican on top of his or her game knows the best way to serve the beers they stock, whether that means an ice-cold lager or a real ale served at the right temperature in the right glass.

Great food
Not every pub has to sell food to be a good pub. There are many pubs - old fashioned boozers, if you like - that thrive whilst serving just beers and lagers, wines and spirits. In these days of the smoking ban you can now taste the food pubs sell. And not only that, pubs are getting better at making it too. But not every pub is a gastro emporium of pan-fried this and sautéed that. More are offering good, basic pub grub: bangers and mash; fish and chips and cottage pie, to name three. And now there's even more time to fill your boots.

Live music
20 years ago you could find a pub pretty much anywhere in the land that put on some form of live entertainment. Nowadays, what with red tape and the price of obtaining an entertainment licence, it is easier to find a bank that's not a wine bar. But some publicans have a passion for music which hurdles all the obstacles. While the number of music pubs may be dwindling, if you look - and listen - hard enough you may just be able to find the next Oasis down at your local.

Smoking ban
Not everyone agrees with the smoking ban. Some say it signals the end of the pub, especially in rural areas. However, for the majority of pub-goers, meeting and drinking in a smoke-free environment is a real plus. Gone are the days of coming home stinking of stale cigarette smoke, a small price to pay for what some believe to be a loss of atmosphere.

If you want to know how well a pub is maintained, check out the loos. Tatty toilets are a real turn-off. Of course you don't spend much time in the little boy's/girl's room, but a spotless lavvy is a sign that the publican has the comfort of his or her customers at heart. There are even Pub Loo of the Year awards, for the best kept facility in the land.

More and more pubs are reverting to stripped floorboards. They're easier to clean, can look rather smart with the right amount of care and attention and with appropriate maintenance are hard wearing. But nothing beats a good patterned carpet for giving a pub that homely feel. True, some people don't like to feel their shoes sticking to a carpet soaked with countless beer spillages, but for the true pub aficionado the extra second it takes to life one's heel from a stretch of stained Warminster is well worth it.

Brewers spend thousands of pounds perfecting their beers. They then spend thousands more on marketing them, a process which includes trying to persuade publicans to pour their product into the right glass, one with the right beer's name on it. There is nothing worse for the beer aficionado than getting a drink in the wrong glass. Good pubs get this, and serve beers in the appropriate vessel.

Pub games
Bar billiards, pool, dominos, darts, and now poker. Pubs are nothing if not a haven for entertainment, and games have played a part in their offering for centuries. It might be hard to persuade young pub goers, brought up on a diet of Nintendo DS, Wiis and Playstations, to get on board, but anyone who hasn't been moved by watching a table of old codgers nursing their pints and a pile of cribbage sticks hasn't lived.

Meeting a group of friends in a great pub is one of life's truly wonderful experiences. There is something about walking into a pub with a couple of mates that tells you that all's right with the world. So much can be sorted out, discussed and agreed upon over a pint and a bit of chat with an old friend. Or, if you play your cards right, a new one.

A good pub is all about the people , the people behind the bar set the tone for the audience they want to attract.Its always people that make great pubs, the smile, the personal touch, going that extra mile to make someone feel welcome. Its important after that to get the offering right, create a welcoming ambience in decor, seating and most importantly lighting. And then there is the drinks offering, tailor it to the audience you are aiming to attract It is important to constantly look around and see what your competitors are doing, check out new openings, always be up to innovate with some new ideas. And food is vital in the present age, be it a pop up pizza doing a ‘street food’ vibe like we do at the Boogaloo to a full gastro menu, you have to give something in the line of food, it compliments the drinks and nurtures the business.

All good pubs are organic , constantly evolving, trying new things and the customers notice this and they repay the publicans effort with continued custom.The pub business has changed dramatically over the last 20 years, from being closed for an afternoon holy hour and early closing time, the age and type of pub customer has changed. As society changes and the considered norms of the past such as drink driving, smoking in pubs, early houses have become the taboos of the present day , the publican has had to adapt. This has been hard for many who were classically trained old school publicans who were naturally suspicious of change and were set in their ways.The old style publican was in their time the guardian of the locality, the parish priest to the troubled customers, the bank to those in need of sudden funds and the police knew that a good publican kept his house in order and it saved them time and trouble.

So as we have changed culturally in the last 20 years or so  and adapted some of the great New York bar culture and mixed it with our own and as we have become more  health aware, gastro loving, late night , wine and cocktail aficionados , then naturally the pubs have had to adapt to a demand from the fast moving internet generation . This will take time and naturally there will be collateral damage but there will always be good pubs because people will always want to socialise and interact in a bar /club environment for all the base reasons they always have, to meet boys and girls, to get drunk, have fun and not remember anything the next day . The publican just has to adapt and give the punters the experience they want, in 1953 it was pies, draughts and a sing song around the piano and  in 2013 its a bit of Rihanna and a bruschetta, we are still going out just later and leaner.

March of the Titans
The Complete History of the White Race
by Arthur Kemp

Buy on Amazon as a paperback or hardback.


Copied below is just one review

As far as I can see, this seems to be the only volume available on this subject. Masses of books on the history of other races, but political correctness has kept this one out of print - until now. First let me say that this is NOT a racist book ! It is what it says, a history of the white race from their first appearance through disaster and diaspora and right up to current date. A total tour de force, which must have taken years of research to produce. Of necessity, its almost 600 pages of large, almost A4, format, in quality hardback, could not possibly contain every last detail, but enough is there to be the catalyst for detailed study of other sources. It does not shy away from the less salubrious pages of white history, notably slavery and the philosophies of the Third Reich, and thus manages a fair and balanced view of white history. Neither does it sheer away from critique where it is needed. This is not written as an academic text, and thus is very accessible to the intelligent layman. Not only is it interesting, but it is a good read too. I can do nothing but recommend this book to readers who want to find out where they came from, and need a balanced view of racial history in a world which is oversupplied with "tommy knockers" who would demean the role of the white races in the march of history. This is a refreshing change from the politically correct flood of material which portrays the white race as some kind of curse on the Earth. Sure there are negatives. There are in any history, but Kemp makes the point that overall there are more positives than negatives. Read this book and decide for yourself.

West London British National Party On
I came, I saw, I joined the BNP
BNP Manifesto

Crime & Justice

Britain suffers from more than 27,000 crimes per day, or more than ten million crimes per year – the direct result of decades of softly-softly politically correct policing and a failed social engineering policy which has put the rights of yobs and criminals above that of victims.
According to the Office for National Statistics’ British Crime Survey of 2008, 22 percent of people in Britain will be the victim of some crime during the course of a single year.
To combat this shocking state of affairs, the British National Party seeks a return to traditional standards of law enforcement, combined with social reform directed at addressing the root causes of criminal behaviour.
To this end, BNP crime and justice policy will:
- Free the police and courts from the politically correct straitjacket which is stopping them from doing their jobs properly;
- End the liberal fixation with the “rights” of criminals and replace it with concern for the rights of victims – and the right of innocent people not to become victims;
- Re-introduce corporal punishment for petty criminals and vandals;
- Restore capital punishment for paedophiles, terrorists and murderers as an option for judges in cases where their guilt is proven beyond dispute (such as with DNA or other compelling evidence).
At the same time, the BNP recognises that decades of social welfare dependence – encouraged by disastrous Labour and Tory policies – which is the primary cause of social delinquency, must be brought to an end.
Social reform is therefore also required. Workfare, not welfare, except to the neediest, should be the norm. Only in this way can the cycle of social deprivation, which is the primary cause of indigenous criminality, be broken.
To this end, the BNP will introduce a system of workfare for those in unemployment benefit for more than six months with compulsory work and training in return for decent payment.
The socialist building block housing concrete monstrosities which blight our urban areas and which are the breeding ground for delinquency and crime will be torn down and replaced with decent housing which encourages the stable family unit.
Non-indigenous crime – rapidly becoming a serious problem, as the knife and gun crime epidemic spreading throughout our major cities – will be dealt with in terms of BNP immigration and identity policy.
Overcrowding in prisons will be solved by the deportation of the tens of thousands of foreign criminals to serve their sentences abroad in their home countries. This act alone will free up to 70 percent of jail space in many prisons.
The BNP will also:
- Make prisons more austere and make criminals serve their full sentences. Offenders will be made to understand that they are being punished and not rewarded with a state-subsidised holiday for their crimes;
- Use electronically tagged “chain gangs” to provide labour for projects such as coastal defences;
- Introduce automatic prison sentences for all repeat offenders;
- Put police back on the streets and remove their current political correctness shackles;
- Allow victims of crime full freedom to defend themselves and their property;
- Make joint custody of children the norm in divorce cases;
- Grant anonymity to those accused of crimes until they are convicted;
- Make police concentrate on real criminals and serve the public, not the government’s political aspirations.
The British National Party alone recognises that crime must be tackled on two levels: firstly by effective policing, and secondly by addressing the root social causes of crime, both indigenous and non-indigenous in origin.
Addressing these two issues will solve the crime problem. The time has come for change.


The British National Party is proud to be in possession of some of the most modern and progressive concepts of democracy which are firmly at odds with the other parties’ increasing totalitarianism.
The British people invented modern Parliamentary democracy. Yet in recent years the British people have been denied their democratic rights. On issue after issue, the views of the majority of British people have been ignored and overridden by a politically correct elite which thinks it knows best.
On immigration, on capital punishment, on the surrender of British sovereignty to the EU and in numerous other areas, democracy has been absent as Labour, Tories and Lib-Dems conspire in election after election to offer the British people no real choice on such vital issues.
The BNP exists to give the British people that choice, and thus to restore and defend the basic democratic rights we have all been denied. We favour more democracy, not less, at national, regional and local levels.
Power should be devolved to the lowest level possible so that local communities can make decisions which affect them.
We will remove legal curbs on freedom of speech imposed by successive Governments over the last 40 years.
We will implement a Bill of Rights guaranteeing fundamental freedoms to the British people.
We will ensure that ordinary British people have real democratic power over their own lives and that Government, local and national, is truly accountable to the people who elect it.
In addition, the BNP’s policy is to:
- Abolish “anti-discrimination” laws which prevent people from making a free choice;
- Abolish the “Human Rights Act” which has been imposed on this country through the European Union, and which is nothing but an excuse to prevent British laws stopping the scroungers of the world parasiting off this nation;
- Abolish all restrictions on traditional free speech; common law provisions against incitement to violence are the only proper limits in a free society;
- Reject ID cards, intrusive surveillance and the retention of DNA samples of the innocent;
- Introduce an English parliament within the United Kingdom;
- Introduce citizen-initiated referenda whose outcome is binding on Parliament.
The BNP – Britain’s most democratic party.


Britain’s survival depends on a technology-intensive manufacturing base, protected from globalisation and rampant internationalist exploitation – the core of the British National Party’s plan for rebuilding this nation’s economy after decades of Tory and Labour neglect.
Globalisation has caused the export of jobs and industries to the Far East, and has brought ruin and unemployment to British industries and the communities who depend on them.
Accordingly, the BNP calls for the selective exclusion of foreign-made goods from British markets and the reduction of foreign imports. We will ensure that our manufactured goods are, wherever possible, produced in British factories, employing British workers.
When this is done, unemployment in this country will be brought to an end and secure, well-paid employment will flourish.
We further believe that British industry, commerce, land and other economic and natural assets belong in the final analysis to the British nation and people.
To that end the BNP will restore our economy and land to British ownership and will take active steps to break up the socially, economically and politically damaging monopolies now being established by the supermarket giants.
Fully cognisant of the reality that economic growth is driven primarily by true free enterprise, a BNP government will seek to give British workers a stake in the success and prosperity of the enterprises whose profits their labour creates. Such schemes are the only guarantee of workers being motivated to ensure the success of their employers.
The Labour government recently introduced legislation to discriminate against white males in the job market. This racist legislation is a travesty and gross betrayal of the British working class, and will be repealed forthwith by a BNP government, along with all other measures which in any way discriminate against the indigenous population.
The state institutions were built by British taxpayers and there is a moral duty and obligation on the state to give preference in the job market to native Britons.
The banksters cannot be let off the hook for their role in the current financial crisis. The BNP demands that the banksters responsible for the catastrophe which has crippled the international banking system be held personally legally liable for their actions in terms of corporate governance laws. They should have to pay a personal price for the mess they have created, and not be rewarded with huge bonuses which have come from taxpayer-funded bailouts.
In a nutshell, the BNP plan to rebuild Britain will consist of the following steps:
- The nurturing and encouragement of new and existing British industries;
- The protection of British companies from unfair foreign imports;
- The promotion of domestic competition;
- Increased taxes on companies which outsource work abroad;
- The reintroduction of the married man’s allowance;
- The raising of the inheritance tax threshold to £1 million;
- The encouragement of savings, investment, worker share-ownership and profit-sharing;
- Halving council tax by centralising education costs and eliminating multiculturalism spending and unnecessary bureaucracy;
- The renationalisation of monopoly utilities and services, compensating only individual investors and pension funds. Privatising monopolies does not benefit either the consumer or the country. All that happens is the ‘family silver’ is sold off and monopoly utilities and services are asset-stripped, often by foreign competitors.
The economy should be managed for the benefit of the nation. The other parties are enslaved to laissez-faire globalism, which means that British workers must compete against those in China and India who work for as little as a pound a day.
Oriental countries such as Japan, South Korea and Singapore have managed their economies to combine private enterprise competition with the national good, and these are the models the BNP would emulate.
In a world in which irreplaceable natural resources are being depleted at an alarming rate we have a duty to our children and future generations to move towards economic growth which is socially, environmentally and economically sustainable in the long-term, rather than the present ‘boom and bust’ policies.
Personal tax is far too high. Billions of pounds can be slashed off government spending by inter alia:
- Ending the £9 billion foreign aid budget;
- Ending the £4.5 billion a year wars in Iraq and Afghanistan;
- Ending the untold billions spent subsidising the immigration swindle and all its ancillary costs (benefits, court and jail services, counter-terrorism measures, the “race relations” industry and a host of others);
- Ending the billions pumped into the EU swindle;
- Severely curtailing the tax-subsidised feeding frenzy at Westminster and other levels of government; and
- Cutting back all unnecessary layers of government which have been artificially created by years of politically correct Labour and Tory rule.
The time has come for change.


Britain once led the world in education and technology – and can do so again, but only if it follows some basic rules to rebuild its educational system in such a way that it nurtures the innate genius which lies in our nation’s youth.
The problems with the British educational system are well known to all. Simply put, the British educational system is not working. Exams have been dumbed down and while more students are obtaining meaningless bits of paper, employers are complaining that graduates cannot spell.
“Citizenship” lessons are a euphemism for political indoctrination. Discipline has collapsed, trendy teaching methods have failed and schools face a crisis. The abolition of grants and introduction of fees for university students has hit poor children hardest, while soft, useless subjects are replacing the hard sciences of value to Britain.
In short, this nation stands before an educational abyss, and only the British National Party has the educational policy designed to pull it back from the brink.
The BNP’s policy consists of the following building blocks:
- The restoration of discipline – including corporal punishment – uniforms, traditional teaching methods and stricter exams (e.g. ‘0? levels);
- The reintroduction of grammar schools with entrance exams at 11 and 13;
- The reversal of the programme to close special needs schools which penalises the most vulnerable;
- The reintroduction of competitive sports and daily Christian assemblies;
- The teaching of old-fashioned literacy skills (as opposed to clearly failed “modern” teaching methods);
- The teaching of old-fashioned mathematics skills which have practical application to everyday life;
- The teaching of a full curriculum of British history. This will instil in our young people knowledge of and pride in the history, cultures and heritage of the native peoples of Britain, and not the cherry-picked politically correct drivel being fed to children today;
- The abolition of fees and the restoration of full grants to university students studying proper subjects (as opposed to fake “social sciences”);
- The improvement of school food as proper meals have been shown to be linked to behaviour and achievement;
- The ending of the scandalous and racist neglect that has left working class white boys at the bottom of the table for academic achievement;
- The introduction of tax breaks for home-schooling parents or direct subsidies as their fair share of the education budget;
- The introduction of a compulsory Community Award Scheme for all school-leavers to teach them work ethics and social and community values. This would consist of work caring for the elderly or handicapped people, or environmental or heritage restoration projects, or military training. These courses would be character-building and instil discipline, social and community values and work ethics in all young people. Service in this scheme would entitle each individual to get ’something back’ from the society to which they have learnt to contribute, such as free university education, a properly supported apprenticeship, or business training and start-up capital for would-be entrepreneurs.
Britain can be great once again – with the BNP’s plan to rescue this nation’s educational system. The time has come for change.


The British National Party is this nation’s only true Green party which has policies that will actually save the environment.
Unlike the fake “Greens” who are merely a front for the far left of the Labour regime, the BNP is the only party to recognise that overpopulation – whose primary driver is immigration, as revealed by the government’s own figures – is the cause of the destruction of our environment.
Furthermore, the BNP’s manifesto states that a BNP government will make it a priority to stop building on green land. New housing should wherever possible be built on derelict “brown land.”
Other environmentally friendly policies which the BNP has in its manifesto include:
- The removal of unsightly overhead power lines from beauty spots and their burial underground;
- The creation of a bulk transport tax regime that pushes supermarkets to supply more local and seasonal produce;
- The encouragement of an extensive and rapid switchover to organic and low fossil fuel farming techniques;
- The banning of the ritual slaughter of animals without pre-stunning, and the sale of such meat;
- The elimination of the unhealthy, energy intensive and cruel factory farming of livestock;
- The abolition of all “stealth taxes” and other charges on household rubbish collections.
Britain is one of the most densely populated countries in the world and our population is increasing — due entirely to immigration — which necessitates the building of ever more homes, which in turn places a strain on our infrastructure such as transport and water supplies.
Independent environmental organisations believe that Britain’s population needs to be significantly reduced. Our immigration policies will achieve this.
Together with independent environmental organisations the BNP recognises that Britain’s environmentally sustainable carrying capacity is substantially lower than its present population
With regard to the transport problem and the environmental impact it has, BNP policy is also refreshingly different.
A BNP government will:
- Develop alternative transport fuels such as bio-diesel and hydrogen;
- Develop renewable energy sources such as wave and sea currents energy, tidal and solar energy;
- Investigate the feasibility of cutting-edge, intrinsically-safe, fast-breeder nuclear stations;
- Invest in a high-speed, magnetic levitation, inter-city rail network;
- Allow the building of a new privately-funded airport on reclaimed land in the Thames estuary to reduce the pressure on, and stop the constant expansion of, the South East’s airports.
Oil and gas are finite resources, rapidly being depleted. Prices are going to continue to rise significantly and this will place a heavy burden on both industry and private consumers. Furthermore, as we are becoming increasingly dependent on energy from unstable and potentially unfriendly foreign powers we are becoming ever more vulnerable to economic blackmail or even harm. ‘Peak Oil’ is a clear and imminent danger to our economy and society, so Britain needs to invest in new technologies and be broadly self-sufficient in terms of energy.
The BNP firmly rejects the “climate change” dogma while being fully conscious of the urgent need to combat all real pollutants in the environment. The time has come for change.

Foreign Affairs

British foreign policy must be driven by one guiding principle alone – to serve British interests above all else. This iron principle will be strictly enforced by a British National Party government. 
In reality, this means that Britain’s foreign relations should be determined by the protection of our own national interests — and not by our like or dislike of other nations’ internal politics.
Britain has no right to dictate the internal politics or social configuration of any other nation. We would also expect all other nations to grant this same right to Britain. 
We would have no quarrel with any nation that does not threaten British interests. In this regard, a BNP government will: 
- Reach an accord with the Muslim world whereby they will agree to take back their excess population which is currently colonising this country, in exchange for an ironclad guarantee that Britain will never again interfere in the political affairs of the Middle East or try to dictate to any Arab or Muslim country as to what their internal government form should be; and
- Maintain an independent foreign policy of our own, and not a spineless subservience to the USA, the ‘international community’, or any other country.
With regard to Europe, a BNP government will:
- Resolutely oppose the single European currency;
- Support the overwhelming majority of the British people in their desire to keep the Pound and our traditional weights and measures. 
At the same time, a BNP government will strive for the best possible relationship with our European neighbours. The nations of Europe should be free to trade and cooperate whenever it is mutually beneficial without being forced into a straightjacket of political and economic unification — which is neither desirable, ultimately practically unfeasible and which is guaranteed to create conflict rather than avoid it. 
Accordingly, a BNP government will withdraw from the European Union. 
In place of the EU, a BNP government will aim towards greater national self-sufficiency, and work to restore Britain’s family and trading ties with Australia, Canada and New Zealand, and to trade with the rest of the world as it suits us. 
Following our withdrawal from the EU, the BNP government will use the £43 million per day net contribution Britain at present makes to the European Union to fund many far more useful projects at home. 
In addition, a BNP government will reject the idea that Britain must forever be obliged to subsidise the incompetence and corruption of Third World states by supplying them with financial aid.
Only once poverty and deprivation amongst British people has been eliminated, can any thought be given to foreign aid — and even then, a BNP government will link foreign aid with our voluntary resettlement policy, in terms of which those nations taking significant numbers of people back to their homelands will need cash to help absorb those returning.
The billions of pounds saved every year by this policy will also be reallocated to vital services in Britain. The time has come for change.


For decades, the British National Health Service was looked upon by the rest of the world as one of the most successful state run health services in the world.
Today, it is a laughing stock. The NHS is critically ill. NHS Trusts are sacking staff, closing wards, cancelling operations and refusing patients vital life-saving drugs. Meanwhile, ‘health tourists’ are costing the NHS £2 billion a year, and diseases such as TB and AIDS are on the increase as a result of immigration.
British doctors and nurses are unable to find work in the NHS because we are importing medical staff (often with questionable qualifications) from the Third World where they are desperately needed.
Sixty percent of NHS staff are bureaucrats, and there are now more managers in the NHS than beds — with many earning more than £100,000 per year.
The contracting out of cleaning (often to contractors employing illegal immigrants) has resulted in collapsing standards of cleanliness, with around 20,000 patients a year dying of hospital-acquired infections.
“Marketisation,” and particularly the Conservative-created Private Finance Initiative (PFI) schemes imposed by Gordon Brown, has been a disaster which is saddling Trusts and the taxpayer with enormous debts. We totally reject this attempt to turn the nation’s health service into a private profit centre for giant corporations.
The British National Party has the only plan by which our NHS can be nursed back to health.
The BNP is wholly committed to a free, fully funded National Health Service for all British citizens.
The BNP’s policy is to:
- Replace 100,000 NHS bureaucrats with doctors, nurses and dentists;
- Invest sufficient money in the NHS to provide a decent service to the British people;
- Bring hospital cleaning back in-house and make high cleanliness a top priority;
- End the scandal of foreign health tourism;
- Train and pay to retain British doctors, nurses and dentists instead of looting the Third World of staff who are desperately needed in their home countries;
- Revitalise the healthcare system by boosting staff and bed numbers, slashing unnecessary bureaucracy and by addressing the root cause of low recruitment and retention — low pay.
- We will see to it that no money is given in foreign aid while our own hospitals are short of beds and the staff to run them.
- Finally, more emphasis must be placed on healthy living with greater understanding of sickness prevention through physical exercise, a healthier environment and improved diets.
The time has come for change.

Housing & Welfare

Originally, benefits were meant as the state’s obligation to support those who genuinely are not in a position to support themselves. This guiding principle must always remain the guiding light for a just and humane system – and it is the core of the British National Party’s welfare policy.
However, decades of Labour and Tory socialist state-induced welfare dependency has utterly distorted this noble ideal. Well-meaning welfare programmes have been exploited, distorted and twisted to become nothing more than a free handout to scroungers, foreign and local. This has in turn created a welfare dependency culture which has led to in excess of six million people living in homes where no one has a job and where benefits are a way of life.
Not only does this cost the taxpayer in excess of £13 billion per year, but it also has a hugely damaging effect upon the psychology of a nation which once led the world in productivity, technological innovation and which gave birth to the Industrial Revolution. This dire situation must be reversed – urgently.
Only the British National Party has the plan to reverse these decades of disastrous Labour and Tory social engineering programmes – through a sensible policy of workfare, not welfare.
The principle is simple: those who receive community support incur obligations as well. People who genuinely want to work must be provided with the opportunity to do so in return for training which will put them back into proper full-time employment.
In return for financial support and training for a new career, the benefit recipient must complete a certain number of hours of work per week. Properly implemented, this policy will undermine the benefit dependency culture and bring masses of unemployed back into the formal employment sector.
Ultimately there must be only one category of welfare recipient: those who genuinely deserve or have earned it. The scrounger entitlement mentality must be discarded. Those who can work but refuse to do so, must face the consequences of their actions on their own.
The success of the “workfare not welfare” policy has been proven: these programmes already exist in Australia, America and even in India. Britain has to get back to work: and workfare provides the only path through which this aim will be achieved.
It is equally important that the burden of foreign scroungers be dealt with vigorously. Britain has become a land where foreigners come first and decent, hard-working Britons are exploited. Immigrants come here and are immediately given council homes while Britons are pushed further and further back in the queue.
The BNP’s housing policy is:
- Make all benefits and social housing only available to British citizens;
- Make length of residency in an area the key criterion for council house allocation;
- Preserve the ‘right to buy’ of individual tenants, but with the money from sales being used to build more council houses;
- Take all privatised social housing stock back under local democratically controlled council ownership;
- Ensure that the billions being spent on the utterly bogus asylum seeker and immigration swindles is redeployed to alleviate the appalling conditions under which many of Britain’s old people are forced to live.
- A BNP government will restore the earnings link with pensions and ensure that elderly people who have paid a lifetime of taxes and reared families should not have to sell their homes to pay for care in their old age.
Only the British National Party has the answer to the crisis in which the welfare state finds itself after years of misrule.
The time has come for change.


Given current demographic trends, we, the indigenous British people, will become an ethnic minority in our own country well within sixty years – and most likely sooner.

All the signs are there:
- At least 84 percent – and likely more – of all current UK citizenship applications are from the Third World;

- Fourteen percent of all primary school children do not have English as a mother tongue;

- At least 316 primary schools in England have a large majority of children whose first language is not English;

- Non-indigenous births will soon account for more than half of all the babies born in Britain;

- Over the next twenty five years, immigration will account for forty percent of all new households set up in this country;

- Some 3.7 million legal migrants have entered this country since 1997 – and 2.5 million are from outside the European Union; and

- At least twenty percent of the currently resident population were either born overseas or are descendants of foreign-born parents.
The vast majority of these foreign-born residents are of Third World extraction. According to figures released by the Office for National Statistics, at least eleven percent of all people living in Britain today were born overseas. This figure does not include their second or third generation children.
All these facts point inexorably to the overwhelming and extinguishing of Britain and British identity under a tsunami of immigration. To ensure that this does not happen, and that the British people retain their homeland and identity, we call for an immediate halt to all further immigration, the immediate deportation of criminal and illegal immigrants, and the introduction of a system of voluntary resettlement whereby those immigrants who are legally here will be afforded the opportunity to return to their lands of ethnic origin assisted by a generous financial incentives both for individuals and for the countries in question.
We will abolish the ‘positive discrimination’ schemes that have made white Britons second-class citizens. We will also clamp down on the flood of ‘asylum seekers’, all of whom are either bogus or can find refuge much nearer their home countries.
The BNP’s policy is to:
- Deport all the two million plus who are here illegally;
- Deport all those who commit crimes and whose original nationality was not British;
- Review all recent grants of residence or citizenship to ensure they are still appropriate;
- Offer generous grants to those of foreign descent resident here who wish to leave permanently;
- Stop all new immigration except for exceptional cases;
- Reject all asylum seekers who passed safe countries on their way to Britain.
Immigration is out of control. Britain’s population is now over 60 million and rising, solely due to immigration. Not only is Britain increasingly overcrowded, but the fact is that a country is the product of its people and if you change the people you inevitably change the nature of the country.
We want Britain to remain – or return to – the way it has traditionally been. We accept that Britain always will have ethnic minorities and have no problem with this as long as they remain minorities and do not change nor seek to change the fundamental culture and identity of the indigenous peoples of the British Isles.
The current open-door policy and unrestricted, uncontrolled immigration is leading to higher crime rates, demand for more housing (driving prices out of the reach of young people), severe extra strain on the environment, traffic congestion, longer hospital waiting lists, lower educational standards, higher income taxes, lower wages, higher unemployment, loss of British identity, a breakdown in community spirit, more restrictive policing, higher council taxes, a shortage of council homes, higher levels of stress and unhappiness and a more atomised society.
India would not tolerate millions of non-Indians taking over that society. Pakistan would not tolerate millions of Hindus or Christians entering that country and changing it from a Muslim society into something else. Japan would not do it; China would not do it – so why should Britain?
Can anyone imagine Saudi Arabia allowing the mass immigration of Christians, so that in a few decades it would no longer be an Islamic country?
Each nation has the right to maintain its own identity. The right of India to remain Indian, the right of China to remain Chinese, the right of Pakistan to remain Pakistani and the right of Saudi Arabia to remain Saudi does not mean that any of these nations “hate” anybody else.
All it means is that they wish to preserve their identity and national existence.
This is all the British National Party seeks for Britain – the right to be British.
This is not an extreme demand – it is actually just perfectly normal and completely in line with the rights granted to every other nation and with international law.
All the other parties shy away from this issue, because they are the ones who have caused the problem in the first place.
 Only the British National Party has the reasonable, sensible, fair and just immigration policy which will guarantee that Britain remains British.

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