Sean Bryson   CAABU's reply to Sean Bryson's protest letter at the 1991 Gulf War

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1991 Gulf War Protest Letter 1991 Gulf War Protest Letter
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The first hint of what was yet to come

Nick Griffin - Back To The Future Nick Griffin - Back To The Future
Israel v Iraq - Double Standard Israel V Iraq ? Supreme Double Standard

Auschwitz Gas chamber Fraud
1991 Gulf War Auschwitz Gas Chamber FRAUD
It's Official !!!

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Sean Bryson On FaceBook
Sean Bryson on Face Book Sean Bryson On FaceBook

My protest letter at the 1991 Gulf War is where my political journey started. Prior to this I was not a political person at all. The first political party that I belonged to was the Liberal Democrats, I joined in 1994. A couple of days after the 911 attack, when after what I had warned against had come to pass, I joined the BNP - British National Party.
I have paid a terrible price ( And I am still paying today ) for writing this protest letter about my country going to war. Written in my own country, in my own home town, about my country going to war. Download the ZIP file containing my protest letter and all of it's replies. Replies were recived from....... Sir Edward Heath, THE TIMES, Paddy Ashdown, NUJ, Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr David Owen, The Labour Party, and others.



Iranian crisis 2012
Are we now going to be tricked, conned, guilt tripped, and manipulated into war with Iran ?
As detectives in ancient Rome used to say......"Who gains ?"



  1991 Gulf War - CAABU

The Arab-British Centre
21 Collingham Road
London SW5 0NU
telephone 071-373 8414
fax 071-835 2088

Dear Mr Bryson,

Thank you for your letter. Many of our members have spoken to us about their anger at the current situation, and frustration with the double standards which seem to charecterise much of the western response to the Palestinians and the Gulf situation. It is a really bad time for the Arab world in general, and the Palestinians in particular.

I checked to see if you were on our members list and you don't seem to be, so I thought i'd send you some literature which might be of interest. There's a lot to be done to change public views of the Arabs, and we hope that some of what we produce can help do that.

Yours Sincerely John Gee
( Information Officer )


1991 Gulf War CAABU